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rightblinkleft chapter 20 . 3/2/2008
omggomgomgogmogm I WAS SO HAPPY wheN u UPDATED. iwas like noo can't bee...she UPDATED? AND OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG LOVE IT!

prolly one of the best storiess onn fictionpress

dood, u should totally publish it, i would buy it.
CallMeCute chapter 20 . 3/2/2008
im confused. i thought she was done with scythe.
25ariel25 chapter 20 . 3/1/2008
It's almost all starting to make sense, but not quite. I think this has been my favorite chapter so far.
LIPS chapter 20 . 3/1/2008
O-mi-gosh! I love you so much! Thanks for updating so soon. I was pretty sure I'd scare you away with my rambling reviews.

So. . . Scythe isn't dead? I never thought that he was. (Because Scythe will NEVER die. He will always be alive. . . in me? 'Cause he's my favorite fictional character of all time, you see? Ne?)

The interaction with the little boy was interesting. (I wuv him to bits. Can I have him when you're done with him? And Scythe, too?) In a way, he explained a lot of things, but still, I'm uber-confused. (Because I'm rather slow like that.)

Um, what commandments are left to break? (The part about making the graven image/idol was super clever on your part, I must admit. I totally didn't see that coming when Scythe told her to make it! *feelslikeadork*) I guess the adultery/fornication one is the only one I can think of. . . That's bound to happen with the whole Cancer/Angela thing. Did I mention that I don't like Cancer? I don't. Never have. Don't get me wrong, please, my lovely-genius-author! He's a magnificent character, I just don't care for his personality. I'm just Scythe's #1 fan and I won't betray him, no matter how evil or non-evil her turns out to be.

It was nice to see Angela reflecting on Scythe about the whole microwave incident. It showed that she still really cares for him - that their relationship has not been damaged beyond repair. (methinks)

I have a stupid question. What kind of name is Pippa? Is it a real name? I can understand Angela, Lynn, Scythe, Rayth, and Cancer, but Pippa? Is it short for something? itdrivesmecrazy

The way Scythe is missing again reminds me of the flashback when Scythe calls Angela and he's talking about blood and whatnot and how he wishes it was his. Like, he's alone and scared. Again. Last time, Angela talked to Rayth and never went to look for Scythe at the beach, where he said he was. This time, Angela IS going after him. So, she's like. . . making up for it? Maybies? Ne?

Lots of religious overtones in this that really gets me confused, you know? It drives me crazy. I stare at the computer screen, trying to sort out all of the obscure clues you left, and my mom walks in and asks if I'm okay. See? That's what your story does to me! I've been thinking about it so much my mom thinks I'm meditating. Or possessed.

Ack! Another long review. My apologies, madam. Again, you've made me happy beyond-beyond-beyond words that you updated with this chapter, and I can't help but hope that you'll do so again in the near future, but don't rush yourself or anything.
CreativeEdge chapter 20 . 3/1/2008
lifechanging years are always the best to look back on...or at least I'm going to keep telling myself that until I graduate ,and all the hectic-ness of this year becomes worthwhile lol. Hopefully ..

Anyways slowly but surely everything is beginning to make sense and phew, I had to go back and catch myself up on the last chapter so this chapter was doubly intense!

The bit with Cancers brother was troubling, confusing and clarifying all at once, good stuff!

And yes Scythe is still my al time fave, so his "death" at the beginning had me freaking out and well...the ending made me super super happy , She's going after Scythe yay!

well done

as for her unanswered eating ...I"m just going to assume that it's some sort of physical action manifestation type thing as a result of her altogether very confusing life...haha something like that
teardrop chapter 20 . 3/1/2008
isnt he dead? he died. why is he back? is cancer really satan? are they all devils of some kind? is angel the only normal one? but shes not so normal anymore, cuz of the necklace, right? cant she just chuck the necklace out and run away or something? only three chapters left? when are you going to update the next one?


