Reviews for Watching The Raven
D.E. Sinatra chapter 1 . 5/10/2008
This - my least favorite of the three.

Weaker than the other two. There was a certain listfulness to parts of the poem that make them sound like other poems found on fp. And you, I feel, are much better than that.

Still, however, to counteract some of the weaker aspect, you have yet again managed to amaze me with certain collections of lines. I absolutely loved: "a rustled flap of shadowed wings/a grinding upon the branch".

On a side note, I'm curious about your lack of punctuation in this poem, with the exception of the period at the end. Interesting choice - I don't quite understand why you chose to format it this way, but it's not bad that it is - it just strikes me as strange.

Still, not a bad poem, I just wouldn't count it as one of your best.

[forgive me if I strike a nerve with this commentary, especially if this poem happens to be one you are particularly proud of or fond of...]

I can assure you, I merely mean well.