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Just a stranger chapter 22 . 11/19/2013
GAH. MY HEART. WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME SO? This was so beautiful. You have no idea. But the whole time I was reading this, I was thinking, "MY POOR BABIES." So, in a way, I hate you for hurting my babies. And I love you for making this story amazing. I was literally flailing around when I read this. No lie. Have you seen Spirited Away? If you have, then you must've seen the gif where Mr. No Face is being hit by a wave of feels. That is EXACTLY how I feel. If you haven't seen the gif, then you should really see it because it's sad and funny at the same time. And if you haven't seen Spirited Away, YOU SHOULD. Because although the ending is like being slapped in the face by a thousand feels, the movie is still beautiful. Aaaannnddd I'm straying off topic. Anime just does that to me. Please, please, please tell me that Ben's gonna confess SOONER OR LATER. Because I literally just wanted to go in there and shout, "GODDAMNIT. SOMEONE CONFESS ALREADY." See? This is what you do to me. And I desperately wanted to give Ben a well deserved hug. That poor boy. No one should ever be treated like that. The way some parents treat their kids disgust me. To think that there are actually people out there who hurt their own children makes me wanna throw up. Bullying and abuse. Sometimes I just wish that these horrible things didn't exist. There are some people who actually bully kids without even realizing it. There was this boy in my class and this memory still makes me cringe, but he called me ugly in front of these girls who sat in front of me. I remember feeling really sick in the stomache when they started laughing at me. I didn't really give a crap about the guy though. Because I knew that he was a shitty bastard to begin with. The thing that bothered me the most was that the girls didn't say anything against him. Sure, I wasn't close to them but they could've said something. And I probably sound like a weener complaining about this. Most people would say, "You shouldn't depend on other people. You should've defended yourself." As shameful as this sounds, I couldn't defend myself. I was scared and I was shy and at that moment, I felt like the shitiest person on the entire planet. When I first read your story, I was so drawn to Page because she reminded me of that scared twelve year old girl I used to be. The girl I still am I guess. Because Page was so real and she reacted to things the way a normal person would. She was scared and she was completely honest about her feelings. I loved that about her. That's why I love your story so much. Before I go, I'd like to throw all my love at you.
MizThang chapter 1 . 11/19/2013
When I first read this story I hated everyone in it lol but I stuck it out n I'm glad I did! Lololol omg I bet Ben found out Andrew put the moves on Page huh ...can't wait for the next update lol
palmsaresweaty chapter 22 . 11/15/2013
OMG! I got goosebumps from the last line. That was actually really worth the wait. I'm happy you procrastinated for us. This is my nursing hell week :P Will we find out what sketchy thing Andrew said that made Ben go apeshit crazy?
leavesfallingup chapter 22 . 11/15/2013
There is so much baggage here that it is terrifying. Will Ben be safe around his father? It would be best if he lived far away from the man. The counselor should have picked up on this and notified the right people... after all, he is a mandatory reporter (U.S. law).

It will be fascinating to read where it goes from here. Perhaps Page's determination to continue to love and support him will be the catalyst for Ben deciding to take full control of his own life and change. I can personally attest to the fact that a person can do exactly that. The cycle of abuse and violence does not have to continue... but it takes personal, unremiting, decisive action.
Kat chapter 22 . 11/15/2013
I LOVED this chapter! It explained so much! Also, I like how you diagnosed everyone :P It makes extra sense to me because we're doing behavioral science right now, and this block is basically all those disorders you listed. It made me happy! You explained Ben really well. I also feel reeeeeally bad for him. But I'm so glad that they're making progress! I totally expected him to just storm off, but they're actually having an honestly grown-up conversation! And Page is being a good mediator! Yay's all the way around! Also, when are you getting in? I can't wait to see you! Miss you tons, lots of hugs and kisses :)
COOKIE MONSTERR chapter 21 . 10/21/2013
COOKIE MONSTERr chapter 21 . 10/21/2013
Heeeeyyy that was sick btw can I ask about how many chapters left till the end and I mean this in the nicest way possible IT TAKES YOU TO LONG TO POST NEW CHAPTERS DUDE XxX
Abbey chapter 5 . 10/16/2013
I love how your characters don't follow the stereotypes. The delinquent is pretty damn ambitious. The shy Ms. Goody Two Shoes is more of a painfully social handicap who kinda curses a lot. And I thought at first that Tristam would be one of those big brothers who are both handsome and successful, like getting his master's at Harvard or something.

