Reviews for Popular: Ignore the Stares
ACCOUNT NO LONGER ACTIVE 1 chapter 21 . 8/15/2006
Great story! I adore this series! You're a genius to have thought it up and to keep it going so strongly!
Tzotel431 chapter 21 . 8/15/2006
Congrats on finishing another wonderful story!

I can't wait for the next one, although I will wait for you to move, dangit...Have fun moving and I'll be there to read the next one!

Tzotel431 chapter 20 . 8/11/2006
Good for her! He's a player, I think, isn't he? And she has a there!

That is sad that this one is almost done, but you do have another one coming, right?

I'm updateing Love with hate in about five minutes...*shudders in fear*

ACCOUNT NO LONGER ACTIVE 1 chapter 19 . 8/10/2006
Cool load of chapters! I like that Cara sort of got away with punching in the face!
Tzotel431 chapter 19 . 8/9/2006
Jeez, Anna, what are you thinking these days! You have Billy, even if you are ashamed of him, and you don't need another guy, I say just come out of the closet with Billy already, you ditz...

Sorry, had to rage at Anna for a moment. This was a great chapter!

Update soon! I'll update Love with Hate in a few tell the truth, I'm afraid to put the chapter up...But you aleady knew something was gonna happen!

Tzotel chapter 18 . 8/7/2006
Yea for parties! Update soon!

Tzotel431 chapter 17 . 8/3/2006
Yea! for updates! Loved the chapter...

L. Jo is evil, and I really don't like Marie especially when Carson is an idiot!

Update soon!

Tzotel431 chapter 16 . 7/31/2006
OMFG! What is wrong with Carson? That isn't Kyra! OMG! Idiot!

Update soon! LIKE NOW!

Tzotel431 chapter 15 . 7/28/2006
Hi! YOu finally caught up on my story and then you updated! I think I love you!

Great chapter, I was starting to forget who Molly was...

And Brandon always had blue eyes, if he didn't, I'll fix it!

Update soon!

ACCOUNT NO LONGER ACTIVE 1 chapter 15 . 7/28/2006
Is that the last of Molly we'll see at all? I hope not! Well anyways, this is cool, keep it up!
Tzotel431 chapter 14 . 7/26/2006
YEA! Puch that bitch! Evil girl!

Ok, I get it now. That party was earlier, but Drew and Marie were there! They weren't supposed to come...

Update soon!

ACCOUNT NO LONGER ACTIVE 1 chapter 13 . 7/25/2006
Interesting to have another character in there who knows the place!
Tzotel431 chapter 13 . 7/24/2006
Hey, what happened to Cara? She was going to that party and now she's this another night? Is she still in the big apple?

Update soon!

Tzotel431 chapter 12 . 7/20/2006
It is always good to get along with one's far off parent. When my mom and I get together we reflect for a long time until we need new things to talk about!

I loved the chapter! What's gonna happen at the party? Are you gonna tell us what's happening in HBV?

Tzotel431 chapter 11 . 7/15/2006
It's alright that you didn't update before you left. I hope you had fun! This chapter was good, Greg's a bad boy for even starting to kiss her! But he was then a good boy!

YOu're writing a sequel! YEA! I loved Jack's Angel!

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