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We Used To Wait chapter 24 . 12/30/2009
I'm not gonna lie. I'm confuzzled.

Although, I seriously get what happened. But at the same time, I really don't. I think you might answer this in the FAQ though, so i'm bagging on that.

Hehe, this has nothing to do with the story, but I kinda miss those days when you wrote all cute and cuddly when replying to reviews. Like you used to mutate words (bhahaha!) like "really" and write "realli" and things like that instead. What happened? Maybe when you were gone you felt you grew up, or some crap like that. WhatEVA, man.


As for the posting your other stories. I'd say it's up to you, for whatever makes you feel more comfortable. I lovelovelove that you didn't take Predator down. And in that time I kinda found out I just like reading any of your works. So whichever you post, Euphoria or your other story, "Theives of Something-ette(?)," will always make me happy coz I know i'll love 'em. yeye!

And do the chapters you send to your agent have to be consecutive? Coz my favourite was the first and second chapter. And then. . . During Scythe's party. That chapter, or were there multiple? I'm talking like. . . When she meets the dad, when that girl dies, and when she spends all that time with Cancer. That chapter. So that's three chapters. . . Although, I also really really liked the chapters that involved Bones. So one of the end chapters or that chapter in the beginning, when it was such a mystery.

Oh, Gawd, I don't think that was much help. :

And I just really really want you to know that you've affected my writing so much (in a positive way), and I don't know how that happens, but you did. Erm, your diction and your writing style kinda influenced me. I fell in love with it. HEE! Yeah, especially this story. I think Predator is still one of the coolest things on this site. It's dark, awesome, unique, confusing, sexy (confusion and sexy go hand-in-hand...rawr), and hawt and WEIRD AND DIFFERENT.

Oh, and it made me think.

I love how you give the definitions and develop the Producer and Consumer's characters from that. It's like a mini character analysis of the entire story. And, I'm kinda glad, I think I always knew the Predator would be Cancer. It seemed so fitting. When I made that realization sometime back, it made me really feel sorry for Scythe. Poor things. Nothing good happened in this story.

Anyway, SPANKIN' STORY! I'm so fucking glad I read this. All those months ago. I lovelove you and lovelovelove this story. I hope you're doing well, and I can't wait till you update Euphoria.

Gosh. . . I'm seriously depressed this story's done.
freakyAngel chapter 24 . 12/30/2009
Oh, wow. This is one story I won't be likely to ever forget. It's as good as Catharsis, just as complicated and terrifying. When I read Catharsis my heart was pounding the entire time. Same goes for Predator. I mean, yeah, the pace wasn't always fast, there were quiet chapters as well, but the entire story's just filled with suspense and buckets of tension. You've got a whole hell of a lot of talent, man.

But there are still some parts that stop me from just making you my idol already. Haha. Nothing serious, really, just a few mistakes here and there. They made me trip over the sentences a little, but the overall near-heart-attack effect was there, so I'm not complaining too much. Just do take note.

And good luck in advance for the publishing stuff! I really hope you get your works published - it's a huge waste for the world to not know your genius. Haha. Seriously, though, are you asking for just any three random chapters? Because I think any of the first five chapters are good enough.

But if you're asking for the best of the best of the best, then I'd have to say - for a start - chapter 4 (unless you count "before" as the prologue, in which case "she tackles" will be chapter 3). It's got Rayth and Scythe and Cancer (along with their alter-egos), Angel, the minor but important characters, and amazingly intense interaction. This chapter pretty much screamed at me to expect violence, profanity, and very scary suspense.

Another chapter would be chapter 15 ("she dreams"). It's got the aftermath of Tyson's death - on Angel's part I mean - and her interactions with Rayth and Cancer. (Cancer's visit was beautiful, by the way.) Rayth scared the shit out of me as well, near the bottom in particular. And this chapter contains the ominous cliffhanger that just compels people to read on. The dreams were well written, the diary entries hinted at a back story (and also served as another cliffhanger as well), and the definitions at the back is enough to make me so scared for Angel it's a crime to not read the story.

Lastly... Hmm. This is a tough one. I'll go for chapter 8, I think ("she comforts"). It's got Scythe in a big way, and Cancer as well, and it showed us Abe. Rayth pretending to be Scythe also hinted a little at what he thinks of himself and his twin, which, written in his POV, was very welcome.

I don't know if those would be good enough reasons to choose the chapters I mentioned, but in any case, those were my favourite parts. The ending was really good, as well - it said a lot while keeping readers guessing at the same time. Cancer really believed in the heaven-hell idea, doesn't he? Like Angel. He seems that way to me; in the end, his revenge was for Angel, this girl who so firmly believed she belonged in heaven, to go to hell. Or mass destruction - of Scythe and Rayth's entire lives as well as Angel's. All in, something like that. "Getting" Angel in the end was maybe some twisted part of his revenge scheme as well - or was it a side benefit?

I should be ending this review now. It's getting really long. Heh.

Thank you so much for this story as well as for Catharsis. I have to admit, the two kept me awake for many nights just thinking about the plot and characters. You inspire some freaky ideas, man.

