Reviews for Three's One Two Many
CrimsonSentry chapter 1 . 8/10/2007
Damn your good. I don't know what you mean my improving your english writing skills... its already perfect. I can tell this story's gonna rock. Keep it up.

Second paragraph:

'my mother became impregnated with me a year or two after Mrs. Darling gave birth to the twins'

Does that mean she's two years younger than the twins? If so, how come their in the same classes?
Water Block chapter 18 . 8/7/2007
"“You know what, Ace?”


“You’re a good guy,” I smiled at him and saw him stiffen. He turned away from me and inaudibly mumbled several words."

-Why does he react strangely to that? Does he still feel horribly guilty that he stole Cyan's last major girlfriend? Maybe awful because he encouraged Fienne to go after Cyan, and now is all attracted to her and getting closer to her?

"“You’ve jumped on him?”

“No, I made my eight year old cousin do it.”

“How about we scream fire?”

“Tried that too.”

“Drag him down the stairs?”

“Jesus Christ, are you trying to kill me?”

“Hey, He’s not going to be tumbling down the stairs. We’re simply going to expose him to some impact… wait, kill you?” "

-It took me a minute to catch that "kill me" too. Couldn't stop laughing! Silly Ace. What kind of man is he if he can't push his own brother down a flight of stairs?

"“Oh, I didn’t notice that,” Ace said calmly. He went over to my closet and randomly pulled out one of my black t-shirts. He looked at it and read the words out loud. “Cryobank—the leading Sperm Bank in America. High quality, tough standards…”

I forgot my state of exposure and ran over to grab the shirt from his hands.

“Ugh, I hate you two,” I glared and stomped off to the bathroom. I pealed off the wet t-shirt and pulled on the sperm-shirt until I realized that my underwear was soaked as well. I wrapped a towel around my body and ran out again to rummage my drawers for a new set of underwear.

”Don’t you dare come over,” I told them and ran back into the bathroom, blushing furiously after finding myself a more appropriate and more complete change of clothing."

-Awk-ward! I loved the second part to this chapter. The mother/Fienne interaction made me dislike the "mother" even more. Poor Sera.

Please, update again soon. This is a very entertaining story line with interesting characters and good, solid writing. There are hardly any major punctuation/grammer errors, and it is a pleasure to read this story.
Water Block chapter 17 . 8/7/2007
"Sweat dripped down my face and I was panting desperately for breath. How could they do this to me? I knew that they must have done it countless times already, but it was my first time. Why couldn’t they have more tact? No sexism intended, but men definitely had better endurance for this stuff. The results were different as well: after men were done, they felt relieved and relaxed, but after women were done, they would feel sore and handicapped for the next couple of weeks."

-*snort* Oh you, and your double entendres!

"“I don’t know about that… Graham crackers are pretty fragile,” Cyan shrugged.

Ace jumped in. “I’d rather be the chocolate.”

“But then you’d melt.”

“But at least I’d taste good.”

“We’re not talking about cheeks anymore, are we?”

“I doubt it.”"

-As the chapter numbers increase, so goes the rating.

“Well, if you put a marshmallow in fire, it turns black and gross.”

-Fienne is out of her mind! The black, smoldered marshmello is the best evolution in the whole of marshmellow-dom!

"Ah there it was—the cover-me-when-I-fuck-up apology."

-So great, how she has this whole analysis/translation thing down on the true meaning of what ever the hell the twins are saying.

"He shrugged. “Just a hunch. You act weirdly around him and we’ve got that whole twin telepathy thing going on.”"

-Is this the truth, or is he just pulling her leg again?

"“If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine. I’m not going to pressure you into doing so.” He paused. “It’s just that…” He paused again. “Never mind. Forget what I said. Cyan’s a good guy. He’s just… a bit messed up,” he paused and then continued. “Cyan’s gone through a lot so it may be a bit difficult to understand him, but he’s a great person. Much better than me at least,” he laughed, but I caught a hint of loneliness and regret in his tone.

