Reviews for All She Had To Do Was Smile
psycho-vampire-princess chapter 22 . 7/2/2007
Ah! Cam is so sweet and romantic. I luv the story and the plot. I think Cam needed to be slapped after what he said to her but that she was also wrong too. Keep it up and U rock!

Dreamless-Wonder chapter 22 . 7/2/2007
aww... that was so sweet! GO CAM. ;) please update!
vvkn chapter 22 . 7/2/2007
I'm impressed! You have written this much, and still the story is more than great! Love it.

Cute , with the whole rose-and-a-note-attached idea, that was grreat! Love your story , update soon!
controversy-queen chapter 22 . 7/2/2007
aww sweet really enjoying the dynamic between these two...i seriously thought he was going to propose hehe.

hope to read more soon.
outsidersgirl chapter 22 . 7/1/2007
this is good
xxsilverxrosexxvampire chapter 22 . 7/1/2007
omg!i love it and cant wait till the next one,im so sad ive got to to camp all week and i cant check the next one :(
ihrtbks chapter 22 . 7/1/2007
Ouch for Jake...but did that just totally ruin his future? Cam's apology was really cute! Now we just gotta see if she accepts it. Because he did say a lot of 'stuff' in his anger and frustration.

x Tequila Moonlight x chapter 22 . 7/1/2007
i want to cry that was so friggin sweet! omg! you must update soon! loved it!
The Shadows' Sunrise chapter 22 . 7/1/2007
I think that the roses and cards idea was so cute. I loved it! please update soon!
SweetNSourYo chapter 22 . 7/1/2007
Aww I love your story :) it makes me happy in the worst of moods lol :)
lisagal chapter 22 . 7/1/2007
AW how cute wow! love your story heaps! Can't wait for the next chapter!
princess.lame chapter 22 . 7/1/2007
AH! Cam is such a big dummy! but i love him. if he was real i would jump his bones in a second... lol. :) u update fast! good call!
xxsilverxrosexxvampire chapter 21 . 7/1/2007
i LOVED it i CANT wait till the next chapter!
SweetNSourYo chapter 21 . 6/30/2007
oh darn you! lol you stopped at a great part! the tension was building and building and BOOM! lol your story is great please update soon :)
vvkn chapter 21 . 6/30/2007
I have been writing alot of these haven't I ? :P

Well, first of all, your story is great!

And man, how dare Cam talk to her like that! He deserved that slap. But in other ways, he does have some sort of a point? :O

Love it, Update soon, can't wait!
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