ps. good chapter :P
blurgh87 chapter 1 . 3/1/2008
my gawd, this story is crazy! i love it. i honestly have no theories because i don't like figuring things out for myself.. haha. very interested in seeing how this all plays out and who's who...
katieee chapter 20 . 3/1/2008
This was intense. That little girl scared me. I'm kind of, beginning to like Scythe again. From what Angela was thinking. Im really scared to see what happens. Next. But, I'm intrigued. :] Bahahha. Im so mixed up. I really like it though. The way it's written and how it flows amazes me.
Scribblesandink chapter 20 . 3/1/2008
Damn, I missed reviewing the last chapter! Sorryz, midterms were not very nice to me this quarter. We're getting down to the wire! It's still all a little confusing, but I'm starting to piece some of it all together. And Scythe? Well of course he didn't die :) And I'm wondering if I still think he's cool, or not. Oh well, can't wait for the next chapter! Don't let life get you down too much.
Waffle Rocket chapter 20 . 3/1/2008
Yayayayayayayay! I waited! (And not too patiently). Haha. And always thinking, "God... Poor house." And then read over. Just to t-r-y to understand everything. Hehe.

Okay, now I'm not quite so sure I understand with the house thing.. I was pretty sure it was LYNN'S house that had been burnt down.. Was it? But NOW, from this chapter, I think I misunderstood last chapter and it was SCYTHE'S house that was burned down. Well, Scythe's and Rayth's. And if Scythe didn't burn it down and he's GONE.. Then.. um.. Cancer.. Lionel.. Yeah, he's, um.. A very suspicious character. On TOP of a nick name thief.

And.. this confused me, so lemme see if I get this right.. Rayth and Scythe's mommy thinks that SHE had something to do with it.. And, oh, the way that their dad acts, I have a feeling that he REALLY has something to do with it.. I think that he's part of it. He plays a really big part. I'm sure of it. And, just because of something that Rayth said.. Maybe Cancer's dad as well.

I refuse to believe that Cancer is evil. I refuse to believe that he's trying to hurt Angela or damn her or kill off her friends one by one and then move in on her.. Or maybe, in some twisted way, to gain her as his prize. Some sick idea of a.. game. His game. Then perhaps Scythe and Rayth and their Bones-playing comes into it...

OH! RIGHT as I start reviewing, I get it..

“Mrs Butcher –”

“Ayla,” she spat. “Ayla Antoine. I don’t want his fucking name. I don’t want anything to do with him. I –”

Okay.. I'm getting that she blames her husband as well. She doesn't want his last name because she thinks that he's after Scythe again. That, for some sick reason, he wants to kill his son. And because of Angela's connections with Cancer and his dad (And the fact that Angela showed up with Cancer (and the evil lady thinks that Cancer burned down the house, ultra gasp)), she doesn't like Angela either because she's sure that Cancer's dad and her husband are doing something. He's amused by it. He is! I know it!

As for Cancer.. again, I really don't wanna believe that he's trying to hurt Angela. I don't want to believe that anyone knows something about him.. I want to believe that they're trying to turn her against him because he's the one that can.. ruin their evil plans!

And I flippin' hate Rayth.. He just seems so.. Eck. And how he's blaming Angela.. If Cancer WERE doing something.. I'm sure that he'd be doing it whether Angela was near him or not. And Angela, I think, deserves compassion and sympathy more than any of them do.. She's going through hell.

And I don't even think Rayth is sad about his brother. I think he knows that Scythe isn't dead.

Okay.. Angela misses him. I feel that she really does miss him. Maybe because.. Well, heck. Must be kinda hard to forget all the good times even if he's put her through hell recently. (I love Cancer.. It probably means he's evil, haha).

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.” The voice echoed through air. “You made him into an idol.” I looked up. The little boy watched me. “Clever.”

Um.. Yeah, she just... Okay, let me get this kinda straight.. She made a figurine.. of Scythe? She made him an idol.. That's wrong, somewhere. Against a commandment. And, now that I think back... Other commandments have been acted against. Can't remember which ones, but.. It seems to be a little bit.. I don't know. I'm starting to see some kinda connection, though I'm not sure if I'm all too right about any of it.