“You really love him don’t you?” I asked."

-I love Ace. He wants Fienne, but he's still encouraging her to go after Cyan if that's what she wants. Although, it seems there could be the possiblity that he's doing so partially out of guilt for stealing that other girl Cyan liked.

"“We can win this!” I encouraged, which was probably the biggest bullshit lie to ever be stated shamelessly in public. Football was just not my thing. I couldn’t catch a football, never mind throw it. It wasn’t that I was scared of the ball. I mean, how could I be? It was only flying towards my face at two hundred miles per hour, spiraling perfectly as it gained momentum thanks to gravity. Ah, yes. Come to Mama. The next thing I felt was a jolt of pain surge through me and I blacked out."

-Ah, yes. I've heard of this-Fienne is practicing this thing they call sar-casm. A hilarious, if dangerous, art of word play.

"“Well, that’s Ace. If something bad happens in his presence, he automatically takes responsibility and blame for it,” he continued. “Since it was his teammates who did cause it, that probably made him feel particularly responsible. The guy carries a lot of weight on his shoulders. If it were anyone else, they’d probably have crashed long ago… I know I would have,” he confessed with a simple shrug of the shoulders. “We all try to help him, but I don’t think I have the right to, or the ability to. It’s not like he lets us anyways.”"

-Oh, Cyan. You big sweetie. Both Brothers are just big ol' teddy bears! *squee*

"“I admit, I’m not nearly as mature as everyone makes me out to be. I get angry, get jealous, fall in love, just like normal people do. That means that I also snap once in a while as well. I’m a rich, spoiled brat and I know it.”

I was shocked at his outburst. He tried to make his confession sound jovial and playful, but his dislike for himself was evident."

-I really like this-being able to hear how he sees himself is a bit enlightening.

"I made direct eye contact with him. “I don’t see how having normal human emotions equates to being a brat.” He opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off. “If you’re a brat, what the hell am I?”

Cyan smiled genuinely. “A great person.”

I hadn’t expected that response so when he said it, I found myself out of words. I blushed and couldn’t contain a smile."

-*all bright and happy like a little boy* I love Fienne's forceful response, trying to get him to see a more true vision of himself and his worth.

A note on your AN-I don't think Fienne is a slut. She's feeling genuine feelings-and like you said, isn't pursuing either twin at this time. She's trying to figure out her feelings, and how she can fit into their lives.

I really, really love this story. I hope you continue it. *yawn* Must go to bed before I read chapter 18, though. It's already 4:42 am. *sigh* I have to get back into a more manageable sleeping pattern before college starts back up. *but, I Don't want Too!*
Water Block chapter 16 . 8/7/2007
"“So cute!" ...

“Now we’ve got to worry about you sexually harassing her,” Ace said to Sera. She stuck her tongue out at him in response.

“Well, can you blame me? Anyone would want to.”

“True, she’s so easy to tease.”

“Yes, but if you take advantage of it, I’ll kill you,” she warned.

The corner of Cyan’s mouth edged upwards. “We’ll keep that in mind.”"

-Sera reminds me of Tohru's mom and two best friends (Uo-chan and Hana-sama) from FruitsBasket-being all protective of her, yet treating her like a cute little girl at the same time.

Ooh-Sure, Ace had the first kiss, but he left Fienne hanging without assuring her his intentions were more serious than a fleeting kiss. Cyan has on up on him in that regards. *waves face* LOVE the Cyan/Fienne interaction at the end of this chapter!
Water Block chapter 15 . 8/6/2007
"”My shift will be over in twenty minutes. I’ll look for you/” He winked at me.

I lifted an eyebrow at him. “Uh…. Go ahead?” I doubted that he’d be able to find me anyways. In such dim light and with so many people, you wouldn’t even be able to find an 800 pound bison standing on an elevated platform.

I started dancing again, and this time, I felt a lot more light-headed than I had previously"

-I bet he'll look for her. What did he spike her drink with?

