Reviews for The Insane Writer Goes Shopping
China.Roses.Break chapter 1 . 9/5/2011
Your biting writing style and your sarcastic way of describing the horrors of shopping centers are amazing. I especially liked your description of how darn difficult it is to resist the temptation of a bookstore. So true, so true... And the bit at the beginning was extremely funny, scaring professors is always amusing.
With Rhyme and Reason chapter 1 . 7/7/2006
Ha, don't you love colloquia? And better, don't you love when your professor is afraid of you because he actually thinks you might want to kill him? Not that this has happened to me... I have a professor who engages in "verbal jousting" with me. It's quite fun, but we often take it too far and end up not speaking for three or four days afterward. I work in the English department and I'm taking his Shakespeare class, so it can get a bit awkward.

At any rate, great story. It's very cool and autobiographical. Your views on shopping are very similar to my own. It's just underwear! (for example) I'm interested in covering my butt, not decorating it. And what's with the "I desperately need to eat a bean" models who are apparently examples of how we're supposed to look? Well, good luck with the fertility there, boys. Also, the clothing shops... would it kill them to play some Mozart? Or at least some Savage Garden... Would is seriously kill them dead? Apparently. If I hear one more groaning or screaming pop star trying to puke forth pseudo-punkrock into a sugar-coated microphone I am going to vomit all over those racks of sequined halter tops.

You have a very "biting" writing style. You manage to get your point across without insulting anyone. Unless, of course, maybe the handcream people. Heh. Great job with this. It made me laugh. It also made my boss give me a dirty look, as I'm not supposed to be reviewing stories on the English department's time. Nice job.

Louellena chapter 1 . 6/26/2006
Uninteresting? that bit at the start adds to the humour, if anything... interesting -and- different ~Lou~