Reviews for The Inner Man
Revamp chapter 37 . 11/14/2013
It seems Chiko is continuing to block out everything and revert back to his old life as a result of his mental trauma and constant stress of having one bad thing after another happen to him. Another tense situation and Chiko comes in at the last minute and decides to kick some butt once more to get Mashiro out of a deadly situation. It was actually a pretty gret tactic. I'm glad that Chiko was able to come to a resolve and not look back, only forward to accelerate in his new life one step at a time and slowly adjust to what he now has become. Kohana has helped him cope and come to terms with what and who he is a little more. It's nice to see the two personalities having that moment of helping each other. I can tell that things are leading up to the main event and the story will get better from here on out. That preview also looks really promising as well. Wonderful job!
Revamp chapter 36 . 11/14/2013
Poor Chiko. he probably feels completely helpless and hopeless since the only thing he's been fighting for has been vicsiously ripped away from him. I like how you show the emotions of Kohana as well as Chiko, going through all of her changes, trials and tribulations as well. It's nice to get both sides of the story with both personalities learnig to share a body with each other. They both deal with the situation in very different ways.

Man, Chiko's luck is running on the bad streak. I'm glad he's alright, though. You did a great job on mounting the tension and holding a sense of suspense on his condition. I also love how Kohana is exploring the inner confines of Chiko's mind. This chapter was emotional, symbolic and full of revelation and mystery. Great job!
Revamp chapter 35 . 11/14/2013
So, that was Chiko's mother. That had to be hard to face her knowing she thought he was dead. That must have been emotionall racking, on top of all of the other things that he's faced off against in the prior chapters. The doctor certainly shocked them by transporting them into his lab. Who took the bodies and why? What did they have to gain from comitting such a crime? What are they tryong to accomplish by stealing them? So, now Mashiro has been monitored but who is Shinzaburo and what are his connections to Mashiro?
Revamp chapter 34 . 11/14/2013
This chapter started off fairly happy, but with Chiko throwing a fit. I wonder why the scarred man won't go to Tokyo. Chiko continues to try to get a hold on Kohana. This chapter was pretty easy going and it was a pleasent read and a break from so much action. I do wonder who Chiko saw, however.
Revamp chapter 33 . 11/14/2013
The action kicks off this chapter in high gear. Mashiro is definitely impressive through the first part of this chapter. I'm glad that the two of them got out and in a pretty cool way to boot. I still wonder who the mystery scarred man is and what his purpose in all of this is.

It looks like the syndicates are upping the ante. Now they mean business and they are out for blood, more than ever before. I wonder what struggles lie ahead for our main cast.
Revamp chapter 32 . 11/14/2013
Now I'm curious as to what's up with Mr. Autumn. What's his goal? What's his involvement? Why does he want Chiko? You're buiding that tense atmosphere again.

I'm glad that Mashiro is finally getting away and was about to go about his rescue. I hope he can pull it off because they aren't out of this yet.
Revamp chapter 31 . 11/14/2013
This started off as an interesting chapter with Chiko being shot and abducted. Kitsune and Shisa's gunfight was great! It's nice to see a fight scene out of the scarred man too, since it's been a while. He actually proved to be quite the opponent. I thought he was going to win for a while, but I'm glad Mashiro was alright.

Wait...Mr. Autumn is alive? I didn't see that coming.
Revamp chapter 28 . 11/14/2013
I like how they both have their internal arguments and how Kohana kids with him about Nobu. It's kind of cute how awkward it was between Chiko and Nobu with Kohana's little commentaries on thie side. It looks like Chiko is at it again, with the teacher. This whole chapter is great.
Revamp chapter 27 . 11/14/2013
They are in quite a bind with the two personalities. I like how we get to see the internal conversations with them. I wonder who the dominent personality will end up being.
Revamp chapter 26 . 11/14/2013
It seems Chiko's problems continue to mount as he puts up with Kohana in his head, where he can't escape her. It seems like Chiko is back to being...well, Chiko. Well, until we learn that Chiko and Kohana will soon morph together much to Chiko's displeasure. All this back and fourth between Chiko and Kohana is making him seem schitzophrentic.
Revamp chapter 25 . 11/14/2013
It's Kohana's first day at school and she transforms and tries her magic out on a dog. The bank scene was unique and interesting. It's actually one of my favorite scenes from this story. I also find it great and unique that everyone kept messing up Kohana's dramatic monologue. It looks like Kohana is out to solve more crime afterwards, only to run upon a far more grizzly scene than it simply being a robbery. I wonder what will happen now that she's fainted again. Will Chiko take over? This is getting pretty interesting.
Revamp chapter 24 . 11/14/2013
It's nice to see Mashiro showing concern over that joke. Good thing it's only a joke, though it would make for a nice plot device. The doctor and Mashiro are quite comical. I had a feeling Chiko was sharing his body with another personality, this only confirms my earlier theory. This chapter shed light on both Chiko and the doctor's characters. Great job!
Revamp chapter 23 . 11/14/2013
It looks like Mashiro is readjusting to life with Kohana. It's cute to see his follies from dealing with naked Kohana to knowing how to dress her. I hope that Mashiro and the doctor can somehow restore Chiko's presence in the body.
Revamp chapter 22 . 11/14/2013
I am still feeling a little strange over the whole Kohana ordeal. I like the bit of action between the scarred man and his foes. I was on edge during the whole fight and I found your use of action impeccable. The gun point scene added extra tension to the situation as well. I wonder who the female assassin is who is behind all of this.
Revamp chapter 21 . 11/4/2013
It looks like the scarred man is on the move, destined to cross paths with Chiko once again. It's also believed that the man is curious about Mashiro's special prowess. I can't really blame Mashiro for wanting to drink his pain away. He has a lot to deal with on his shoulders and he's really going through a lot of change. It's nice to see Chiko and Mashiro finally come to head but it wasn't the meeting I expected them to have.

I have to admit that I'm a little confused by "Kohana" replacing Chiko. Does that mean that there are two spirits in the same body? It would make sense but there are other things that throw me off. I wonder what the next chapter holds.
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