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Midnights Scream chapter 59 . 8/25/2007
what's Tierche doing with Star? And I have permission to pester? Awesome! this is really good though I did miss the other characters. I wonder what's going to happen here. everything's getting so interesting!
Rahima04 chapter 59 . 8/21/2007
Love your story and i hope you get it finished :D. I really like the way you set out their world (the whole fragmented day and night thing) and it just all about rocks. The changes in POV take a bit of getting used to this stories uses the bigest amount of diffrent character POV that i have read :P

But it does work, my fav charater changes for diffrent plots in the story, overall Lord Risen is deffenitally my favorite though (*wink wink* more soon?). Also will the unnamed guy come back into the plot at some point, i'm still kinda wondering if his as luntic crazy as he seems (if Kithlan can get away with it...)

I think Noony should think of a nice fitting punishment for Midnight to sufficiantly hurt and angst some retribution. Hopefully he'll find something fitting, though points to Midnight that i would be pissed if some one dragged me back from a death i sorley wanted to just refuse to talk to me (more from them soon to?)...

Okay i'll stop now, but yeah once again i love it :)
Amindaya chapter 59 . 8/18/2007
I LOVE the Twins. :) And I'm happy to see a new chapter.
Amindaya chapter 58 . 8/10/2007
Haha, doesn't mind, indeed! He loves it, the little exhibitionist (said fondly, of course). I liked how he was upset when people looked more at his wings than at his body.
Midnights Scream chapter 58 . 8/10/2007
:) I was getting ready to bug you about updating again! *giggle* things are getting so interesting and Dusk's very amusing. Midnight's working his way into my good graces again! I want so more Noon! Good this story. hope you update soon!:)
KinkyWolfishOne chapter 54 . 7/17/2007
so sad! i love it!
shogi chapter 37 . 7/15/2007
Wait. Stop right there. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? So everyone is embroiled in plans... I get that... what happened to Midnight? I thought he'd been turned! Doesn't he love Noon anymore? No...

I guess I might as well read on... sighs... what's happening?
shogi chapter 33 . 7/14/2007
Ok, end of part one... I guess I should review as far as I've gotten then; since I've got a few things to say...

What, in bloody fucking hell, is *Arilie* doing there? How cruel are you? (goes and sobs in a corner while stabbing a voodoo doll repeatedly with your name pinned to it) You have no idea how shocked I was when I read that she was there at the Risen Ball; I thought she was long gone! Died or was murdered for breaking the Crown Prince's heart (at least, that was what I hoped) *Sighs heavily* Damn, I had sincere hopes that Noon would have offed her long ago...

So that throws a whole new loop into your most magnificant story and is one of the best hooks I've ever seen written. Throwing in a new-ish character, one nobody (or is it just me?) expected to hear of again, is such a brilliant idea; it hooked up right back in and added another strain to the story. Since, with Noon and Midnight nicely together, I guess I had just assumed that it was Dawn and Dusk's turn... and it is, I suppose, in the most surprising twist of the century!

Ah, about Midnight... I kinda thought he was a bad guy in the beginning. Nothing but a pawn to the Black Emperor and there only to check on the status of Diem's army. I was amazed at the change and I sort of thought it was an abrupt turn-around but I suppose he was just supressing that.

Noon and Midnight. Polar opposites but that is what makes them work... I'm a little jumbled about what I thought of both of them since it seems like they did a complete about-face as soon as they fell in love (which is entirely possible, but I still need time to get my head around it...) So, at first Noon is the Playboy Prince; ready to fuck anything that moves and looks good, powerful, golden... in other words, he was the typical prince. (This is what I thought, don't take it too seriously) And then Midnight... ok, at first I totally thought he was interested in Dusk... Is that really weird? And I totally had another idea in my head when his betrothal to Dawn was announced (whee and threesome! or something! *sighs again* where did I go wrong...)

And then they... where was it?... or right, the Bath. Right? That was where it first seemed to change for them. Is it just me or did they fall in love and get to it really fast or what? I mean, Dusk is a pleasure slave and he and Dawn still haven't gotten it on while Noon and Midnight are *engaged*... That was one fast courtship!

