Reviews for Janie and the Cretin
gulhawk02 chapter 21 . 12/1/2006
This is a great story. I can't wait to read more from you in the future. Keep up the good work!
Bob chapter 21 . 11/30/2006
A lovely story!
HonestlySweet chapter 21 . 11/29/2006
I love this story, I read it in one sitting which means that it was captivating enough to keep me reading.

Not much else to say, keep up the good work.

Loved It!
Spelllesswonder29 chapter 21 . 11/28/2006
YAY! i love it! THats a great story!
buttshovingmonster chapter 21 . 11/27/2006
That was so sweet! the twins are so adorable and the lobster story never fails to crack everyone up! I am all for a sequel!
angels and effects chapter 21 . 11/24/2006
Aww, I love this epilogue! Seeing Jhonny and Natalie all grown up into teenagers is a little weird though, haha. What can I say, I think those two were meant to be together. It'll be so cool if you could do a sequel on those two alone XD I love the names Tyrone and Tyler so kudos to you for choosing them! Tyler has got to be my favourite male name ever. And Mike and Janie got married, that isn't any surprise. It's just a really cute epilogue, a bit rushed though. I find it a little weird that Janie keeps referring to Mike as the cretin, it would have been better if she just referred to him as Mike. They're married and all, but I guess it was to keep to the title.

Can't wait to read your new story! Ice cream actually helps with writing, haha. :)
Lena Niccolas chapter 21 . 11/23/2006
awesome. a sequel sounds great too.
becxfok01 chapter 21 . 11/23/2006
Just wanted to say this was a good story -esp since it was only your first one! Hope you write a story about Nat and Johnny!
Callisto Jean chapter 21 . 11/23/2006
That is so cute! Aw I wanna cry! But *gasp* no sign of Creamy! Haha.

Actually, it wouldn't really be much of a deal if you didn't put up a sequel. I like how it ended with Natalie and Jhonny, but that's just me talking so yeah...

I love it! I love it! I love it!
Alenor chapter 21 . 11/23/2006
aw, that's a nice ending. i love it! this was a wonderful story. i'm glad they sorted themselves out and stayed together. cya later ~ Alenor.
anonymous25 chapter 21 . 11/22/2006
aww i loved this story hope u do a sequel with nat and jhonny thatd be awesome anyways great story sad to see it end tho
elisefey chapter 21 . 11/22/2006
Aw! Very cute ending. Perfect use of an epilogue! Good job!
pennels29 chapter 21 . 11/22/2006
that was awsome! are you going to do a sequel with johnny and natalie, that'd be really really cool!
Unsociably Acceptable chapter 8 . 11/21/2006
I like your story!
ahopelessromantic chapter 21 . 11/21/2006
the epilogue is real good. well, the whole story is.. a sequel?hm i like how this one ended ;)

God bless!
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