Reviews for Spider's Game
OneSilverWing chapter 1 . 11/2/2006
I love it! Life is a game we must all play, some do not pass go, others do not collect $200, and I refuse to lose, just like you.
Cry Tears of Darkness chapter 1 . 5/28/2006
so sorry im such a bad reviewer-person -.- i just really oughta get back into this site! but fist i do want to say a HUGE thanks for always reviewing and being a loyal fan. i means a lot to me. and im sad that i lost a lotta fans when i stopped using ficpress much over this past year but im quite estaticed that a selected group decided to stick by me even though i rarely review and rarely post.. so all in all, THANK YOU :D:D *hugs*

now, since this is a review to ur poem afterall; i should really write about your poem then! i like the allusions, and i like how is descriptive but not in the same sense. i lke how it starts off as a sweet poem but then quickly turns into not such a love poem. i like how it gives a story in a few words, simple at that. i LOVE the line "you think you're sweet talking me now" and i adore the spider web/game references and all. i just love it. it becomes more brilliant the more i think about it! all in all, awesome job! and if per chance you have a livejournal account; feel free to add me and let me know, im on there daily whereas im only on here when i wrote smthg if i remember to post it ::X...

byebyes! sorry for making this so lnog too!