Reviews for Convection
jct7 chapter 1 . 7/4/2006
I like the way that you take a seemingly innocuous chore-driving to pick up Chinese food-in to a story. The flashbacks of the girl's childhood are effective; actually these flashbacks are what make the story so exciting.

The imagery is effective as well, metaphors such as "She’s a human siren hurling through the downpour" and alteration "Sorting silverware" is fantastic.

The title is fantastic; the whole convection theme is strong.

However, I believer that there is one grammatical error in the first line, which you probably want to fix; readers decide whether or not to read your story based on the first few lines. I believe it should read "Gerry’s mother predicts storms better than a meteorologist; her arthritic knee stiffening a few hours before the rain."

Great job!