Reviews for Pickle in the Middle
SticksBallsSkirts chapter 1 . 7/18/2006
annoying friend who forced Heather feather to write this here! Okay Heather feather, 1)i cant be high! I have Klayton to think of, remember (for you unknowing people, klayton is my unborn child...we made him up together in anime club, so hes an inside joke, and if you noticed he has klay right in his name, you are not seeing ironicy here,you are witnessing something called "smartness" which i do not have! Klay is possible father number 1 out of, what was it Heather feather, like 27? anyway, so hes named after him.) anywho, i have klayton to think of, i cannot therefor get high or he will come out (agian!(once agian, inside joke. he was born this forth of july, but sort of set the doctor on fire and was sent back in me for the worlds protection (hey, like jail!) where he will unknowingly grow stronger until the day we will together dictate the world with Heather feather! i mean, where he will grow into a strong healthy boy, you didnt just read that!)okay, 2)finally! i'v been waiting since how long? only i thought we agreed that the bat dude i forgot the name of (Hey, dont get angry heather feather, remember, i sometimes forget the name of my own charectors! heck, i still dont know how to pronounce some of them, but i'm sure you will tell me later.) anyway, unamed bat dude was supposed to find it in Hibiscus's desk, remember! i want what ever i bribed you with to write this back! well, half of it anyway! 3) good story overall, very funny! LOL, HIBISCUIT IS A RETARD! HE IS ILLITERATE! LOL! i'm okay. Not to say illiterate people are retarded, but i hate him so he is, because i say so. He is a retard, because thats what a retard is, a retard, and he is a retard becuase it has been decided, and when something is decided, it is decided! it is decided by none other then me, MRSJOHNBENDER! HAHAHA! (Inside joke people, HEATHER, I USED NEIJIS PHILOSOPHY!) um...yay long review! hey, i'm the first reviewer (or was before i made this, situations could have changed)anyway, i should probably continue reading the emial the link to this was sent in, cya loser! heehee! i kidd i kidd, remember, u r muh suntine, muh only suntine (agian, inside joke!) I know what you are thinking, "no, no tuntine" how, no, not becuase i am psycic, but becuase, YOU ALWAYS SAY THAT HEATHER FEATHER! heehee! but honestly, you really are a loser. thats okay, we are losers TOGETHER! Now i really got to go, Klayton is getting fussy! bye loser! bye tuntine! I LOVE YOU KLAY! LOVE ME BACK! OR AT LEAST PAY CHILD SUPPORT! (LOL! i know, i'm such a queerball!)