"Still, the sight bothered me, and I danced my way towards them and hooked my arm around Cyan’s neck. My boldness frightened me. Cyan looked surprised at the sudden movement and even more surprised to see that I had initiated it. But that surprise eventually died down and he stared me squarely in the eyes as my arms still hooked around his neck. He had released the other woman much to her disappointment, and when I glanced at her, I saw the jealousy in her eyes."

-At least she found the twins and might be semi-safe with them.

"The excitement was still in me so I found no difficulty in dancing again. Cyan had spun me around so that my back faced him, his arm keeping me pressed to him, and his hand resting on my stomach. It was sensual, it was sexually provocative, it was immoral to my not-so-moral-anymore morals, and I absolutely loved it. That’s until I felt his hand sliding under my halter. When his fingers first touched my bare skin, I let out a shriek. I grabbed his hand and stopped it from advancing further upwards or downwards to more… private areas, but it was still there against my stomach.

“What are you doing?” I exclaimed, blushing furiously."

-I like Fienne. She may not have much common sense, but she knows her limits.

"Of course it was futile Even though his arm was bent, I wasn’t even close to touching it. I jumped, trying desperately to take the bottle away, but he caught me by the waist and pulled me towards him once again. Our bodies were pressed together intimately, and my body temperature sky-rocketed. God damn, the man was so drunk.

As I started to jump again, Cyan held me immobile with his one arm and before I knew it, his lips came down upon mine. My eyes widened and I tried to push away from him, but he had at most five percent body fat while I had thirty-two. It was a hard kiss, and I found my defenses fading away, but when him nip at my lower lip, seeking entrance, I regained my senses. Had he been more sober and more himself, I may have obliged, but since he was in such a drunken state, he was not the Cyan I knew. I lifted my hand to slap him, but he caught my slap in motion and he broke the kiss ever so slightly, only to start another softer, gentler kiss. This kiss blew away my senses, and destroyed my defenses. His lips were soft, and I could taste the alcohol on him. His one hand stroked my cheek and his other rested on the small of my back."

-Hmm, I think I prefer Ace/Fienne. At least he knows when to stop. Wouldn't he?

"They were talking now, and I’m pretty sure that they hadn’t taken into account my presence. Although Ace seemed sober, the amount of alcohol he did drink probably did have an influence on him.

Cyan continued. “You mean, you don’t want to see someone with the same face screwing up your image right?”

“We’ve gone over this at least a hundred times, Cyan. Just let it go.” Ace’s eyes were furious now. “That was one time, and I was stupid. I’ve apologized already.”"

-What exactly happened between Cyan, Ace and this some other girl?

"Maybe I should have let them duke it out the way guys did, but I hated listening to the twins fight. It used to be them against the world and I had admired them for their loyalty towards one another. I had always fought with my mother so watching their happy family was a relief. I enjoyed watching the way they bantered with Mrs. Darling, and the way they defended one another if either was offended in any way. Even though I was never able to enter their inner circle, I was happy just to watch them. It saddened me to see my idealized family break apart from the inside. I was crying now."

-I love this insight into Fienne, and one reason why she loves the Twins so much.

"I don’t know what went on in the six years you guys were gone, but I don’t think you should hang on to the past like that. If it’s going to turn you guys against one another, I don’t think it’s worth it.”

-So says the girl that could *could? almost definetly* be a cause *or, apparantly, another cause* of a possibly fatal blow to the twin's relationship.

I really liked this chapter. The twins have a bit more depth now; they have a past, and it isn't perfect.
Water Block chapter 14 . 8/6/2007
"“Well, if you’re really against rooming with us, then I guess we’ll have to endure that room…” Ace said, suddenly downcast.

“Maybe we can sleep in the hallway,” Cyan put in. They dropped my bag down and picked theirs up again, and made move to leave. I wave of guilt washed over me. I was such a horrible person. It was my fault that we were living in such a shoddy environment, and yet, I was still pushing them into worse conditions! I was so selfish, giving myself the better room. I slapped myself mentally and grabbed hold of the twins’ arms before they could walk out the door. They looked back at me."

