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Unwanted Empathy chapter 27 . 1/9/2007
A great story I eagerly await the next episode, if everyone in the world were like Chiko it would be a better place ( Well maybe not!)



(I I)

Copy the bunny so he can gain world domination (pass it on as it was passed to me or he will haunt your sleep!)
Blinking Cursor chapter 27 . 1/9/2007
Again. I love Mashiro and The Doctors’ interaction. Ha-ha! His name is ‘THE DOCTOR?’. It was funny.. Yay! Chiko is back and she just had to listen to Mashiro’s pouring his heart out…heheh. The Doctor got me again…naa…I thought Chiko was going to be gone… Well there is nothing more I can say…I have to go now…

Excellent work!

Can’t wait for Chiko doing his action in the next episode! Aww…I miss him…

Ja Ne~~

XaVieRa _
Blinking Cursor chapter 25 . 1/9/2007
Oh my God! I nearly got myself a heart attack. I thought Chiko was going to be gone forever! Apparently not! I like the conversation between the doctor and Mashiro, it was hilarious! What with the paper fan, the drawings and the wooden penguins! My favourite part was this “-All that time he was forced to watch you doing these hideou—malicious—beastly. Stop looking at me like that I’m running out of colorful words.” I found it funny. (Stop looking at me strangely, I have weird sense of humour!)

Well nothing much to say about Scarred Man and Co. So they found something huh? Yet, another four persons died.

So the A.I girl is like a magical girl as in Powerpuff Girl?-wait-is Powerpuff girl magical…? O.o Hoho! My…it is like Akazukin Chacha-or Sailormoon, or Cardcaptor Sakura, Wedding Peach. Heheh! Saa…I am not into this kind of thing. (Rolled the eyes-and you just gave a long list of Shoujo animes!) I am just wondering-if Chiko suddenly comes back, can he turn into this Magical girl? Uh…(currently thinking) Anyway the part where Kohana had to deal with the bank robbers was absolutely FUNNY! He-heh. Especially the transformation thingy! Interrupted the transformation! The Monologue! Wargh-warghh. That was FUNNY!-heheh!

A hilarious one. Now, I better move on to the next episode.

-XaVieRa _
Blinking Cursor chapter 21 . 11/24/2006
Uh-oh! It seems like Chiko has another inner self-Kohana. O.o;

It is sweet of ‘her’ calling Mashiro daddy. Sounds so CUTE!

That Scarred Man is back to redeem his lost honour! And Rachel IS still alive!

Double Uh-Oh! I am sure Rachel is still after Mashiro and Chiko/Kohana that is after she recuperates completely. Include the Scarred Man in the picture, things will get worse. _

I still felt bad for Mashiro though. T.T

Maybe that will be a good thing that Chiko is temporarily (is it?) unconscious, maybe it will lift up few of his burdens, if not for a while. Perhaps to think something up on what to say to Chiko (He did that before, but it didn’t work right? Sighs)

Hopefully things will get better. Heh-heh. (Wishful thinking Xaviera, what with the Awaking Dragon still alive and kicking…slash that: ALIVE AND SHOOTING!)

There is not much I can say here. I still think it is good and I can’t wait for the next episode! XP Excellent writing! More action! More cuteness! More Mashiro! More Chiko! (TOO MUCH SUGAR!) _

I hope you are able to understand all the ‘insanity’ that I wrote. I have the tendency to mix things up. The horror! Half of the time I didn’t know what I am talking about. Heh-heh. _;

I guess that’s all.

Gambatte! ;)

XaVieRa~~ _


p/s: I used up a lot of space again. Gomen! _
Blinking Cursor chapter 18 . 11/15/2006
Incredible! Wow! I mean WOW! That is one bloody fight…err what I meant is a very compelling action fight scene. Violent but amazing! I really admire your work and your talent! XP

So…Mashiro has this ‘inner demon’ in him...-I didn’t expect that! You surprised me! An inner demon by the name Crimson Angel…heh-heh how ironic… ‘Demon and Angel’, it is like a holy-devil or something. But it did make sense what with the calm demeanor and the angelic façade. O.o;

What’s with Mashiro and Rachel? Did they have ‘that’ kind of relationship in the past? And Rachel…grr…I still dislike her…how can she forced a little girl to watch the entire gory sight? Though technically, Chiko is an adult, but still where is her humanity? Where is her sanity? Oh god, I’m getting sidetracked here! Heh-heh. But then-heh, again the reasoning-Mashiro did betray them. But…he had his own reasons, maybe a selfish one…but…Kyaa! Now I am talking senseless! _

Okay. Take a deep breath. At the end of the episode, it was kind a sad, them drifting apart, I can understand why Chiko feared Mashiro. In her shoes, I would probably try to stay away from him forever. Imagine, in just a day, Chiko found out Mashiro’s darkest (is it?) secret. _

A great work! The best episode in this story! I’m looking forward for the next episode! ;) The characters’ profile, the key, and the A/N really help a lot! ;)

And you are welcome, IT IS AN AWESOME FICTION! Why shouldn’t I enjoy it? And once in two week is okay…I think…I’m not around that often…


XaVieRa~~ _


P/S: I’m sorry, I used up too much space on your review site. I can’t help it. I enjoy writing this! ;)
Blinking Cursor chapter 16 . 10/30/2006
Chiko is kidnapped! T.T


Mashiro save him!

Okay, that's overdramatic! This is one good episode!

A-ha! Another comflict! Poor Chiko? Wondering when he will get his peaceful life back! Sobs...sobs...!

Grr. I don't like Rachel, she has this aura of EVIL...

I guess she is the one behind Chiko's predicament! Or maybe not! Sighs. Iguess I have to wait for the next episode for the truth ne?

I love this story, I won't pester you to update soon but just that...please, don't forget to update! I love how you present your story! CONVINCING, at least for me.

I guess that's all. GOOD job thus far.


~XaVieRa _
Blinking Cursor chapter 14 . 10/24/2006
I love you story. It is quite interesting on how you present the story...and I sure love how you write the 'preview' for the next episode...FUNNY...! Your story seems so real, like I'm watching it instead of reading it! Great job! Hope you update soon!

koolroxy chapter 1 . 9/8/2006
Johan Lansfeld chapter 1 . 9/5/2006
I really like this; it's quite original so far.
Murasaki 12 chapter 1 . 7/21/2006
Very creative! _
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