Reviews for Precursor to Modern Society
the coffee fiend chapter 1 . 11/8/2006
Wow, that was fascinating! I didn't know much about Mesopotamia until I read this essay, although I am a huge fan of ancient cultures. The Mesopotamians sound similar to the Sumarians, didn't Sumerians have Ziggurats as well? I'd say their cultures were probably strongly influenced by each other.

Having studied Ancient Egypt (I just had my exam yesterday!) I can see a lot of Mesopotamia that carried on to the Egyptian cvilisation. Obviously, the Egyptians really liked their big whopping temples as well, but there were similar allowances to women in Egypt (especially the higher class, who could hold property abd trade etc) although not to slaves, as the Mesopotamians did.

Sounds like an awesome civilisation, one that I'd like to look into more. I was so stoked to find a great historical essay on this site, I definately liked your work. The only thing I would suggest (which is a little irrelevent on this site, but anyway) is with all the in-text citation of West and the World, I would have footnoted it and used "ibid. pg..." instead of always inserting the reference in the text, but then again some Universities and stuff ask for in-text, not footnoting. But fictionpress doesn't allow for footnoting anyway, unless you want to put numbers all throughout (not like Word or anything where the footnotes are more discrete) so...oh well.

I really liked this, anyway! You described the culture and many facets of it in an apt and engaging manner, and this essay fully rocked my socks!

the coffee fiend