Thanks again for sharing your talent, and I really hope your efforts in publishing your works pay off!
The Latest Plague chapter 24 . 12/30/2009
okay, Cancer is twisted. i get that it was all a revenge plan but what changed with Angela? I mean, from not caring that Angela killed Scythe or Scythe killing Angela. I'll admit, it is unimportant to the whole plot, but it would sure as hell clarify the ending. Regardless, this story is amazing in so many levels. I also have to applaud you for finishing it when you said you would.
laughing moon chapter 24 . 12/30/2009
ok im a little confused what is cancer still doing with Angela or whatever her name is if he got his revenge? is he just going to dump her or something or does he actually like her in some way?
Kielke chapter 24 . 12/30/2009
wow, loved the endingg, very twisty ]

just one question, why did cancer want angela to go to hell with him in the first place, because it doesnt seem like he actually likes her? so was he just using her the entire time?

superficialowl chapter 23 . 12/29/2009
omg that update was so worth the wait. I am still not 100 percent on what was going throught Scythe's mind but it was still fantastic. I am sort of disappointed cuz I really liked Scythe and thought that he and Angela would have been good together.

But I really want to know what Cancer's role was... Can't wait for the epilogue!
SyMph0Ny Of cOloRS chapter 23 . 12/28/2009
First of let me just say that you are such an amazing writer! I've re-read your story so many times just to try and piece things together and I have a feeling I'm going to need that FAQ when you do it! Cant wait for the last chapter and hopefully it will confirm my theories and tie all the loose ends together :-) Keep up the good work! Loves ya!
Sarah Spafford chapter 23 . 12/28/2009
I loved it, can't wait for your little epilogue. It was very different than anything I can remember reading. Such a twisted love story, so beautifully morbid. I'm going to have to say though, I loved the twins. It saddened me that they had to die, and so brutally, but understandably so. Bravo.
The Latest Plague chapter 23 . 12/24/2009
omg. so its noted: it is now ten to two o'clock in the morning where i live. i read your story the whole way through. i... freaking... love... it! what i found the most interesting was Angela's character development. from do-gooder who always checked herself, to cursing mad woman who stabs her previously worshipped best friend.

i had more to say... but I've had too little sleep to remember any of it. ha ha.

i cannot wait for the last chapter or epilogue or whatever.

again, fantastic story.
The Dumbing Down Of Love chapter 23 . 12/23/2009
It's you again!

If it was anyone else, I would have given up on this story.

But no. I even went back and checked sporadically if you had updated and something was just wrong with the alerting system.

Cause you're that amazing. Seriously, I'm still in disbelief that you haven't been published.

Don't ever give up writing. I'd be more devastated than I was when I found out Search the City and The Receiving End of Sirens broke up. [I found out on the same day D]

Ew. That sounded muchly too motivational for me P

I'm so sad it's almost over... T.T

I love you.

- Saranya.
i-rite-gud chapter 23 . 12/23/2009
When I saw the alert in my inbox I actually said out loud, "No way!" I was so excited and then I just got more excited when I started reading. I was so anxious to see what was going to happen that I would find myself starting to read a few paragraphs ahead and I would have to force myself to read it in order:P That one bit about the "...struck with a sickening rip. Flame sparkled." really hit me just because it was such a beautiful, clear image in my mind. When Scythe first walked up to Angel in the water, you referred to him as Rayth once so I was a little confused:P and the doll on the rocks was Rayth's body? I wasn't too clear on that. The only really huge loose end that I'm anxious to see the tie to is who the little boy is and why he hates Cancer so much... And the ten commandments thing. I'm also not too clear on what that was all about. This chapter was absolutely phenomenal! I loved reading it, it was full of suspense, and you're really amazing at descriptions. That's one thing that a lot of authors lack but is really crucial to a good story and you absolutely have it! I'm super excited for the last chapter and sad that this story will be ending:( I'll be anxiously awaiting the last chapter!
Ruby the Cat chapter 23 . 12/23/2009
Dang! You finally updated. And it's been so long that I've forgotten a lot of the important details in this story (thankfully you provided a summary). But I still love it. You have an awesome writing style. And you're a brilliant, brilliant author. heart was thumping the entire time I was reading this! Scythe is dead :( Poor crazy guy.

I don't trust Cancer. But I don't want him to be bad!
We Used To Wait chapter 23 . 12/23/2009
Whenever you post a new chapter up I feel like a highly anticipated movie is just starting. Gets me all shivery and stuff, especially since you answer everyone's questions before you start the chapter. Now that's just prolonging the moment. Oohh! It's so, so scary.

Rah! Oh, forgot to mention last chappie- the imbalance thing is a genius idea, beeteedubz (btw). Scythe, so cute, thought that some stuff was imbalanced, yeah? Well his head is a bit imbalanced. Makes him go a bit wonky. In a very hot, sultry, ambitious, and hawthawt way. Hehe.

Scythe died though. You killed him, you murderer. You *killed* him. U r so cruel. And so is Angie, that smart, cruel ladeh'!

Oh babe.

I really don't want this story to end. It's be like saying goodbye to a friend. My only friend. . . -sob- heh, not really. But whatev. The Ten Commandments thing was cewl as well! I don't know what all of them are (actually, i think i remember two of them), but i'm pretty sure all of those- er- sins(?) have been put into play in this story. If they really have, that's so sexy. hah

I'm just confuddled on one thing. Scythe didn't believe in God, but he believed in sin. Now was he lying when he said he didn't believe in God, trying to protest his machismo (hehe)? Or subconsciously he was doubting I. . . Or something. I think i'm too stupid to understand. Gawd.

Update so so so soon.

cocoartist chapter 23 . 12/23/2009
Except I'm pretty sure you posted that like a year ago. Which would explain why I had deja vu!
cocoartist chapter 22 . 12/23/2009
Very excited that you got an Oxford offer as I did as well. Congrats. Which college/subject? I'm Christ Church and English-

great chapter. nice to see this is back in action.
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