She's ammunition.. She keeps the "Evil One" going. She's the one that started it. Again with trying to blame things on Angela. And as for revenge.. I'm trying to see how revenge would fit into it.. Perhaps Scythe wants to get revenge against his father.. OR maybe Cancer has something against Angela? Uhh... I think Cancer wants his mommy back. And I think that.. if he's the one behind it all, he's taking revenge against all that caused his mom to die.. I somehow don't think that she died of cancer. I really don't think so, somehow..

So, it IS some kinda game.. And she's the prize somehow.. He's going to get revenge and win her. And he already says that she's his.. because he thinks he's won already. Just one more step. So, yeah. I'm getting somewhere?

Okay, I'm trying to understand how the kid is trying to offer her salvation.. The stone is Eleanor's! And... the man she loved gave her the stone, and.. uh.. She threw it away.. tried to wash away her sins by.. DROWNING. OMG.. Is her kid Cancer? And her husband Cancer's dad?

Cancer's repeating history.. He's angry at his dad.. And he wants Angela. He's trying to damn her in order to save his mom. Yup. And he's killing everyone who's getting in the way of his plans. And.. then maybe the commandment thing would come in.. He needs her to be DAMNED. So he's making her evil.

The little kid tried to kill her.. in order to save her. Maybe. He's hoping that if she lived, she'd turn away from Cancer and be saved. Thus, he offered her salvation. And he did one last time, by offering to kill her. And he's Cancer's little brother..?

He doesn't kill her because she wants to live. He leaves her to get out of her own mess or suffer damnation.. with Cancer. I think that Cancer really does like her.. but maybe she resembles his mom.. and she's like his mom.. he's trying to get his mom back. Or he holds a grudge against his mom! And he wants to damn Angela to get back at his mom.. For leaving him, for.. for.. Um.. Heck.

Poor little Angela's hallucinating. She saw Eleanor.. and then Lynn. She read the diary.. "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." There comes that religion thing again. Trying to wash herself away.

Now, Angela's in denial.. She doesn't want to believe that Scythe is really dead. She's suffering from losing him.. and she doesn't want to believe he's dead, as much as he seems to be.

Pippa.. I hate the girl. But Scythe's alive, we find out. Angela was right. And from her new knowledge, she gathers that she must save Scythe. Definitely. Because perhaps he's innocent after all. Just trying to save her. And Rayth too. I still hate the latter of the pair, but eck..

She has to find Scythe. CANCER or HIS DAD has him..

Ah... So much... I can't even begin to understand.. You see that I've got my own little theory, perhaps, but I'm not sure where it stands. I kinda like it, actually. But I really can't wait to see how you finish this off. I wanna see if I was right. Curiosity is killing me (And I'm a kitty, yup).

It's nice to be hearing from you again. Really. I've really really missed ya. Love Predator. I have a feeling the ending is gonna shock me. I feel I'll love it bunches. Can't wait for you to update!

Winged Kitty, Cassandra. _ Much love.
freakyAngel chapter 20 . 3/1/2008
Oh God.

And call me dense, but I still only have half-formed, tentative, unsure ideas as to what the hell this is all about. Care to update faster so I can understand? :)

Great chapter. Very dramatic and enigmatic as always. Waiting for the next one...
LIPS chapter 16 . 2/24/2008
Okay, I lied. Another review. (But only because I kind of realized something. . . again.) Nah, the truth is: I LOVE YOU!

No, really. I'm feeling real proud of me-self at the moment because I noticed something that I don't think many others have noticed.

Chapter One:

[“Scythe!” I shrieked, half-giggling. I tried to shove him back but he was too strong. Strong for an eight year old. At least, that's what I always thought.“Scythe!”

“Fucks sake stop squealing. You sound like a pig.”]

Chapter Sixteen:

[“Scythe!” I shrieked. I tried to shove him off but he was too strong. “Scythe!”

“Fucks sake stop squealing. You sound like a pig.”]

Just a coincidence, or are you drawing a correlation here? Ne?