-They are the best little manipulators ever. They know just which buttons to push to get what they want from Fienne.

You know, it may be the twins' birthday, but they have no control whatsoever about what they do.

"“I’m tough. Probably even tougher than you are.” Well, my stomach was. I punched him playfully in the shoulder and flexed my monstrous muscles. As I was playing around, jumping around, and acting macho and manly, I suddenly felt the wind knocked out of me as I was suddenly pushed down to the bed. My eyes widened in surprise as Cyan loomed on top of me, both my wrists held immobile above my head with only his one hand. I struggled, and tried to bite him, but without my manly arms, I was unable to do anything.

“You think your strength can compare with a man’s?” He asked, his voice deep and frighteningly dangerous. He lowered his head and closed the distance between us until we were only several inches away from one another. His body caged me in and I bit my lip in my anxiety. I inhaled his faint, unique scent and felt my heart pick up in pace. My face became hot as he continued to close the distance between us. It was then when I realized that Cyan was a guy like any other. Previously, because of his silent nature, he always struck me as an obedient kind of person, rather kind-natured, and far less chauvinistic than other guys. I thought him as a friend, and his gender never really occurred to me as anything too important. "

-Ohh, he is still the womanizing 9 year old!

"Of course, I’d never let him know that. However, the position we were in at the moment was more than compromising and I was being overwhelmed with the sudden revelation of how male he actually was. The domineering attitude and presence, long lean body, and danger screamed male from ever corner and angle. I turned my attention away from him and struggled, trying desperately to get out of his grasp. I hated the feeling of being under somebody’s control. I hated the feeling of being helpless and weak. I struggled, but it was all futile. I was utterly and completely under his jurisdiction. His face was still inches from mine, and for a moment, I thought he was about to kiss me, but once our lips were only a centimeter away, he let go and sat back up.

“Still think you’re tough?”"

-Poor Fienne. I think Cyan is really lucky Ace didn't catch him teaching Fienne a lesson on strength.

"February 23rd"

-that was my Grandma's birthday and deathday.

I loved this chapter. Yay-more Cyan/Fienne interaction. Can't wait to find out about the rumor Sera mentioned in regards to Cyan.
Water Block chapter 13 . 8/6/2007
"“Babe, do you want to go out this weekend?”

“For what?”

“Our birthday,” Cyan answered.

“Aren’t you having some super big birthday party?”

“No, we don’t want to spend our birthday with people we barely know. We thought that it would be best to spend that day with someone important to us.”

“Oh, so who else will be coming?”

“It’s just you.”"

-That is just the Sweetest thang!

"“You’d travel faster in a wheelchair,” he remarked sarcastically and rolled his eyes.

“Are you saying that I’m fat?”

“Where’d that come from?”

“Well, most of the way back is downhill, so if I was fat, the wheels would certainly roll faster.” It made sense.

“Forget it.” He said, and waved the topic off with an arrogant flick of his hand."

-Cyan has entered into the catch 22 loop. *poor guy, and it's his birthday, too*

"At the age of five, he played husband every time the girls played house, and by the time he turned seven, Cyan was a die-hard supporter of polygamy"

-Cyan is so sweet.

"I cursed under my breath and went back into my room to attempt to relocate my own shoulder. I tried with no success for about half an hour so until I felt a warm hand place itself gently on my arm from behind.

“I really wonder what I should do with you.” I nearly jumped out of my skin.

“Christ, how the hell did you get here?” He looked at me as if I were the weird one.


“I swear to God, Ace, you don’t walk. You float.” I didn’t see how anyone could walk so silently. My footsteps were like a 6.8 on the Richter scale."

-So, what was Ace doing in Fienne's bedroom to begin with. There is no way he had prior knowledge to the fact that she would need help relocating her shoulder. Does he come into her room often to watch her sleep?

