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furies367 chapter 21 . 12/27/2008
hey rockin story man.

no offense and all but

could u hurry u and update already, i'm dying of suspense here.
Colorful Collision chapter 21 . 12/22/2008
Oh. Ouchie. My head hurts.

I feel confused. And cofusion is not fun, not fun at all. Chocolate cake is fun, though.

So I'm kind of getting it, I think, but I probably have it completely mixed up. There was some cheating going on between Scythe and Angela and Cancer's parents, right? And that's why Scythe's mommy doesn't like Angela's mommny? Because her hunny bunny was getting intimate with Angela's mom? And why Angela's mommy hired Cancer's daddy? Because... she was sleeping with him?

And I'm still not getting what Bones really is... or why Scythe has people do it with him. Oh! Was he trying to fill the hole up with rat bodies? Because they were eating him up when he was stuck in the car? Because, I mean, he does sacrifice rats. And is that why he took all the mice from the pet store? Becuse the rats were eating the mice in the car? Oh! And is that why Lynn got stabbed? Because awhile back Scythe was all like, she's pure and whatnot. And how come Angela cut the wires all those years ago? What was the point of that? And is that the reason that Scythe's mommy hates her? Or is because she didn't help Scythe when he was in the car? And I really don't like Raythe anymore. He used to be my favorite, but nows he's just... mean and an insect murderer. Ooh dear. It seem everyone in this story is so messed up. But it's amazing. And it makes me think, which is probably not a good idea since if i think any harder my brain may just spontaneously combust. And I'm pretty sure that might dear... Well I'll be waiting for an update... and if you don't update... well, I know where you live. Well, no, actually, I Don't... but still.
Jestry chapter 21 . 12/22/2008

I'm guessing their was some kind of adultery going on between Cancer/Angela/Scythe's families from what Raythe said?

Man, I love your diction. You have so many metaphors and lovely ways of describing things. ./worship

I'm a little confused, possibly because this is one of the fics where there's nothing to be working towards. Like, in those cheesy romance fics, you know they're trying to get the guy. In the epic fantasy fics, you know they're trying to save the world by doing something specific. And in most supernatural things, you know they're trying to figure out something specific.

But this fic.

I'm not sure. I don't get this sense of beginning middle climax end. It's like everything is so intense, all the time, that I don't have the slightest clue when this could be over. Like, you say "only two more chapters", but I'm still as confused as I was on chapter two. Sure you've revealed more, but you've also given us more to ponder about, and that just digs up deeper and deeper into everything, without an end in sight.

I /do/ adore your characters though. All of them. I feel like I can understand why they do the things they do, even if they're completely farfetched, and wacky.

So who really /did/ set the cages on Angela? And the boat cracking, was that set up by anything?

Angela seemed a little biopolar in the beginning, to the point where it was unrealistic. So she puts up with Lynn in such a "tolerant and I'm above you" way, and then she goes and frolics to the boys about how she likes penguins. It's just, so... discordant? But she grew out of the extremely, I would say juvenile to a flaw trait, so it got better as it progressed. I honestly thought it was really unrealistic that someone as brooding and dark as Scythe would put up with Angela's bubbly nature. If she doesn't like the things the boys do (Bones), then why does she keep digging herself further into this mess? You make it obvious that certain things make her uncomfortable, and yet she keeps walking straight into them anyway. I KNOW she's smart enough to spot the clues, so why does she bother? Other than prove that she's not afraid, which stopped being in issue somewhere along the way.

Do we ever get to find out Cancer and Carrion's real names? Maybe they were mentioned and I just forgot... meh. It's weird that Carrion is everywhere but nowhere. You would have thought that she knew more about the driver's son. And if she went to visit Cancer so much at the lighthouse, that Carrion would have been mentioned or seen (or at least, his things would have been seen) somewhere along the way.


Not to nit pick at anything, because this story is probably just too deep and complex for my brain.

