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lilxseeker chapter 3 . 10/19/2006
hey what happened to all the other chapters?
angels and effects chapter 3 . 10/19/2006
Louisa from reviewers_found here :)

Okay, I have to say that I love the title of your story. It's really unique and fits the story just nicely. Of course, the characters have already taken on their unique personality - Summer the new girl, Roxanne the 'queen', Evelyn the 'Ice Queen', Chris the nice (and hot) guy, and Nathan the other hot guy. Yeah, I find the Nathan chasing after Summer and asking her not to tell other people of the clandestine kiss a little weird too - he was kissing Roxanne in public, and that kiss wasn't exactly innocent. Hmm, by your preview though, it seems like Summer breaks her promise... it'll be good to know more about Nathan, and the rest of the characters in The Champagne Gang as well. I like the way you thought it up through Dom Perignon :)

Overall, I seriously didn't expect less from you - you're a great author by yourself! Update soon!
Biaa chapter 1 . 10/19/2006
GAH! fictionpress went all crazy! BUT it led me to this story! woot woot.. I read all 7 big chapters in one night (tuesday!).. It was THAT good. I read snapple coffee and loved and then I read what you wrote on Alyssa.. But it seems like you've stopped at ch. 3 :(

But THIS.. The champagne gang. It's new, it's different, and I'm completely addicted.

So I really hope you'll write more soon.. Cause I want to know what happens next so badly! :)
Lil Bazza chapter 7 . 10/18/2006
Do you know what's really annoying? I'm dead tired, I'm sick of studying and I couldn't access this story for days. That, and suddenly I've become really confused about this story.

As you know, I'm not good with foreign schools, and I'm just confused about that student body president thing. I assume its like a school captain/head prefect type thing, but can the person be in any year? Are there multiple student presidents? I always thought that (and I'm returning to the beginning of the story to check).

Jingos... Neil's five. I thought he was Ann's exhusband or something. Okay, rereading it at a glimpse is not making it any easier.

Anyway, I found this chapter interesting. I love Zach. Really, honestly totally do. I don't like the enforced charity fundraiser thing. Well, I like the idea, but I don't see why something like that should be enforced. But that's just me. The guy who's taking Summer is weird. Really weird.

I do love the love triangle thing. Though, if she doesn't end up with Zach (or by chance, I start to like Nathan better) I will die. Well, not really. But I really want that to happen. But you know, it might take forever, which would kill me just as much. It's a good thing your such a good updater. :D

Hey, are they sophmores? (I'm catching on). I'm just curious. I think they are. I'm doing the maths and thats what I get.

Anyway, keep it up. Sorry this is such a disjointed review. I'm so very tired. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Mainly because it all leads to the end which leads to understanding. So update soon and keep writting so well (you want to sit my English exam for me? I have to do a creative writting piece :D)

Anyway, till next time.

Jen (Baz)
Firespirit44 chapter 7 . 10/18/2006
My namesake sounds so...haha. Totally unlike me, I think. Well, shan't comment on that. Only got around to reading it today because FP was down after you posted it..z. The new features like the Favourites button are cool, but the overall layout is kind of weird to me.

Oh well, we're not here to talk about this, we're here to talk about the STORY. Yes. Ehem. So. Well, I've never really met a principal that PERSONALLY gave out work..wouldn't they leave that to the teachers to do or something? Surely the principal himself must be busy..or he has nothing to do and cooked this up just as an excuse to torture the students more. If it's the latter, he's definitely Roxanne's dad, no question there.

I suppose it would have been TOO much of a cliche if Nathan or Zach picked her as their date, huh? Haha..I mean, everyone would have seen that coming. Rufus is definitely..a little more than eccentric. Haha. Desiree's eccentric. Rufus is just plain..wacko. Hahaha.

Um. Remind me again who Neil is? Is he her brother or something? I'd read back but I don't have time..just stopped by to review (which you STILL OWE ME, by the way..XP) and I have a Chemistry test tomorrow..thankfully it's the LAST..yippee! I'm flunking all other subjects so I can't really afford to flunk this one.

Well, as if it helps, but whatever, it's not like I'm REALLY going to study. XP If I go out, at least I do style. Bwahahaha.

Okay, enough rambling. Update soon!
lilxseeker chapter 7 . 10/17/2006
i thought summer is a sophomore? and was neil a brother? i forget! hehe update soon please!
Secret Heart01 chapter 7 . 10/17/2006
So glad it was somebody other than N or Z. But Rufus seems very extremely weird. I don't know anyone who has that kind of geekiness ... hmm.