"Hotel, with an M ?"

-Oh, the twins are so very sheltered. I wonder how they're going to like their first motel experience.

And, how exactly could they think motels would be better than hotels. It's Fienne who is used to the motels, and she doesn't have the means to stay at a place better than the twins are used to.
Water Block chapter 12 . 8/6/2007
"Tomorrow was November fourteenth and was the twins’ birthday. "

-In chapter 11, you listed Nov. 14th as the Twin's Birthday, but in chapter 12 you put, "It was November twelfth and the twins’ seventeenth birthday," just thought you would want to know.

"They ran over to me and did the whole stand-behind-the-choking-guy-and-press-the guy’s-stomach thing."

-The Heimlich maneuver? *aww, fond memories of third grade*

I love Ace's feelings on presents given to him by random people *A.K.A random girls* Do the twins have a fanboy fan base?

"Sure, we had conversations before, but come to think about it, most of them were making fun of me, lecturing me, or yelling at me. The twins had always been distant. They were kind, but it had always felt as if they were in another world—it was a cat-and-owner relationship. In that analogy, I was the cat, and they were the owners. They would pet me and take care of me, but there was nothing more than that. They would be kind and gentle, but never show me the vulnerable side of themselves. That wasn’t saying that Ace had showed me his vulnerable side, but it was definitely a start. They were opening up to me. It was the first step to connecting our two worlds."

-I really like this analogy. And if the twins heard it, they probably would, too *smirk*

"“Hey Fienne! Hey Cyan!” she greeted. She linked her arm through mine and I was all prepared to give resume our friendship when Cyan jerked me away. He put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me from Katie’s grasp. He quickened his pace and led me off.

“I’m really sorry about what happened, Fienne….” She started, but we were already several meters ahead of her. I saw Cyan look back towards her and all her protests ceased.

“That was really mean.” I told Cyan.

“No it wasn’t.”"

-She IS the pet! Cyan is protecting his little kitten from the big bitch cat *hmm-that doesn't work, unless ...nope, physically impossible* Anyway, Fienne is the sweet, naive little kitten that thinks all the other cats are sweet and want to be her friends. When in reality, she's unknowingly absorbing all of the attention from the best Pet owner/masters ever, so none of the other girl cats want anything to do with her if they aren't digging their claws into her kitten sized flesh.

And I love Cyan *grin*

"I created different colored icing and decorated it to make it more festive looking. I wrote their names with a message onto the cake in a pretty blue-green shade I had mixed, and applied several dashes of rainbow sprinkles. Modesty aside, my cake looked wonderful."

-So far, so good, but...

I KNEW it! Fienne really should not have been talking about her plans for the Twin's birthday present when the biggest bitch cat could overhear.

*sob* I love the twins so much! Is it really wrong of me to say that I don't want Fienne to have to choose? I love them both so much-and the three compliment eachother so well. If one twin was chosen over the other, there would be a tension in the relationship that would most likely devestate innocent Fienne.

-I really like how you realistically portray Fienne's poor self image. Not many stories can do that and not become horribly depressing. Fienne is just so sweet and almost flipant, you don't exactly take her pain too seriously. Plus, the twins are there to balance her possibly *or-highly likely* self destructive mission to become thin. They know just which buttons, which makes them even sweeter and lovable.
Water Block chapter 11 . 8/6/2007
"“We’ll take you.”

“Nope. Not necessary.” Right before I was out the door, they called out to me.

“We’ve got donuts.” I froze in place. It had been so long since I had my last donut. I had told the kitchen maids not to serve me junk-food no matter how hard I begged in a moment of insanity so I was at an all-time sugar low.

“Boston Crèmes are amazing.”

-You know the saying, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach? That's completly wrong-as you've just proven here-it's the way to Fienne's heart. Also-eww. To get to the heart AFTER you've passed the stomach, not before, you'd have to come in from the wrong end. *hmm* Eww.

