Reviews for Escape Reality
Ryan Schiff chapter 1 . 11/15/2006
Before I even started reading this poem, I thought one thing:

Needs punctuation. Commas are a great tool if you know where to put them.

For Example:

Escape, dark spirit.

Let the moisturizing beads seep in.

Let them take you on a magical journey.

Without it, the first dozen or so lines are difficult to read and scarcely flow. Still, the image is coherent until "Escape sheer beauty". I really don't understand what this could symbolize. Escaping from beauty to travel to a world of fantasy doesn't remotely make sense, because a world of fantasy implies beautiful things. Even in your own poem, merely 3 lines later, you aim to escape from misery. I understand juxtaposition, but this just... doesn't work for me.