Reviews for Gargoyle
sporkess chapter 1 . 8/22/2006
Like all your stories, this one is fantastic.

The name Kendel Blake rather reminded me, in the summary, of Kendel mint cake (a brand I don't think will mean anything to anyone else), but this was entirely overlooked once I began reading. I do adore Regency era stories - which I assume this is - and was particularly delighted when it was set in England, as I was expecting a miscellaneous pretend world.

I do adore the characters - some introverted characters can be really unlikeable, but you've managed to avoid that - and in spite of the fact that both Kendel and Ethan are introverts, they're very different in personality. I think that's a wonderful achievement.

I hope my blathering does convey some sense - I've decided I need to review more often, but reviews of one sentance are just... not what I do, so I end up rambling lots. Anyway, this was a wonderful story, and I hope you write more like it.
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