"They were already out the door ahead of me. I stood there staring out into space for several seconds, trying with all my ability to process the meaning of their voluntary dinner-skipping. Seriously, who in the right mind would skip dinner?"

-So dense. But, that is her character appeal, I suppose.

For some reason,I have the feeling Carol and co-slut Carol Cronies have something horrid planned for Fienne-and it seems to me that this nasty plan will take place on the Twin's birthday.

Also, in addition to these pre-conceived plans, I bet someone will eat/destroy Fienne's hard made Birthday present.

Great chapter!
Reading W Wench chapter 18 . 8/5/2007
love this story, would love it if you could update :D
Water Block chapter 10 . 8/5/2007
"“Larson. Stay away from the twins.” Well, that wasn’t going to be too difficult was it? After all, I was only living with them.

“Fienne, we’re friends and all, but if you don’t stop being such a slut, I don’t think I can really continue this friendship.” Oh, so we were still friends. I felt relieved by this information, but now something else was bother me. I was a slut? They left after that, and I sunk deep into thought. Was that why Katie had seemed so distant lately? When we were dismissed from lunch, Cyan caught up to me and walked alongside me. As much as I wanted to start a conversation, I couldn’t bring myself to. I was a slut?"

-Grr, argh.

"I walked slowly so that Ace and I could enter homeroom separately. When I walked in, Carol and Katie were leaning over Ace’s desk, flaunting their cleavage at him through their low cut shirts."

-Fienne is naive, but she has to add 1 plus 1 together sometime and realize that Carol and Katie were the sluts, not her.

"“You’re a hoe, Fienne. You’re playing both twins so well.” Excuse her.

“If I’m a hoe, what the hell are you supposed to be?” I threw back at her."

-She's just jealous that neither twin will give her a serious second of their day.

I wonder if Cyan is hurt by the fact that everytime he's alone with Fienne, she eventually asks after Ace.

This chapter made me a little depressed. I feel so bad for Fienne; she gets duped so easily it makes me want to cry.
Water Block chapter 9 . 8/5/2007
"Plenty of tongue and groping hands were involved, and I became increasingly disgusted by the public display of casual supposed-to-be signs of affection. What they were doing did not hold a single ounce of emotion. Although it was heated and lusty, in another sense, it was cold and completely unfeeling. I never wanted to experience a kiss like that. My kisses had to be romantic. My first kiss was to be with someone that I loved and someone who loved me back. Perhaps I was a hopeless romantic, but if I was going to kiss anyone, I wanted it to be a beautiful experience."

-Fienne may be dense about just about everything, but she's really inciteful about this. I like how Fienne describes a lusty kiss as a "cold and completely unfeeling" experience if it has no real emotion behind it.

"“I think I’ll give it a shot.”

“Fienne you serious?” They stared at me wide-mouthed.

“Why not?”

“Woman. You haven’t even had your first kiss yet. They’re going to do everything short of sex.”"

-Remi and Lyla are much better friends than Katie ever was. They actually look out for Fienne's best interests.

"“I think I’m going to play too. It sounds fun.” I answered.

“You can’t.” Huh? Was he telling me that I couldn’t play?

“Why not?” I asked, anger building."

-Ace is going about this all wrong. Telling her outright that she can't is the quickest way to her deciding for sure to play.

Katie is so insecure and jealous, it's pathetic. She sees Fienne as a nothing but a rival, and she'll do whatever she can to make her feel like shit. Ruin the costume, pull on strings revealed to her during their long friendship-anything at all.

"When it was my turn, I saw the twins’ expressions of surprise. They stood up and ran to the control room. "

-I knew it! I bet half the reason the twins went to so much trouble to make a digital version for "the cup of life" was to make sure Fienne did NOT get a turn. -hmm, wonder who changed it? Carol, Katie or other? -I'm leaning more towards Carol.

Sumo Wrestling? I'm sure the sluts had something far worse planned. It seems the twins got to the control just in time.

