Reviews for Choler
JazzPizza chapter 1 . 9/17/2003
I've been leafing through your have an advanced style, a great vocabulary, and generally nice cadence in tone. But...that said, I think your difficulty might be varying it up a bit.

The mark of a really good poet - to me - is not just how well they can express an emotion or event (which you do very well in this poem, and I tend to agree), or how well they can utilize their way with words, but also how they can diversify the way they express and use words. A really good *poem* is expressed in one format, in one way, and can be amazing. A really good *poet* expresses in dozens of different ways. That's what keeps things interesting; no matter how good the poetry, you don't want it all flavoured the same (like listening to Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby" song and her "OOps, I Did It Again" song in sequence...they're the same damn melody and format. But beyond that rant...).

Now I have to take the time to apologize to you if you feel I have really ranted at you or been harsh, because the only reason I say this is because you're quite good. I only tend to criticise when I think it's worth my time. And you write very well, including this poem, which feels almost Shakespearean.

I must suggest, though, that you find a poet or form of poetry you really like and see if you can be inspired by its form or method of expression. It's actually very freeing to write in a mindset that's not quite your own.

Also, make sure to check your spelling over when you post. Sometimes we miss the strangest things. (I mention this mostly because of a couple word fumblings in "Ignorance of Nothing".)

Thank you for an enjoyable read, and I hope to see you continuing to write.
DawningFlames chapter 1 . 1/21/2002
I love your work, it's wonderful. Have you ever read an of Herman Hesse's work? You seem like the type of person who would really enjoy his works.
Aushrim chapter 1 . 6/12/2001
I got your name from my review list i really liked this you have really found a way to speak your mind i envey that in you
The Angry Generalization chapter 1 . 4/21/2001
Last line, stanza 2. Were you just looking for a rhyme? It kind os unbalanced the stanza. Didn't fit. Oh, well. How many things are there thar hyme with reason? Well, I must say I've been guilty of choler several times. I always smile when I'm angry. Must get the checked out. I guess it's becasue I feel like an idiot, fighting over the most inconsequential of things. No one wants to bear up to choler because that would require looking over the arguement and what they said, thusly proving their foolishness. If you want to look like a fool, stand up.(Hmm, now why am I the only person up here?)
Susanne Estelle chapter 1 . 4/19/2001
The use of language here is exquisite. I love your words here, considering the message. I too, believe anger poisons. If people got to the core of what they were really feeling, instead of using anger as a cover-up, then the world would be a much more understanding place. This psychological portrait of the emotion is very true and touches me deeply.