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butterbar chapter 23 . 9/11/2015
This story is amazing. Hands down, one of my favorite stories here. Please post the next chapter soon. It's heartbreaking to wait that long. Kudos to you, pinkmist! Magaling!
Guest chapter 23 . 9/11/2015
So they finally admitted it! Whoop! Whoop! I'm so glad you updated. Please post the next chapter soon. Awesome chapter!
Tecna chapter 23 . 9/11/2015
I would buy this book the second it came out.
I love this story.
I haven't reviewed anything on FP in quite some time - maybe couple of years. Anyway, getting back to the story. Del and Brent's story is one of the few that tend to pop up in my head even now. I always wonder when you would update but being in the same position as you I can completely understand the frustration about lack of time, discipline and the creative juices refusing to flow.
Nonetheless, you haven't lost your touch one bit. I recall so many scenes in this story, and when I saw you'd updated, it all flowed back to mind, I was going to go back and read from the start but I just had to read the new chapter, and so now - I'm going to go and re-read the whole story again.

I'm ecstatic that these 2 (lovable) boneheads finally got around to talking! They'd been walking on eggshells around each other; it was driving ME nuts! Thanks for not dragging out the lead up to their 'confrontation' so to say. I hate it when stories have that long, drawn out misunderstanding, miscommunication or no communication plot. This was just right. Perfect.
Now I shall wait for your next chapter.
What month... or year - is it coming out? ;P
cLauDiFooTzie chapter 23 . 9/11/2015
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Fina-f*cking-ly! I should've posted that reminder on FB sooner! MORE PLEASE, MOOOOORE! and SOOOOOOOON!
goodbyemylover chapter 23 . 9/11/2015
LaGrid chapter 23 . 9/10/2015
You can self-publish on Amazon, they have a free service to get you started, and make sure you start up an account on goodreads? Or you can go the long-fashioned route, by hiring an agent, who in turn will forward this to an editor, who will more than likely tell you to cut this down (the word length, I mean?)

I don't know. And at this moment I don't care :P
You promised me like last year you had all the chapters written, but if you had all your chapters written, I don't think it would take this long to edit them and put them out there x But I'm grateful that you did, and although I'd half-forgotten the characters, I vaguely remembered a "Malcolm" because the name was in the title, and then when Lori came up, I remembered "oh, she is the perfection girl" and the Brent came up, and mentions of how Del and him had sex at Malcolm and Lori's engagement I need to revisit earlier chapters just to refresh my memory :P Because it will be fun reminding myself, about how much I loved your story in the first place!

But in regards to this chapter - despite the fact I'd nearly forgotten everybody, the writing was good and and a great flow, it was fun to read and I'm sure a great addition to the story. Now, don't be a stranger and post soon!
Bee chapter 23 . 9/10/2015

I love love love this chapter. I think it's one of your most realistic ones. Their conversation wasn't like a blow up of drama, which I really liked. Also, the fact that Brent didn't deny his feeling for Lori (which are now in the past thank god) made me really happy 'cause it seemed all the more realistic and relatable. His feeling now for Del are much more powerful and understandable.

And, PLEASE PLEASE don't take so long to update. It's almost painful.

Sarai chapter 23 . 9/10/2015
I got more excited to see the e-mail that you had updated than I did at a job offer I recently got. Not even embarrassed to say

OMG! The feels.
I felt like reading a sentence a day just so I could survive to the next time you update but it was just so good I couldn't put it down. I don't even want my best friend to read it coz I might just get mad at her if she doesn't like it. She's too picky.
Gosh i just love these two. Hope you update soon.
orangecandyy chapter 23 . 9/9/2015
Oh yay! You've updated! Hehehe~ Wasn't sure if you were going to continue this or not but I'm glad that you are~ And you posted such a lovely long chapter too~
I'm glad Brent and Del were finally able to talk about their feelings for each other and get it out of the way. It was painful reading about them dancing around each other and the high sexual tension between them. Hopefully no more bumps from here on out? I do like their witty banter with each other though haha.
(For publishing, I think you can do via amazon's self-publishing? I've only heard about it so I don't know much but from what I do know, it's the best way to go for people who are trying to enter the market. Good luck!)
OscarJLaw chapter 18 . 9/9/2015
need to know more about Mac's feelings towards Adelle in next chapter.
maybe something from his POV ? no ?
I expect really hot scenes between Brent and Adelle in next chapter
and to find out more about Mac
sinkingshorelines chapter 23 . 9/9/2015
YOU UPDATED! This is probably the best surprise I've had in months, and in the words of Brent himself, "That was perfect"! Hahaha!