I really liked this chapter. Poor Fienne, she never believes someone could actually like her like her.
Water Block chapter 8 . 8/5/2007
"That wasn’t too specific. In a school like ours, we had no drug-addicts. Everyone was too good for that kind of thing."

-Pretty naive sounding statement. It seems to me, that the rich kids are the ones more likely to have the quality drugs. I mean, they DO have the money and I'm sure they have the means of getting some pretty potent shit.

"“Oh my God. You invited her too?” I heard Carol exclaim after I had turned around to leave. Whether her ‘her’ meant me or Jane, I don’t know, but it didn’t sound too nice. "

-Carol is the epitome of "dumb blonde"

"“Well… that means that you’re not going to the party right? After all, Halloween parties are meant for creative and fun people right?” I finally understood her point. By saying what she did, she was encouraging me to dress up. So she still was my friend! I felt guilty for ever doubting her."

-Fienne can't be this dense. Maybe she's just way too willing to overlook Katie's bitchiness because she's been friends for so long and doesn't want to believe that she's left her behind.

Poor Cyan; is he depressed because he thinks Ace is coming along further in getting together Fienne?

I really like this chapter. *Poor Fienne-she tries so hard at everything*
Water Block chapter 7 . 8/5/2007
"“Are you okay!”

“I don’t know…”

“Ace…” Cyan said with an odd sort of threatening tone.

“Here I’ll help you!” I offered, and supported him to an upright position. From there, I helped him stand up and remained as his walking stick until we reached his room."

-Cyan knows Ace is just milking this for all it's worth. *grin*

"“Do you need any help? Anything?” I asked eagerly, hoping to be given the opportunity of placating this horrible sense of guilt I was feeling.


“Okay! I’m really good at massages.” Actually, I was good at petting cats, but he didn’t have to know that."

-Milking it, milking it. You know, he completly deserves to

be maimed if she's an awful back rubber.

Aww-I like Cyan *I support Cyan .~* but Ace/Fienne interaction is so cute *grin*

Loved this chapter!
Water Block chapter 6 . 8/5/2007
"“Ugh… Katie… I think I’m going to punch someone.”

“Haha… who?”

“Carol and the Brady Bunch.”

“I think they’re nice…” She said.

“I think that they might be doing this stuff to me on purpose.”

“I don’t think they are. They’re really nice people.” Hmm… if Katie thought so, then maybe it was so. Maybe I was just being too temperamental"

-Or, myabe Katie is a little fair weather friend who WANTS to be another one of Carol's little slut clones. I mean, all she can talk about these days are the twins, and she doesn't seem to care about Fienne at all if Fienne refuses to dish out info on the twins. Major anger for Katie, I mean, Fienne was so excruciatingly close to realizing that not everyone is a nice person-and that Carol really is sicking evil bitches on her purposefully.

"“Katie! You’re back!” She glanced at me and turned her head towards Ace. This took me by surprise. I was pretty sure that she heard me, but just in case, I spoke up again.

“Katie! Are you going to sit with us from now on?” Still no response. Instead, she spoke to the twins.

“Hey Ace! Hey Cyan!”"

-You know, for a supposedly "genius" girl, she sure is moronic. Does she really think the twins ALWAYS sit with Fienne just becuase they can't make friends and Fienne lives with them? Supposing they sit with Fienne because they, I don't know, like her in, at the very least, a regular friendship type of way. In that case-does this Katie bitch REALLY think she's going to stand a chance with either twin after she oh-so-obviously dismissed her best frien since third grade to sit at the slut table? No. I really don't think so.

"“Do you love me?” I asked absent-mindedly. The car swerved and his the side of the road.

“Holy shit. Cyan!” I exclaimed.

“Squirrel.” Ace gave him a what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about look, but didn’t say anything."

-Burst out laughing! OH my GOD! *snort* Yes! YES they DO! *Snort* But you just gave Cyan a premature heart attack!

I really REALLY loved this chapter.
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