Reviews for The Girl Who Was Made of Glass
ANNA chapter 1 . 2/11/2007
Wow! Your way of thinking, creating a scene is somethng out of the ordinary. You are a unique individual and it shows in your writings. And I can't seem to stop reading your works. I'm a writer and I read a lot, but have never come across anyone as talented as you are. Some writers love FLUFF, well, I love "ANGST". And you are the greatest "angst" writer around. Keep it up! Publications will be in your FUTURE!
pinkxbullets chapter 1 . 10/1/2006
Wow this is good. Truthfully I had to read it a few times to understand some of it but that's probably because I have a simple mind. But each time I read it it left me more and more amazed. You use such creative words to paint this amazing picture and I love how it leaves me wondering about all these different things. It's so interesting and I really love it.
Circus Caprice chapter 1 . 9/28/2006
I'm not sure what to say, especially since I'm not exactly sure what's going on.

It's very abstract, and I can dig it. The story itself to me kind of portrays a little sadness throughout the whole thing.

You kind of conveyed that sadness with the way you wrote, which is pretty good considering I still don't know what happened.
Randomisation chapter 1 . 9/24/2006