It's still amazing though. I love your descriptions and metaphors. You don't describe the things that everyone sees, but you describe the things that people think about these things, that everyone thinks but no one voices out loud. That's taking it a step further, and it really gives your story this aura of reality. Everything is just so intense and riveting. I love it.

UPDATE SOON. How about as a Christmas present?(:

This fat review can be your late birthday and christmas present from me.

Alright. Cheers.

Jestry chapter 4 . 12/22/2008
Oh man, I don't think I really get this story.

It's too deep.

Or maybe I just have to keep reading.

Angela is so... complex.

She's really random and quirky, and then she gets all mysteriously deep...
poppiesinoctober chapter 21 . 12/6/2008
okay, so i have been reading this over the past monthh.

hm, it has definately been interesting. yepp. interesting.

right now i can't think of anything to say to you bout the story. sucks, huh? oh well. sorry. i'll write a long review next chapter? which means you need to update. :]

hah. well, now i think i'm going to go read another one of your stories, while my saturdayy isn't so busy.

Layla the fiend chapter 11 . 12/3/2008

I hate you.

I wanted Cancer/Angela. I will now quit reading this story. It will still be on my favorites for other to link to though, since it's well written and creative.

Layla the fiend chapter 10 . 12/3/2008
Please please please let it end up being Cancer/Angela!
Layla the fiend chapter 9 . 12/3/2008
I crave Cancer/Angela.
Layla the fiend chapter 8 . 12/3/2008
Cancer/Angela, please.
Layla the fiend chapter 7 . 12/3/2008
Cancer/Angela, please.
Layla the Fiend chapter 1 . 11/29/2008
Let her end up with Cancer. Please? He's yummy in that scary way.
Veritaz chapter 21 . 11/9/2008
This story is amazing! I'm literally hooked. Maybe I'm really slow but I really can't figure out what's going on! I think Cancer's the real baddy, but that all three boys are really really quite screwed up. The only ending I can see for this is that Angel kills herself. Which is not very happy! Please update quickly, I'm on absolute tenterhooks! Also, I'm loving that there's an English story, and I get to read about things costing fifty pence and there aren't all those American idioms! xx
flawedxu chapter 21 . 10/24/2008
i love this story! When are u gonna finish it? I can't wait to find out what happens, you left this chapter off with such a cliffhanger :[
AllOfTheAbove chapter 21 . 10/6/2008
Well, first off, the story is great.

I got the whole 'revenge' part down but why did they make the "plan" in the first place?

What did she do to Cancer to make him choose her?

Yeah, he's right though, he is like a disease.

As for Herbert, a new favorite character, though I have to say I didn't like him much at the beginning. But as it grew on-I liked him more.

What he said was wrong-he didn't necessarily follow.

That was why he got punched I suppose.

And as for those awesome questions he asked her-It helped answer alot of questions.

Geez, I don't know why she's so scared-She could break every commandment and still be forgiven.

But I want to know is, after all that happened, does she want to? I mean, she started as this random bubbly ever-so-nice girl and as the story goes on she gets darker and darker. She calls her supposed half-sister 'that little girl' and she knows why Scythe randomly buys her gifts but chooses to ignore it and play dumb. Plus she helps Scythe just because she felt as though it was a 'obligation'.

Now she's not as nice as she started out to be.

Just like how The Consumer-Scythe I'm guessing- seemed so dominant and in control, and now he has to fight for it. Being pushed around like a little bitch if you ask me.

So Scythe-who was a bit sexy in the beginning- now just looks lost. I was surprised, and a little pleased (I know...EW), that he tried that little wannabe rape kissing act.

And the final piece of the ever-changing plan is falling in its place.

All I want to know now is when are YOU GOING TO UPDATE?;D
Bam-There You Go chapter 10 . 10/6/2008
This story is so confusing, I don't know whats going on, but it's also really really good and intriging and I just can't stop reading it.
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