Anyway can't wait for the next chapter! And I want to know soon why Z doesn't like N being with Summer? :)
bangbangstartagain chapter 7 . 10/17/2006
hey. awesome story so far. the writing is great and i cant find anything wrong with it. i cant wait for more so pelase update soon!

KeyshaYess chapter 7 . 10/17/2006
this storyy is soo hott.. and thnx.. but compared to your writing i suck.. ii like nathan alot, i mean i think he really likes her, but maybe his reasons are like fuked up you know? and zach.. well he seems like the fuking HOT stubborn jackass who you cant stop yourself from admitting that hes realy hot.. so yeahh.. and OH mY GOD.. imagine it is himm like mirage.. and hes doing it not because he just doesnt like summer butr because hes JEALOUUS 0 oh SHOOCKK! ahahah anywayss.. love yourr stooryy.. ii get like so happy when i see your update D TeeHee -
FDA Approved chapter 7 . 10/17/2006
this story is really good so far! you're doing an ace job of keeping us in the dark... who got the phone conversation? who's mirage? i hope you answer soon! it's driving me inane! and i'm not sure who i want summer to end up with yet: zach or nathan. nathan seems like he's hotter, but he's a player. zach's an asshole, but a really cute asshole. and i'm a little confused at his intentions in the warning he gave to summer. does he like her or is he just trying to keep summer and nathan apart? so yeah, still torn between the two. although i do find rufus quite amusing. he reminds me of a guy that i used to work with. well, top notch job on this story. update soon, please!
nightlyruns chapter 7 . 10/17/2006
Wow, i'm so happy someones finally writing somethin L. like, the girl isnt a complete and utter retard (like all the other heroines, you know, the ones that have no sexual experience and don't have the cop on to see through manipulation) i'm just so relieved. You rock my socks.
swimchickslam chapter 7 . 10/17/2006
Haha yes! I love suspense! August 23! :) Nobody I know has the same birthday as I do -_- but Natalie Coughlin does and she's my hero :) haha swimmer pride! :D
adio kalinihta chapter 7 . 10/17/2006
just read your story.

love it.

it's great, and it has an amazing attention grabber to kick it off.

you introduce a lot of characters, but you do it well enough so you remember each one and aren't confused later (even though the family took me a few moments to figure out). normally i forget a lot of details given about characters, but for yours i could probably spit out all their hair colors and mannerisms and blah blah you get what i mean.

damn rufus reminds me of this freaky guy i know. which is perfect. you didn't automatically give her nathan or zach, though they could have arranged it easily. plus, every girl experiences a rufus, or some lesser form of rufus. so while the character is extreme and whut? it's still believable, because we've all been there.

and it's weird, because if i was actually in the story and nathan would come to my house, i'd snipe him from my rooftop. or if zach made a big deal about the bench, i'd probably go in the middle of the night and push it into the river or something. yeah, and i'd hate zach with a passion but secretly have a huge crush on him. but in the story? yeah. you can't not be attracted to them, however annoying they may be. while zach may be the biggest asshole ever, you're still rooting for him. and nathan is so overbearing, but somehow endearingly so.

very good characterization!

and curtis sucks! i want to kick him in the shin.

after drop kicking roxanne.
InspiredByAKiss chapter 7 . 10/13/2006
So it has something to do with Neil..

I liked that this Rufus-guy picked Summer, instead of Zach & Nathan. I'm wondering who those two are going with, & if they're going to leave Summer alone. I doubt Nathan will ;). Aww, no Nathan this chapter.. can't wait 'til next!

Uhm, character pictures. At first I though about James Lafferty for Zach, 'cause he's dark & Hot, but maybe he looks too sweet. He has a bit of a babyface, no? *& when I think about Nathan, I think about.. Mike Vogel, maybe. Orr Chad Michael Murray, the way he looked in season 1 of OTH. He's too skinny now.

Or, Chris Hemsworth for Nathan! -searches google for pics -

. .

For Roxanne maybe Missy Peregryn? How she looks in this pic only though. .

Update soon!
caralene chapter 7 . 10/13/2006
Roxanne! I want to pull her hair out until not a strand is left! Argh! Yes, this is what your story does to me. And no, I'm not crazy, Yet. P
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