Reviews for A Fabel Essay
FlamingDuo chapter 1 . 8/5/2006
Holy... unreadability... I don't know where to start.I guess we'll start with the grammar and spell check. If you don't have Microsoft Word then there's a link on the home page which will lead you to a free download of OpenOffice. There's too much for me to go through, otherwise I would, but I really don't have time. But please, if you expect people to read this, try to spend some time on , where does Aridane come from? I don't remember her in either of those just keep putting her in from no , and third, but most important. It's fable, not fabel, and a fable is a story about animals with a moral to it. These are , they can't be a fairy tale princess and a fairy tale prince because these are myths, not fairy , you have all these differences about these characters and the only thing the same about them is that they were sent to the earth to do something. That's dumb. Why are you comparing these two stories?Sixth, Pandora opened the box and let all the bad things out on the world but then closes it, keeping hope inside it. She doesn't give hope to the humans, she keeps it with them. The box wasn't sent with her to give hope to the world, the gods didn't like the humans-mortals-at that , and even the one of us that doesn't care so much about grammar has problems with this, fix your paragraphs. They're atrocious and they make the whole thing hard on the -back to the grammar thing-several of your sentences make no sense. Once again, I don't have time to list them all, but couple are as follow:"Having read Theseus and the Minotaur and Pandora’s Box." Incomplete sentence, right at the start. What are you saying? and:"The words for Theseus and the Minotaur where pretty more about himself: battle, strong, brave, heroic, love, noble, slay, slew has no fear." where pretty more? I don't know, where is this... pretty... more...? and slew has no fear? if there was meant to be a comma between those two things, why do you have slay and slew both there? And what does the fact that the words are about Thesues and/or the Minotaur? The whole story is about them, , what was your point in writing this? I think it's comparing the two (three?) myths but I'm not sure. The end paragraph makes it even more comfusing as you go on to talk about the kinds of nouns they use. And also remember, these were originally in greek. The nouns they use are from the English we ask is that you try to put some time into this, just as we've taken our time to review it. Fix it up for us?
benmin chapter 1 . 7/25/2006
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