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Rose chapter 1 . 4/23/2019
What's going on?
Have u stopped writing?
Have u published any of your works?

Rose chapter 1 . 4/23/2019
You are here I know it
Rose chapter 1 . 4/23/2019
Where are you
I miss your writing
Are u still here
Please post something even if only an update.

Your biggest Fan
Anne L chapter 2 . 5/9/2014
Hair slightly damp from yesterday's rain? That was a bit strange since you said that it was 'such' a warm weather shouldn't his hair be completely dried by now.. Ok, I sound stupid and like a weirdo but I just had to say it. There were also some typos but overall it was good. I liked it. See you writing in future.
-Anne L
Trap Gawdess chapter 12 . 8/13/2013
ohwow. oh wowww. ok. well thats gr8. eire is amayzink only problem is that it's ironic that she's marrying lucifer when she acts like the devil herself. i like that she killed marigold. she was annoying. always drabbling on about nonsense no one cared about and the incessant 'im tipsy'. can eire stab lein for me too? i dont like her. shes stupid. she annoys me and all her religious talk makes me very unhappy. i was hoping eire didnt make stain kill lucifer, but idk why didnt eire just tell lucifer why marigold was trying to kill her? it'd be easier than killing him over her. not to mention, i dont really think eire is interested in stain. he was more or less just a pawn in her amazingly funny game of chess . idk . i think i need a backstory on cantt. and wow, does cantt's sister have a name? i think she should have one. she & rix are prob the only legit ones that dont exactly bug me. flick's hilarious. every story needs a bastard with such a colorful story. i read your other story, the one about the girl and the lake, and the firehouse and the fire? it was good. i liked it. tell me, is eire going to die or would that be too much informaton? oh, btw you should update, its been a little over five years, ye?
BitterSweetWriter chapter 12 . 8/6/2012
*deep sigh* I'll never know the ending! How sad. I can usually predict the ending to stories, but this one leaves me stumped! I hate you. Okay I don't but still I said it! *another deep sigh* I really liked this story.

I really hate you. That was a lie but you already knew that.
Oh my sweets, just finish the story. Will you?
ChronoClockXVII chapter 1 . 1/27/2010
At the beginning, it's "curb" not "kerb"
We Used To Wait chapter 12 . 12/14/2009
Ohh, it's just gettin' started. I cann't wait for the next chapter, even though it doesn't seem to be happening. . . ?

Ohh, OHH, I like Eire now. Before, yes, I thought she was a bit of a bitch (the kind of bitch that was tolerable, though), but now I like her. She wants to be happy all the time. She wants to be comforted. Awwsies. I i'll hold and comfort her. She can lay on my tummy if she so effin' pleazes. My friends say it's fun. . . She'll have to lie btwn my hip bones and rib cage though. I'm a bit boney -sad smilie-

Stain is weird. I like it, not as fond of him as your Scythe, Raythe and Cancer, obviously, but he's nice to listen to. I feel like making him talk more. Talk, dammit, talk! Like U KNOW?1ONE? Let your inner emotions become a part of your surface, my darling. Ugh.

Can you explain that thing with Marigold (or was it Magdelin?sp?, I don't exactly get what her drinking thing it all about. And when exactly it happens. I know it's supposed to be all the time, but there have been times that she's lied about it. I just wanted to know when. . . I feel like she's lying about it all the time now. Is that the case? Idk, can you explain it to me? I think i'm too stupid to understand.

Oh, and when she said that stains were coming up for often now, and that they were to be expected. Nice double meaning! See, i caught it. Skillz. Eh, eh. And maybe that was easy to spot. Or maybe, maybe, I'm good at reading too much into stuff. Which kinda marks me as dumb.

Um, um, I can't really remember all I wanted to say. I really do hope you continue with this. Nice story, you have here. Yeah, man, yeah.

dum dee dum. bye!
We Used To Wait chapter 1 . 2/20/2009
Hundredth reviewer. awesome. so i think this is the only actually story left on your account that i have to read. predator is my abs favourite. hehe. i already like this one, even after one chapter. and i'm not surprised. i love your stories.

update so, soon. i really care about all your stories :)
YoursMarilyn chapter 12 . 2/2/2009
kinky story. i really dont understand lucifer nor like him that much. their friendship with marigold is really quirky and psychotic. like i want to stab my friends everyday and have little intense fits of outright knife fights. i like stain and i dont understand how lein can't see his absence as a need for them to break up.
poppiesinoctober chapter 12 . 12/13/2008
so this story is definatly interestingg. i liike the characters. im surprised this story isn't that popular, cause it's better than most that are popular.

