Reviews for Shadow of Brilliance
SushiJakkaru chapter 6 . 6/2/2007
I've read a couple of your stories so far and I must say you write very well. owo I enjoy your style of writing very much. This so far *has only read The World Goes Square* is my favorite of your Crestilian tales, namely because I adore dragons and stories involving them and Dragonrider-types.

I've never really been good at reviews/critiques/what have you... and as this story stands now, nothing I have read stands out and truly mars the flow of the writing. There were a few errors involving verb tense and, at the moment, I can't recall where they were. If I reread it again and see them, I'll make mention, but they're weren't so glaringly bad that they took from the feel of the story.

I really adore Warren. XD I like that he's reluctant to be a Guardian and I like that he's a thief type character, those tend to be my favorites. Just out of curiosity (if I missed it in the writing, sorry) about how old is he? *Imagines him thirteen-fifteen at the youngest... but doesn't really know and is so used to writing younger characters herself that often she misplaces other's characters ages.*

My favorite scene so far has to be Nightshade's dad saying "Pleasure. Now please, give my son a name." It's awesome. XD I know that's weird, but... it's awesome.

Sorry for the uselessness of my review, I just rambled instead of critiquing. :/;; But there really is nothing I see that I can critique. I'll be sure to read some of your longer tales and the one you're currently working on and review some of those, though I do hope to see this one continued as well. owo