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Sarahj259 chapter 21 . 7/14/2008
oh wow...great job!
LIPS chapter 21 . 7/14/2008
Hm. Sorry to disturb you again, (reallyreallysorry!) but I wanted to say two things.

First of all, happy birthday! Hopefully you can take this review (or me previous one, eh?) as a present. Or you can just pretend that I sent you a cake. Or cookies. Or brownies. I'm pretty good at making brownies.

Secondly, I wanted to say that I voted for this story at SKOW. I really hope it wins, so good luck!

Okay. I'll leave now. . .

Scribblesandink chapter 21 . 7/13/2008
Usually I like to analyze everything I read down to the letter, but it's a bit harder when the story comes one chapter at a time, because I ... sort of...forget what happened before. . Sorry, I definitely need to re-read this story.

Lynn. Hm. If she's 'seeing' Lynn and having a conversation with her...well, that tells me she feels guilty about something to do with Lynn. Her death? I don't know. But she's confessing something to Lynn. Maybe confessing isn't the right word.

Rayth and Angela are such a strange pair. They mesh and they don't. They don't argue, they discuss things. And all those questions Rayth asked. Family. It means something to both of them.

This whole relationship between Angela and Scythe confuses me so much. Angela calls it friendship but I don't. It's perplexing, and I can't figure out what it is, but it seems like Scythe is so much more in control of Angela, rather than it being an even two way relationship. And I think Angela wants to believe in the friendship. She likes the idea of it, as cliche as it sounds.

And Scythe...if I give him some more cookies will he play nice? Tell him I'm going over to vote for Predator in the SKOW awards. Can't wait for the next chapter! Of course, I'll wait as long as it takes for it to be done, but still, can't wait! :0
LIPS chapter 21 . 7/13/2008
Aw, you always have the most absolutely-sweetest review responses. You're such a doll!

And erm, if I remember correctly, blue is the colour for lust.

Angela's 'exchange' with Lynn was kind of funny, if not for the fact that that was the most Angela has probably ever talked to her in one sitting.

Angela's friendship with Scythe seems quite forced; obligatory, almost. But anyway, her conversation with Raythe didn't really answer anything. . . it just made me all the more anxious to figure out the answers to all of those (new) questions!

Um, what Commandments are there left to break? Since you already did adultery (or your definition of it), I think only murder is left. O.o

And, just for the record, even if Scythe really whacked Angela in the head with a cage or a log or whatever the hell she got hit with, he's still my favourite. (He can do no wrong, you see?)

As usual, I absolutely cannot wait until you get the next chapter up. (But I'm patient, so take as long as you like, dear. I can wait forever for a story as amazing as this!)

Thank you sososososo much for letting us read this fantastic piece! It makes me feel like I've done something great to deserve it. *tears up*

Born Restless chapter 19 . 7/9/2008
Here are some unanswered questions I have been puzzling over when I should be doing other things. Thanks for an amazing story. Can't wait for these to be answered (and of course the ones other people have posted.)

-Why was the machete bloody?

-Why, for Christ's sake, hasn't Angela called the police?

-Is the little girl's name actually Lou? (If it were, that'd be kind of cool)

-How old is she? Was she born before or after Angela's father's departure?

-Why is Scythe's and Rayth's dad so powerful?

-Why did Mr. Butcher ask Angela,the kid of his best friend,of all people to cut the wire? Why cut the power at all and kidnap Scythe at a party when he could have chosen a less conspicuous time?

- Was Angela's father "in" on Scythe's apparent kidnapping?

-Why does Rayth and Scyte's mother stay with their father if he did what he did?

-Why did Rayth tell Angela not to tell Scythe's location when he was kidnapped?

-Are the parents, ( , Cancer's father, Angela's father) aware of the great plot?

-What are Scythe's and Rayth's intentions/agendas? Were they just lying in wait until this point, being friends with Angela, the plot in the back of their heads?

-Why is Scythe obsessed with Bones?

-Why does Cancer mention rape all the time? (Was that foreshadowing Scythe's attempt?)In that case, did he know about it?

- It seems auspicious that Cancer didn't ask more about her injury. Is that because he already knows how and why it happened?

-Did Rayth seriously think he could lock Angela up forever or was it until some point when the would do ... ahem ... something to her?
midnightxskiesxx chapter 20 . 7/8/2008
your story is so good, i love reading all stories but yours, i can't get it out of my head. your such a brilliant writer and the reason i've never reveiwed before is because i just recently read it. are scyth and rayth and cancer apart of that consumer predator gang thing? what does cancer have against angela, btw why do they always call her angel, even cancer started calling her that...awesome story, can't wait for the rest, take your time though D
Winged Kitty chapter 20 . 7/4/2008
Okay! I read over the whole story, and I've a few things to point out. (Sorry for the second review, hah)

Luckas Antoine is the name of Eleanor's lover. So he's somehow related to Scythe's mom. And Eleanor is one of Cancer's ancestors since the lighthouse has been in his family for years and we find out that her dad owned the lighthouse. Then you said something about Eleanor's son being forced to take care of the lighthouse while his dad's other kids got the property and everything. Creating the Antoine family.