You know what would be funny? If neither Scythe, Rayth, or Cancer turned out to be the Predator, Consumer, and Producer. What if it was Mr. Butcher, the little boy, and Angela's dad? That'd be evil, but funny.

And what's all this with Abe and her boyfriend? Perhaps they play into the plot as well, because they've shown up numerous times now. . . Hum.

Is this story going to end with, "Now, Angela, get away from the fan and come get your meds," and it turns out she's some old lady hallucinating in a nursing home? Eh?

You're probably thinking, "Who is this LIPS person and why won't they leave me the hell alone?", but sorry, I can't. I love your story too much. I'll try to stop reviewing like this, though. I'm sure it's uber-annoying.

So then, until the next chapter. . . sayonara, senorita.
LIPS chapter 1 . 2/22/2008
Somehow, I had this part all typed up, but it didn't make it into my review. (is mad because i didn't notice it till now)

The matted fur from that one chapter (i forgot which one) means Scythe killed Lynn's cat. . . um, I think.

And when Angela accidentally thought Rayth was Scythe at the bus-stop, was that a hint that perhaps she'd confused them before? Like when Rayth made a comment that she thought only Scythe would say. Maybe they've been switching or something? I mean, there's just-gotta-be a reason you made them identical twins, right? ne? Ne? NE? Plus, Rayth let Lynn think he was Scythe and then mauled her. That's kind of, er, strange? eep!

And why does Scythe draw squares? He did it that one time during Bones, and then again at the wall. Either he just likes squares, or there's something behind it. . .

I bet there's something more to why Scythe wanted Angela to help him clean out the attic. It couldn't JUST be about Eleanor's diary, could it? Nah.

And Angela mentions that Scythe doesn't talk in the car - is that because whatever bad thing that happened to him because of his father happened in a car? A car-phobia? Is there even a word for that?

Holy shpigolli, you're making me so impatient for the next chapter! (Sorry for wasting so much of your time, making you read my stupid reviews. I'm-just-a-bumbling-idiot-really.

peace out

LIPS (ripusu)

P.S. I PROMISE this will be my last review until you update. . . Maybe. Unless I concoct another theory or something. . . Mwahaha.
LIPS chapter 1 . 2/20/2008
Ohwhyyes - hello again. My apologies for the second review. I just realised something I didn't mention before.

Does Angela have two sisters or something? 'Cause there was a little girl called Grace early on, but then her named changed to Lou. Or are they two different peoples maybies? Was reading through this again and I realised that. . . her sister's name changes. Da da dum. . . Tis magical! (Like Lucky Charms - Magically delicious.)

Prepare for More Baka-Theories:

So, upon the reread, I'm thinking Angela's just delusional. Wouldn't that just make everything easier? Nah, maybe not. But it would be uber-cool, ne? Maybe she has a mental problem, and everyone is just humouring her?

And Angela doesn't eat because her mom called her fat when she was little, and so she's been obsessed with it ever since, and so it's up to Scythe and Cancer to make sure she eats. You make a point of showing Cancer eating a lot because why? Because he's the Consumer! Both he and Scythe try to make Angela eat, but only Cancer ever really eats around her. Coincidence? Only you know. You have Scythe trying to get Angela to eat, but don't show him eating, because you have to show him preying on people, because he's the Predator. (Or not. I have no idea.) And then Rayth is the Producer because he produces, er, bugs? (Ew!)

Why does Angela mess with her bloody button thingy all the time? And why does she always want to prove herself to Scythe, eh?

Scythe and Rayth's mom doesn't like Angela because she cut the wires, which was what led to Mr. Butcher doing what he did to Scythe. That's why Scythe wants revenge perhaps? Perhaps? Perhaps. . . _

Ahyeseth! I'm remembering something else. I just wub the wittle boy. He's choo cute! Just can't wait to find out who he is, exactly.

Scythe is my favourite character - by far, man. By FAR. He's so sweet and lovably violent. I just wanna hook him up to some sort of brain scanner and see what makes him ticks. (Though, now that I said it, he'll probably turn out to be uber-evil, but I forgive him. Can I have a hug?)

