Reviews for Postmarked Today
Agathon chapter 1 . 8/3/2006
What can I say? Your poems, especially your shorts, are so enveloped in an air of quiet dignity that they at once draw you in and keep you at bay, nearly impregnable.

"the presence of/indulgence" perplexes me, and I feel much of the poem hangs on this thought. Sadly, it's a tough nut to crack. I'm thinking both "him" and "a smile" represent indulgence for "she"; "him" being the object of indulgence and "a smile" being the expression or emergence or release of indulgence. That's only one way I can think of reading this.

I love the duality of "Grace he encompasses/grace she does not possess." The lines flow into each other: possible to read it as "grace [pause] he encompasses grace," as if musing on the word grace and then realizing, yes, he encompasses grace. Then that picks up with "grace she does not possess." Also, the structure of the words lining up above and below is great, both lines ending with nearly the same "passes/possess". Way to play with the visual words on the page/screen.

So to requote your poem, " profound."