but anyway, you should update this soon, cause i definately want to see the ending too it.
Waffle Rocket chapter 12 . 3/25/2008
Oh my God.. Haha, I love Eire! And.. Stain is kinda.. Wow, he seems.. Uh, okay! Y'know The Merchant Of Venice? Shakespeare? Stain, like, totally reminds me of Antonio. He's a major character.. but then he's so passive sometimes. But maybe that's a good thing. He's different from those "I'm gonna take action!" protagonists.

I crack up every time Eire brings up her 'fucking mood.'

And I somehow find the fact that Marigold is trying to kill Eire... interesting. Hah, it's hilarious. And her reasons.. Okay, that Cain and Abel story is kinda starting to come in. Though Ex kinda messed it up. .

And, yeah, I plan to tell you my thoughts on the entire story here. In one review. And they're probably not gonna be in order of chapters, because I'm putting down thoughts as they come. Hope ya don't mind too much.

Lein.. Really, I don't want Stain to be with her. And.. Do their names rhyme? It's something I haven't considered before. Perhaps, perchance, yes, I like to believe that her name rhymes with his. Unless her name is pronounced lean or something like that. Then, because I want their names to rhyme, I'll resort to calling Stain steen.

Rix is kinda funny. I think he's funny. And I find him hot. But not as much as Stain. Then again, I actually think Lucifer'd be pretty damn hot. Because, like, he's got the devil thing going on. And, for some reason.. I totally think that the devil'd be hot. Maybe that hell thing, y'know?

From the beginning, I suspected that Eire was the one that killed Cantt and all. Smilie faces? Because she wants to balance it out? That whole thing about murder being right if it makes the greater part happy.. Right. I have come to the brilliant conclusion.. that Eire is insane.

I like that.

Ooh, I hate hate hate their use of sarcasm. Crap, I love it. "With a knife?" "No, a toothpick." Thing about your dialogue, darling, is that you've created the characters so well that I can actually imagine how these things are said. "Whatever is fated to happen will happen." I giggled.

“I stabbed her in the back.”

He sighed. “Have you apologised?”

“I want to, but she’s not waking up.”

OHMYGOD! I swear, I love how messed up these people are. And Stain didn't start out like that, but he certainly seems to be catching on. Ya know, maybe that thing about being around people makes ya more like them? I believe so. And I kinda like how he is, lol. He's fun.

Stain considered. “Okay. But then we have to finish our argument. It’s fated to happen, you see.”

“Only if we have ice cream first. It’ll level my sadness and anguish from the arguing with creamy goodness. That way, my emotions will be balanced.”


Gosh, Rix and Cantt's sister.. Wait, is Cantt's sister supposed to go nameless? Because it's weird calling her 'dead dude's sister' when I can't remember Cantt's name since it sounds so darn much like 'can't.' "Let us only watch each other in silence." Rix seems to be coming up with these weird things to say a lot. He seems to be the weirdest of the bunch somehow. Maybe because he's not really insane. I think that he plays at it. Maybe I'm saying that because of what Stain said about him to the part of his imagination that took the form of Ex. About how Rix cut his wrists to get his mom to get him a therapist. So I don't think he's really insane, somehow. So, like, maybe that's why he's the weirdest of the bunch.

I love the guy.

The snake ate the pie? At first I thought she was lying. About the pie in the first place. I kinda still think she is. I totally think so. I think that she's trying to be, like.. I dun even know. But, like, she's totally weird. And, amazingly, you brought her back into the story after I'd kinda sorta forgotten about her. (My memory sucks) And, I feel like sharing, omg I just got hug attacked.

“My shirt’s all messed.”

Stain started digging the hole.

“I liked that shirt.”

He kept digging.

“Fuck you, Stain. You messed up my shirt.”

Stain's got an over-active imagination. Totally. Or maybe not an over-active imagination. He just knows his friend overly well. Not overly so. Damn, always with the over here. But it's funny. Because the guy's dead. Or not dead. And Stain's already remembering the guy. He killed him later on. That sucked. Well, it didn't. I was happy. I was overjoyed.