A fantastic read overall :)
Abbey chapter 4 . 10/15/2013
Haha, so her last name is Turner! And wow, Ben was actually being decent towards the end.
Abbey chapter 1 . 10/15/2013
I just discovered this gem of a story and I'm so glad. I only read the first chapter and I'm enjoying your writing and how your characters interact with each other. Looking forward to seeing how the relationship between Page (not spelled with an 'I'?! Don't tell me her last name is Turner or Boy, haha) and Ben progresses :D
xosabrina chapter 21 . 10/5/2013
This is the best story I've read on this site so far. I love how these two characters that are so messed up can come together and help each other. I just want Ben to let her in & let her help him like he has helped her. & she needs to stop being so blind & see that he really cares about her. They just need to fall in love already! It's so frustrating lol. Hope for an update soon (:
Just a stranger chapter 21 . 10/1/2013
Oh, and another thing. Your story kind of reminded of an anime called Honey and Clover. Well, they're kind of polar opposites of each other but both of them are both so honest. There is no beating around the bush and surreal scenarios that really don't happen, ever. Honey and Clover is completely truthful and real. Unrequited love and that sometimes no, you don't get your Prince Charming in the end. And not to mention Takemoto's constant questions about what he's doing with his life. He keeps asking himself, "Who am I?" which kind of makes you realize that the future isn't set in stone and that it can just slap your face at any time of the day. I actually wanted you to watch this because I'm a sucker for anime. You could possibly call me an otaku ;) So maybe if you're bored or if it's just writer's block, you could probably search up the first episode online. There are actually two seasons but the second season packs the real punch. :D
Just a stranger chapter 21 . 10/1/2013
OHMYGOD. MR. JUAREZ, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? NO, MR. JUAREZ, NO! Finally! You've updated! Do you know how long I've been waiting? First of all, yaaaayyyy, Tristan. Big bro's finally got his girl. :) But poor, Page. I would be sad too if my brother was finally moving out of the house. No matter how much he annoys the hell out of me, I'll still love him like the shit he is. Secondly, Ben and Andrew, what the hell, guys? Seriously, you couldn't have talked it out. One thing I really want to know is, what in the world were they talking about. Well, Page obviously. But what was Andrew saying. SEE! THIS IS WHAT YOU DO TO ME. And that scene between Page and her dad and with his eyes crinkling at the edges, it absolutely melted my heart. I think Page is making progress. A lot of progress. Don't get me wrong, Ben is making some progress too. But at a slower pace. And it's mostly because he's got a lot of shit on his plate. But boy, would you just confess to Page already or seriously gonna have to be forced to get your head out of your ass for you. And we all know this, Ben's dad is an absolute asshole. It's sweet that Page is trying her best to help him. That's one of the highlights of this story. Even though both of them are seriously messed up, in a way, they're trying their absolute best to help each other. You don't get this kind of honesty in other stories. So that is why I give this chapter another one million thumbs ups. And no, I do not regret writing this super long review because you, my friend, deserve long reviews.
Bibliophilesunite chapter 21 . 9/29/2013
Excellent story, I can't really fault it. My only regret is the development of Page is a little slow. I just wish she'd stick up for herself against Ben, I love him as a character, but he's so mean to her :( actually I take that back. In a weird way his being mean to her is weirdly endearing because you can tell he doesn't want to be. I just want to shake him by the head and tell him to calm down, and I want Page to stop being so blind to the reality. How many obvious signs can he give her?

Actually I think maybe she deserves just a little of his cruelty; he's given her enough hints that he likes her. Jeez... this drama has exhausted me. I'm feeling violent towards Page and Ben, even though they are like the best main characters to any story I've ever read :) you're doing great, absolutely brilliant. I'm feeling so many emotions right now; anger, sadness and anxiety.

I'm telling you, this has to be one of the best, if not the best story I've ever read on fp. It's funny, cute and tear-jerking. I hope you've written other stories because you're a brilliant writer.

Sorry, my review is stupidly long, you probably won't read it all :)
leavesfallingup chapter 21 . 9/28/2013
Ahhh, high school, where every thought and emotion and hormone-induced spontaneous action hangs out in the wind for everyone else to witness and judge... I don't miss it at all. Is Mr. Juarez truly qualified to conduct these sessions, because he doesn't seem to be doing well.

At least the situation led Page to reconcile with her father, even if it does mean the end of the project. Now, if the two want to spend time together, they will need to be honest with themselves and each other.
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