I think Cancer is the Predator, because the Predator is basically in charge, right? Or he could be the Producer, since he's obviously behind the scheme, but it doesn't make as much sense. I think he's the Predator. The Producer is really logical and quieter than the others-he's obviously Rayth. And that leaves Scythe as Consumer, since the Consumer seems quite a bit louder, a bit less patient. And he seems to be more keen on listening to the Producer. His brother. Not to mention, he says he wants to eat(CONSUME) Angela. And there we have it.

That brings me to the necklace. Other than it's having been Eleanor's, I feel that there's A LOT of importance to that. Luckas gave it to Eleanor, maybe? Did he? I think I read who gave it to her.. Yeah! He gave it to her. And Cancer gave it to Angela. Something about revenge was mentioned. He's working with his 'family.' But why against Angela? Wouldn't he want to get back at the family Luckas abandoned his ancestors for? But, instead, he's getting revenge against Angela. What's her last name again? Was it mentioned? *Sighs* There's something about this.

Okay, after everything Scythe and Rayth put her through, I find it really odd that she wants to go out and save Scythe. She's very loyal to him as a friend. Ever since that incident when he was kidnapped by his father, she's protective of him. That's why she's so 'obsessed' with him.

Something I just thought about that I find very odd.. Okay, we're told that Cancer's mother was very.. she cheated on his father, right? And now he acts like that out of spite. And then he's all telling Angela that girls can't be friends with guys, especially not best friends. Now, here's my point: You see him in bed with a bunch of different girls, but at the beginning, his relationship with Angela is very friendly. He talks about rape a lot-and that disturbs her. But otherwise, he doesn't really try anything with her beyond kissing, and he more or less accepts her relationship with Scythe especially, though he always gets really upset.

Just something I thought about. I don't know if there's something behind that.

Now, I'm quite sure of they're trying to make Angela break the ten commandments. Especially how Cancer asked her what a person would have to do to go to hell, and then his comment: "I'll hold you to that." Very creepy. Now, I also have another thing to go on this. I see a sort of pattern and a few of the seven deadly sins fit into this.

They're always trying to make her eat. Also, she eats far too daintily. Gluttony.

Cancer repeatedly talks about rape and Scythe actually tries to carry out the deed, make her unpure. Lust.

Rayth, Cancer and Scythe slowly kill her love of life, make her question God and not enjoy the world so much, and put her into depression, a state of melancholy. They instill a sadness where there was joy in our little Angel. Sloth.

I cannot see a way, exactly, to fit envy, pride, greed, or wrath into this. This leads me to believe that this was somewhat unintentional. I just thought I'd bring it up. I find it interesting, how this seems to revolve around how Angela changes so much, and how they have such an effect on her, and how she comes to have different relationships with everyone.

So, that's what I've come up with by reading the story over, knowing the facts of the last few chapters. It's not much, haha, but I'm proud of it. It means I can at least think.

I'm in torment, distress, this is horror. I can't wait for the next chapter! Aha! I'm waiting for it. I can't wait to read the next chapter!

- Winged Kitty.
J.C. Lyn chapter 20 . 6/18/2008
I'm rather confused but I love this novel, it's so mysterious and beautiful.
Sarahj259 chapter 20 . 6/10/2008
wow...great storyness
Saranya chapter 20 . 6/9/2008
UPDATE! Pwease?

I love your writing though, it's very...creepy...

But it has too much symbolism for me *breaks down in frustration* and I don't get what any of it means! But that's just me, I'm hopeless at figuring out double meanings and crap.

- Saranya.
notfortheintelligent chapter 20 . 5/2/2008
When's this going to be updated?
tobslytobby chapter 20 . 4/20/2008
i just finished reading this and it was amazing. i mean, how did you come u with it? this story is so great and original. i love the characters and their personalities. i can't wait for the next udpate. this story is so good.
dreambrother63 chapter 20 . 4/16/2008
this is amazing, but i am SO lost and confused. please please please can you like, give me a summary of what the hell just happened?

Still, i do like the confusion. i cant wait for it all to come clear. It reminds me of Anne Bishops writings actually. Dark and a little bit sadistic. have you read her Black Jewel series? i'd reccomend it, if you havent, because its brilliant, and very very dark.

So yeah, i realy love this. ALOT. please update soon!

Asia Ralaia Schiegoh chapter 1 . 4/16/2008

LIPS chapter 20 . 4/1/2008
My deepest apologies, Fraulein Authoress, for the last two reviews I've submitted have been tampered with by the evil gods of Fictionpress. You do forgive me, ne? (I swear, if it cuts my review off this time, there shall be Hades to pay!)

Well, as long as I'm here, I might as well say something about the story. . .

Kind of strange how Scythe called Pippa "Lynn" when he rang her. I wonder if it was an honest mistake or not. . . I also find it odd that Angela hardly cared about Lynn's death.

Yes, I've been keeping you too long. Again, sorry!


P.S. Can't wait for Scythe to be back! (He's only been gone for one chapter, or thereabouts, but I'm missing him like crazy!)

P.S.S. Have I mentioned that I quite love your story? (If you haven't realised already.) You've got quite the talent, dear.
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