Reviews for Worthy
JDWrites chapter 1 . 5/23/2006
I'm gonna say something so completely shallow it's not even funny...I like the way it wiggles. No, stop laughing, I like the form, it just makes me smile. Heehee...and I read your bio, you're a twenty-something special ed teacher? That's cool. I feel foolish now...I talk in my reviews like people are my age...I always feel like older people can read my mind...isn't that weird? I used to avoid my English teacher last year cause she would always smile this creepy smile and I thought she could read my mind. Okay, that's stupid, I know. But that's me right? Always the paranoid one. Maybe that's why my stories are about mayhem and murder...AM I INSANE? Well... says I am but I think they're trying to sell me something...there I go being paranoid again.

Wait! Stop your rambling me! (It's really weird to talk to yourself...) This review is about a poem, not you! ARGH!

I liked the poem, I'm not usually a deeper sort of person...but I like it. It was interesting to say the least. I'm lazy sometimes and I give reviews filled with nothing. And I answered your email already and I think I have to say this now that I've seen your bio...if I taught kids like you do I would have gone even more have to be a saint. I would so totally go postal (no joke). Teaching is very demanding and I want to be an English teacher when I get out of college (I'm a high school sophomore right now) and I'm gonna have to get some patience. Kids are relentless little brats and I wanna be able to control them. I actually want to move down to Missouri and teach there...heehee...I'm so strange sometimes. Whatever. Anyways, nice poem, you're quite the poet.

By the way...I'm not worthy! *bows to you*

19...19...19...19...19...what am I doing?