Reviews for Yahweh
Starr E. Knites chapter 1 . 12/19/2010
Halleluyah! Praise Yahweh. This poem is really good. Is it okay if I share this with my congregation this upcoming Sabbath? Of course i'm giving you all the credit, I'll even tell you what everybody thought of it. Just wanted to make sure that i dont get in trouble if i shared it without asking).
clockwork kiss chapter 1 . 1/1/2007
i really love a lot of imagery in the piece! "I was a bowl, carved purposely, all the roots agreeing with the grain." and "In this gulp of silence, a petal of memory surfaces:" and the aloe line were all worded really well and the detail was great. however, i think you might have dragged the adjectives out a little in the second stanza and then the repetition in the fourth. it wasn't bad, it just seemed a little unnecessary and maybe a little boring. not that this is a bad review! i really liked this piece a lot! and i like the thorough description of beginning, breakdown, and ending. don't know what yahweh is, but i'm sure it's something and it fits ;) anyways... very cool write!