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Fujiwara chapter 22 . 7/26/2009
The first part of this chapter scared me witless. The pains of being a female ... :grimace:

This story just tugs at my heartstrings. It just ... It just makes me wanna cry and scream and break something at the injustice of it all.

Why Osamu? WHY?

Anyhow, it was an absolutely fantastic read and its going to my favorites. Immediately.

And oh at the Author's Notes. Are you going to actually write Lullaby? As a sequel of some sort? Like woah. I'm totally looking forward to it!
lolsc chapter 22 . 12/11/2008

Was the most brilliant story I had ever bothered to finish and is certainly one of the best. And, yes, I have read a lot of stories here in fiction press.

I love this story. Absolutely adore it, as a matter of fact.

At each chapter I read, I felt like I was high or something (no, i haven't tried drugs). Every moment Sara and Osamu shared, I somehow felt like I was a part of them too. Not in an outsider kind of sense.

Like, I WAS Sara.

It took my breath away.

I LOVE this story. It wasn't too dramatic. It wasn't too cheesy. It wasn't cliche. It was just ... normal.

In a good way. In a unique normal kind of way.

In FP, most of the romance stories were too drawn out and the 'chase' took so long that it got boring. The female character was so much of a Mary sue that it makes you want to gag. And the male main characters were almost compared to that of a greek god.

I got tired of it.

But then I found your story and I was so happy to see that it was complete and had good grammar.

The story was moving and your writing style was so brilliant that even if the chapters were kinda short, they still seemed like epic-lengths and could beat stories that had more than 5,0 words each chapter.

But then, there was the ending.

It was going so well. The amount of pressure you were trying to build was effective and although delivered in such a blunt way, it didn't fail to give my stomach an uneasy flip. I was honestly expecting Osamu to die but I just adored his character way too much to even entertain the thought.

But my writer's instinct, were telling me that it was Osamu who was going to die but my reader's instinct kept on shoving that thought away, insisting that Sara was probably going to have a miscarriage and the baby was the one going to die.

While my subconcious personalities were battling for dominance, I read on. And found myself unable to breathe when Osamu was shot.

It seemed surreal.

He was going to have a great life with his wife and soon-to-be born child but then everything was shattered. The once peaceful lake was thrown in chaos by a single act.

It broke my heart away and I was almost tempted to close the window and forget about your story. I KNEW he was going to die when he was shot. But there was the tiny part of me, the innocent part of a teenager, that was hoping he would survive.

Said optimism slipped into coma when I read those three dreadful words. I think I need to find a happy romance story to bring it back to life.

I'm blabbering aren't I? But I'm also a writer and I've loved nothing else but reviews that tell me what my reader felt while he/she was reading my story. I haven't been graced by one yet but I'm still young (I'm a girl by the way, if you haven't guessed yet. XD)

I'm really happy that I've read your story and I am also planning to read the re-write.

My writer's instinct tells me that Maka will most probably alive in that story but I'm not sure yet. And I'll probably read Hindsight once I've mourned (Yes. I mourn for my fave characters.) Osamu's death.

I am very, very disappointed and a little bit angry at you for killing him but I'm also a writer. And one or few times, I did feel like killing my main characters because I wanted to give my reader's a surprise. And although the reader part of me wants to give you a rant about killing off Osamu, I'll tell you how I felt after reading the story.

Your story, gave me the the tears that A Walk to Remember couldn't give. Since I have a mild case of depression (I haven't been diagnosed with it but I know I have it.), its really hard for me to cry. But your story just made the tears that even real life couldn't bring, flow. I didn't sob my heart but a few tears did escape. I won't try to act all tough. )

It just made me so sad. They loved each other so much that even the dumbest idiot could tell from a mile off. And then there was the baby. I felt really sad for her. Growing up with no father, while the other kids had both sets of parents?

I used to get teased by other kids at school all the time since my parents were always abroad. They kept saying that I was an orphan and that my parents didn't want me so they left. I was six at that time and even though I was taller than them I didn't have the nerve to stand up for myself. Some of them had siblings that were years older than me and I was an only child living with her mother's mother.

Go me.

So yeah, I could really connect with the Sara's lil' Alicia.

And it would be a lie if I said (typed) that I didn't want to chew you off for killing his dad. And it would also be a lie if I said that I didn't love your story.