Seriously tho, I'm really, really happy about the outcome of this chapter (THEY'RE FINALLY TOGETHER WOOOO!). I've been following your story for a long time now, and I can say that this chapter gave me everything I wished for and more! I just love how they finally came apart and just let go (That confession scene was intense and on point! Mad writing skills, I tell you!). I also love how they didn't just profess their love, but actually addressed the issues surrounding their relationship first (which sadly does not happen in a number of stories I've read before). I can't wait to see how you'll tie together the rest of the story (and lbr make Brent and Del's relationship bloom, and sparks explode)!

Happy Writing,
Jeshia chapter 23 . 9/9/2015
Agggggh! I don't think I could have imagined a better resolution (start, I guess) that's still really in character and doesn't go the whole comedy turns into full drama direction.
I'm so glad you didn't split this into two chapters. I think I would have cried.
I love the fact that Del didn't just admit her feelings for Brent, but also mentioned her very-real fear that he still had feelings for Lori, and was able to explain what kind of presence Malcolm was to her. The last part about risks in her speech (the entire speech though, if we want to be technical) really hearkens back to Brent's initial assessment that "[she's] smart, but makes terrible life decisions," and I think resolves the major issues she had. The best part of about the entire scene (besides just having them both confess) was how equal it felt. Like, even though in the end Del probably ended up saying more, the strength it took for them to admit their feelings was on the same magnitude.
I wasn't at all expecting the random kid/babysitting flashback scene, but it made a nice segway to Mac and his feelings (platonic or otherwise?) toward Adele. I was definitely leaning toward platonic before (even with Brent's shenanigans to convince Adele otherwise), but this scene tips the scales a bit. I don't really like Macolm as a person, but he makes a really interesting character, especially when told from Del's POV.
The mom scene was fantastic, by the way. You really nailed a natural-sounding family dynamic while pushing forward Del in her acceptance of her feelings (and actions).
I would say the chapter was worth the wait, but this took more than a year. Jesus. I'm so, so glad I checked this story religiously through all those months though. (Meant that I didn't need to re-read the story today, haha :)).
On the note of publishing ... I would probably buy it provided it was paperback. (I am not an e-book kind of girl). Going through a traditional publishing house is incredibly difficult though, which is probably why most people who've made their start on the internet self-publish.
sekai chapter 23 . 9/9/2015
:-)) ive waited for this and im so happy that I finally get to witness their love :-)) please keep up the good work!
Cass chapter 23 . 9/9/2015
I have a lot of questions but

OMG okay. I was so shocked when I saw this yesterday I jumped and my friends were all, WHY? Also Abi had a colorful parade of stickers to express her glee. Viber stickers are so accurate to express how we feel. SO YES.

Anyway I'm going to reread this so this review might be a little crazy when you read it like

UHM kissing the foreahead. Have I told you how much I loved that little tidbit? Maybe. But I don't care it will repeat itself again. Also the addition of Toni was BRILLIANT. Toni is like a voice of reason and truth and I was squeaking when Adelle was just HELP ME GIRL WHAT DO I DO! Of course as you know, the part with Mother was amazing and then BRENT. Actually this chapter was a chapter of all my favorite characters in this story so this gets a LOT of plus plus PLUS points in my book-and you've written such good interactions (Adelle and Toni banter, Mother and Adelle banter, BRENT AND ADELLE BANTER)-I mean I kind of really pushed myself in there waiting for this chapter to MATERIALIZE but it was so worth it. You delivered it with so much more than I was expecting (and where I was left off so yes YES yes!).

(gosh it's so hard to type a review trying to filter some stuff out really hahahaha)

OKAY so maybe this is already a nice review I'm off to my questions. WATCH OUT.

NO, but don't fear, I LOVE IT. As I've told you a million times pushing you to update, FINALLY GIRL. And thank you for delivering. As much as I hate waiting for the next chapter, you know this already made my YEAR in the GM front (UGH THAT KISS AND BRENT'S CONFESSION AUGH) anywayyy-on second thought, since you already said that we're seeing the horizon you better get to it.


Erin-Lucy chapter 23 . 9/9/2015
Awesome can't wait for the next chapter x
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