Reviews for White Trash: The American Pipe Dream
superheroesarereal chapter 7 . 7/21/2006
The thing about this story is that the way you structure the sentences and plan out their lengths basically makes it so that each line, each word, each letter, almost seems to be soaked and drenched in emotion. Everything is just so blunt, so matter-of-fact, that it just comes down to a feeling of complete and utter hopelessness. You did an excellent job in portraying your speakers. Awesome ). Um, just one thing, there are a few spelling and grammatical errors such as "ecstacy" is supposed to be spelled "ecstasy" and in the other chapters, there are a few fragments that don't make sense on their own( I mean, of course you have other fragments, but those are purposely inserted and add to the story, the ones I'm pointing out distract rather than enhance) and that's pretty much my only complaint. Other than that, I love this story. Keep writing )
superheroesarereal chapter 2 . 7/15/2006
Hello. I actually really, really, liked this story(ies) and it was, for the most part, well-written. There were just a few grammatical errors, mostly in chapter one(i.e. "..all you ever was was" should be all you ever were was"). There were also some spelling errors and you had a few issues with idioms. That's pretty much it, but it's not so bad that it distracts from the intensity of your work. I love the way you vividly and clearly expressed the speaker's emotions, at least to the point where I felt the despair and bitter hopelessness that I felt you were trying to convey. Awesome job overall. )