So yeah. Before I start going all cheesy and blabbery (is that even a word?) on you, I want to congratulate you for writing a great story!

And since I just typed you a more than 2,0 word review, can you do me a favor and NOT kill Osamu off in Hindsight? Or Sara for that matter? Or the baby?

Either way, I know you'll end up surprising me again.

Congratulations and God Bless! (I'm a Christian too!)
Arden chapter 1 . 9/23/2008
If you're going to steal other peoples characters post on ... Osamu Ichijouji is Ken Ichijouji's dead brother on Digimon and I doubt it's just a coincidence because this character is exactly the same as him but older...
pyrolyn-776 chapter 6 . 6/11/2008
You don't happen to live in Japan or be Japanese do you? Because that outfit in the middle of the chapter would have cost a LOT moe than 100 dollars, we're talking more like 20,0 Yen man!
pyrolyn-776 chapter 3 . 6/11/2008
A Japanese prodigy who's 6'4? Man you've taken this whole fiction-thingy a step too far! lol. Just kidding. I find it...endearing. Good job so far.

AJS chapter 22 . 2/15/2008
Aww sad ending. Did Osamu really have tod ie? :( I think you should have made Yukio come off as a more violent character. I get that there's the whole thing about the silent ones are the most deadly but it just seemed a little out of character for him, especially since it seems like he never really got close to Sara in the first place. Aw especially the part where they were reading Osamu's letter was very sad. Your sequel sounds extremely interesting, and I'd definitely be interested in reading it if you ever get around to writing and posting it! Reading that little excerpt though makes me wonder where Sara will be in 10 years from now.

Anyways, this is a cute story. A question: did Osamu ever get around to tutoring Sara? And did they speak to each other in English or in Japanese?

One minor thing was that the legal age in Japan is actually 20 years old, not 18 years old. But it's a small thing. I really like the name of your sequel "Lullabye." It's really intriguing.

But yea I'm really sad about Osamu's death :( So so sad. Totally unnecessary. This story was cool though because I love the idea of studying abroad :) Anywayss... please come back! Keep writing! I'll keep my eye out for that sequel :)

- Alyssa
Hirosikata chapter 5 . 1/21/2008
I like your story. It's fun and original, but using the same cliches. The thing that I have a major problem with is your japanese culture. I think that you need to do a background check on a lot of the things that you've put in here so far (from Chapter 5), because a few things I found were false or only half-truths.
OMFGItsJamieLee chapter 19 . 11/29/2007
Why? [ I almost began crying when I read "Osamu's dead". That was so sad. I usually do not like stories with sad endings, but this was good, although I wanted Osamu to heal.
OMFGItsJamieLee chapter 15 . 11/29/2007
Well, this is a very good story. I really like it, although there are a few spelling mistakes. I was kind of surprised when Osamu said that he fully intended to marry Sarah sometime. It was nice though. Does he still see the little girl when he goes to the U.S? I was curious about that.
EdwardDazzlesMe chapter 22 . 11/19/2007
Wow, usually I dislike stories that don't have happy endings. However, this was very well-written, and I loved it. Kudos to you!

God has blessed you with a great talent, and it should be shared with the world! :)

Keep it up!

joyful-x chapter 22 . 11/11/2007
My heart broke when i read the words "Osamu's dead."

No, I won't flame you because I thought it was refreshing for a change. And it doesn't seem to cliche and unrealistic. On top of that, I'm guilty of doing it once in a while too in order fanfictions. :)

I love this story despite the heartbreaking moment in chapter 19. I was sad when I read the one-shot you wrote about Sara and Alicia and I am truly looking forward to read your latest story. :D

Btw, how on earth did Sara survive in Japan without really grasping the language? I still can't survive in my Japanese language 1 class when my tutor start rambling on in Japanese...
patd10123 chapter 22 . 10/21/2007
aw why did you kill Osamu off? -cries-

i probably wouldn't have read this if i knew he was going to die. i hate sad endings ;~;
Then They call me M chapter 22 . 9/8/2007
it's was *sniff* beautiful *sob*. Depressing, but beautiful.
Lily Laurence chapter 22 . 8/27/2007
beautiful story
DigiChar chapter 22 . 7/25/2007
A depressing yet wonderful story.

Gosh, so many of characters in the stories I read die.
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