I'm curious about Riel. I like the name, too. Really, if I'm on FaceBook and shit like that and wondering over names for those little babies you can make with your friends (Which is kinda icky haha), I'll read one of your stories and they just force something into my imagination. My complicated way of saying you inspire me.

So, yeah, about Riel.. She likes flowers. She's antisocial. She's like a big sister to Stain. WAS. Because she got killed because people thought she was.. messing around with little kids. She wanted to be cremated but she 'went out with a bang.' Ka-boom. I give up, what's the deal with her?

"Fucking pansy. You sound like a girl." Chi he, that's funny, ya know. Why? Because I was thinking along the same lines. Now I feel so cliche. Unoriginal. But that's okay. And it's not to mean that you're unoriginal and stuff. Like, most people would get comfort.

But it isn't Ex.. And Stain WANTS to be told he's a pansy? But Ex never talked that much, so it can ONLY mean that Stain wanted to be told he was a pansy. It ALL makes sense now, ya know. Stain is... strangely masochistic? Yeah. That was the point behind EVERYTHING.

Yeesh, she's psychotic.

Eire, that is. The ant talks to her. I hate ants. She crushed her. My hero. I'm in love. But that would be ick, so no.

Okay, I'm starting to kind of catch on. All of those little flashbacks in the italics and everything were with Stain and Riel, right? Most of them, at least. "Her Ashes." It's the name of the bands.. BUT I also think that it has a lot to do with Riel's wishes to be cremated and have HER ASHES spread over the place so she can stay there forever. That's me.. thinking. Yeah, it doesn't happen often.

So, um.. One thing I wonder TO THIS DAY.. In the first chapter, first scene. Right? Like.. Who is that speaking? And, shit, just realized it says 'now' and below that says 'before.' So, like, I'll find out later when you finish? When this ends? I'm thinking it's Eire, then. Or Marigold. Or some other person. That narrows it down. I know.

By the way.. In the beginning, Eire always seems so proper and so normal. Like.. and then she becomes insane. And I can't even remember WHERE she made the transition from being normal to being insane, because you just made it flow so nicely that it wasn't even a change, it was merely an unveiling. And that's hard. It wasn't even a shock, wow. You rock!

Ambiguity would put her off. Too many questions diverged from her thought process and made her think about something new for a change. She didn’t like that.

And that's, like, from chapter seven. Just so you don't have to look back. Talking about Lein. Because she asked what he had to do that was so important that he couldn't go to Church.

Anyways, like.. Lein seems not to be very complex of mind. Simple. Which is why I really don't think that Stain should be with her.. Because, like.. I don't even know. Stain seems a bit more complex but too complacent, as Eire said sometime later. And Eire brings him out more. I really believe that. So go Eire/Stain.

How they decided to name the band.. Poor Stain. I think he's thinking of Riel. About how she didn't get to be cremated. It hurt him because HER ASHES would never be scattered around her house, so she didn't get her wish. And Rix.. he was betrayed by.. the therapist that he wanted to get close to or something? I don't know.. You confuse me.

The cool ducks. That SCREAMS 11 years old. But I guess they are, haha. Silly. I like it too! But.. I hit my head once and, like, I stayed five years old. *Rolls eyes* Not really, but I like the name.

Haha, when Eire met Lein.. Gosh, Lein likes her, but that's so ironic, since Eire is the one causing her trouble with her boyfriend and also killing people, which is morally wrong, and Lein seems to be against everything. She thinks everything is wrong, and that in itself is wrong, because.. she's not living her own life. I don't like her. Again, long live Eire and Stain!

I'm in love. And it's been forever since you've updated, I see, and.. I want to read the next chapter! I'm actually really loving this, haha. And.. I'm arguing with a friend. About Eire. And I want to prove to her that Eire rocks. And.. I wanna read the end, so I can prove that. Please update?

Love, Winged Kitty.

Meow Power.
merrymowmow chapter 12 . 7/19/2007
I was wondering when you're going to update?
Death Princess chapter 12 . 4/26/2007
oh god, i think i know wat she's going to do. the little twerp.
heart shaped lies chapter 12 . 4/4/2007

that was really intense. all of it was.

rix and cantt's sister's conversation. eire and stain's conversation...the last line (what was that about anyway?)...the whole marigold thing...

i especially liked the part where rix was like.."i don't think, i know"

okay, now i'm reaally rambling! i'm so glad i finally found a ramble-worthy story (which has a lot of things i like!)

update this please, and predator as well!
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