*Snorts* Doesn't really matter, I loved it anyways. Ah, but on to the last impression I got from Noon and Midnight. (Have you notice? Those two are by far my favourite couple in this story... but I'm easily swayed)

Uke Noon... that just about covers it. Somewhere along the way my powerful, Prince-y Noon turned into a bubbly, energetic, still crazily dangerous and powerful, but totally uke. Not at all what I had first imagined of him. And Midnight... well it's not so much that he changed but rather, I got to know him better? Something like that...

Whew! Hell of long review, ne? Sorry about that but I really had to tell you what I thought (I'm liberal with my opinions)

And, to sum everything up, I LOVE YOUR STORY! I'll be moving on to part two soon (it's really late right now but tomorrow!) and I can't wait to see what happens with Dawn and Dusk...

One last thing... Dusk... what an enigma! I have no idea what the hell he could be or even what the hell he's doing... Mature to baby to innocent to seductive... I hope that binding-breaking thing got rid of the red-lusty consuming thing, that was heart-wrenching having him be all slave-y and needy (not sure if you understand that... if not tell me and I'll try to be more eloquent)

Hahaha another last thing and I know you'll hate me for this... but where did you get your ideas for the names of the places and people? Especially the Risen. Ok, this is going to sound weird and I totally don't mean it in a bad way but... there's this book by Scott Westerfeld called the Risen Empire... and it's about this Emperor who is immortal or something (I never read it since I didn't particularly like it... too much tech stuff but my brother enjoyed it immensely... go figure, right?) So... urg, I don't want to say anything else 'cause I don't want you to hate me... but I just thought the name was rather similar... Wha! I really like, no I *love* the names and I think it's totally awesome and I am really really enjoying your story! I just have a bad habit of pointing useless things like that out... I'm sorry. (Humbly bows head in utter dejection)

*Bounces up brightly* Well! My crazy and lameass review is over! I'm sorry for bothering you and please keep writing! You're doing an awesome job!
Midnights Scream chapter 57 . 7/12/2007
*snicker* Dusk is more like himself this chapter. So cute! Go Noon! I kinda feel bad for Midnight, but until he trys to seriously redeem himself he deserves what he gets. And I think Sun and Star are walking in on a rebellion in the making. *sighs happily* I love updates. Hope you update soon!
Mistress Lonewall chapter 57 . 7/12/2007
Wait... Midnight, is alive...

I guess it would've known that if I had actually read... Whatever. I miss the old sadistic Midnight, but I guess the personality change is for good.
Deviliscious chapter 57 . 7/12/2007
Choose, you ask of me? Oh, but you ask the impossible! Well, if I really have to choose one, then it would have to be... Noon. He's just so... so... ah, I can't even find the right word for him. Oh wait, I like Midnight too... Thank God he has regained his senses. And then there's Dawn and Dusk! And Sun and Star as well! -sighs- See? I told you it was impossible.

Goes to show that you did a good job in making a lot of your characters so well-liked. Thank you for the new chappie. I can imagine Dusk with his new wings - so adorable! Well, update soon! By the way, you love my screen name? Tee hee, thanks!
Amindaya chapter 57 . 7/11/2007
I'm happy for the update.

Dusk is just so darn cute with his wings. Have I said that yet? I don't think I have. But he totally IS.

And I'm glad Noon isn't forgiving Midnight right away. :D
shogi chapter 7 . 7/10/2007
Alrighty then... I'm gonna review here since this is where I have to stop for today...

Wow, I really love this! Great job! (You know, I just checked to see how many chapters... whoa! so many! yay! so I'll be back!)

Hm... bad Noon, but really it's sorta bad Dusk... I feel sorry for him, rejected on all sides... And what the heck is up with Midnight? Betrothed... that'll be interesting!

So, this must be weird having a review right smack at the beginning, even though there are so many more chapters... (wha... I wanna read them... but I can't even keep my eyes open!) So for now, great and marvelous job.

I'll be back!
Freakage chapter 57 . 7/10/2007
That would be so handy to have wings - you'd never be too short to reach the top shelf and everyone would be shorter than you! I wish I had 'em, eh? Thanks for the update!
KP chapter 56 . 6/30/2007
You better finish this because when i find a good story that isn't finish then i get found one...Maybe you can BReak my curse!
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