Reviews for Just Another Girl
CovinS chapter 1 . 7/8/2006
I think "Drama/Angst" would've been more appropriate than "Drama/General." This piece could fit a country girl as well as a city girl, and it's quite ironic that it was written in such a way that it's open to that interpretation. This, in turn, also makes it relatable to most of your readers, as opposed to one group of the two. I like the word usage; some verbs could be exchanged for stronger ones, but as a whole, it's strong regardless of those weaker links.

What I really like is how you started this piece and how ended it. The boldness of the conclusion and the way you introduced the settings and character really give it a more poetic feel than a short story or narration.

The ONE line I felt was more of a soapbox than something that fit (aka, a thumb in the eye) was "murder animals to wear." While the imagery is efficient, the cynicism of the word "murder" juxtaposes the narrator with PETA, which kind of takes the character out of context, since this character could be me or someone I know. It makes it unrelatable. The imagery works for sure, but it just gives it a different, a negative context because not everyone's like that. However, that's me personally, and someone else might totally disagree with me.

Long story short: good stuff. :P
xHarlequinx chapter 1 . 7/8/2006
Such prettiness...this is like a poem/story/thing I can't explain...but I like it.