Um um um. . . I'm out of things to say, except that this is definitely the best story I've ever read in my entire life. You've gotta be some kind of genius. I bet you are. Like. . . a genius. Yeah.

Now can I be a dork and say "OMG! Ur stori iz da bomb! Plz upd8 soon or I might EXPIRE!"
LIPS chapter 19 . 2/20/2008
Questions: (I couldn't think of many.) poopoo

Who is Predator?

Who is Producer?

Who is Consumer?

Who burnt down the house?

Why is Angela so distant towards Lou?

Who killed Lynn and why?

Are the Producer, Consumer, and Predator trying to make Angela break the Ten Commandments?

What is Bones?

What's up with Angela's dad?

What's up with Scythe and Raythe's dad?

Why are Scythe and Cancer obsessed with Angela's eating habits?

Who's the uber-evil little boy?

My theories: (Prepare to laugh!)

Predator is. . . er, ho hum, I don't know! Either Cancer or Scythe? Which would make Raythe the Producer. . . Scythe could be the Consumer, because he doesn't like water, because his daddy tried to drown him in a car after he kidnapped him after he bribed poor lil' Angela into cutting the wires so the lights went out. . . Therefore, Scythe burnt down the house? 'Cause he likes fire and all that, just like his little Angel's hair. No, wait! Scythe is the Predator, because the Predator sat on the outcropping of rocks while Producer waded in. Cancer is the Consumer because he spreads. . . Scythe talks about eating Angela - so he's the Predator. Scythes hates water, because, well I already told you my guess for that, which is why he likes fire n' lighters. Angela is distant towards Lou because she's not actually related to her; no! Lou is in fact related to Scythe in some way. As to who killed Lynn - who cares? nahthat'snotverynice. Angela thinks that Scythe liked Lynn? N.O.W.A.Y.! Whoever killed Lynn meant to kill Angela, but oops! I think that the Producer, Consumer, and Predator are definitely trying to make Angela break the Ten Commandments. Scythe tried to rape Angela for the whole "adultery" thing, because it would be sex before marriage. If she ever participates in Bones, that will probably be the "worshipping another god" thing, ne? Maybies. That's two commandments down. Also, she hasn't been honouring her mother and father. She also used God's name in vain once or twice. . . She ain't so innocent after all, ne? There's four right there. Stealing, lying, and coveting are easy. She covets her friendship with Scythe. She's probably lied a few times. Murdering, keeping the Sabbath Holy, and making another idol would take some more convincing on Scythe/Cancer/Raythe's part. Then, Angela's mom is weirded out because she, da da dum. . . had an affair with Mr. Butcher? Maybe Lou is Mr. Butcher and Angela's mom's kid? That would explain why Angela can't bring herself to love her, because she despises Mr. Butcher, and then Scythe dotes on her because she's his little sister? Mr. Butcher is the most whacked out one. Maybe he's one of the Producer/Predator/Consumer peoples? And -gasp- maybe Pippa's in on something, too? Maybe Angela's playing them all? I have a feeling that Scythe and Cancer knew each other before they ran into each other with Cancer on his bike, and Scythe and Angela in the car. They have a loonng history together, you see, because they've been planning this for a long time. And Cancer and Scythe are worried about Angela eating because they're secretly planning to eat her! The little boy is. . . Cancer's little brother. ohthepossiblities! I bet Cancer is somehow related to Scythe and Raythe. Yuppers. And something to do with Eleanor, too. Scythe and Raythe have been stringing Angela along the whole time. Even as kids. I'm starting to think that Angela's viewpoint is unreliable and that she's been lying to us all along. Maybe Angela's actually in an asylum and this whole thing is a figment of her imagination to keep her sane? Except, she COULDN'T be sane if she's cooking up stuff like this. Ifeelsostupidnow. I bet I got all of this wr-ong. (Yeah, that's two syllables, man.) Super-loverly-great-smashinggoodmydear story! I shall be a'hoping and a'praying for an update soon. *hinthint*
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