Reviews for The Seasonal Affairs
i am pookie chapter 1 . 7/27/2006
Review? I would absolutely LOVE to! Do you KNOW how much I really, really loved this poem?

Well let me begin by telling you your word choice was amazing. You WON me over just by the words you picked to create this. I truly think it's beautiful. I really love the theme of this poem as well (it's so poetic!)-how could it NOT work?

Giving each season a characterization? Beautifully done. I really just love it. Let me pick a few of my favorite lines:

"This is their time to shine, even in the moonlight,/They are golden-"

"This is their turf, tread carefully, lest you find/You're alone in a hotel next morning with a note reading/ 'See you around,'-if you're lucky."

"Flipping his bangs and singing Songs About Jane/ The girl who broke his heart over summer, 'She melts with the rain...'"

"Well the optimist dreams up new dreams,/ smiling through the hallways of life, it's deadly you know,/ But they are so romantic, (or naive?)"

"The girls run for the skimpiest bikinis they can get into,/ Slinking up to their parents, 'Money for the yacht?'"

"Songs about eternal romance, (oh how they lie)"

"Whispering 'don't let go,' when no-one was ever really/ holding on,"

Going through this poem I realized another reason I love it. Despite it's optimistic beauty there is a taint of pessimism that makes it unique, but the narrator (the one that would be speaking to me of the poem) seems to love the seasons and their contradictions as he/she contradicts herself/himself with lines such as "Songs about eternal romance (oh how they lie)" and etc.

I truly loved this poem. Wonderful, wonderful job!