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Pi chapter 76 . 12/28/2013
Yes! Happy Holidays to you too! Gahhhhh, this book is so awesome that I cannot help but write a review on it. I discovered this through a community, and it's the first time I've been hooked on a story for a while. I absolutely love the characters, all of them feel real and have insecurities and are easy to get attached to. And the arcs are brilliant! They're like organic vegetables, fresh and you can't help but to devour more (ok I'll stop comparing your story to veggies now). And the writing style! It's grammar free, from what I can tell, and builds up suspense and horror at the right moments; other times, it's funny and witty and relaxing.

But yeah. AGGGH LIONEL IS SO ASJJJJGHJ ;; I CANNOT EXPRESS sorry sorry I'll go now
The Orange Cow chapter 76 . 12/27/2013
So it was a storeroom for dangerous relics. Hmm. How would the Noirs have profited from that? Were they stockpiling items in order to be able to fight off some kind of enemy? Or maybe to sell? Or maybe something completely different...

That locket sounded interesting. What kind of curses could be on it? I'm trying to remember if anything in previous chapters mentioned her still wearing it.

Looks like we're going to see things from Demon!Simon's perspective next. Looking forward to it! Thanks for the update!
The Orange Cow chapter 75 . 12/27/2013
Wow, that power outage sounds terrible. And in the cold! I once had to deal with a week long power outage during a pretty hot summer, but going through one in the winter sounds twice as bad. Grats on it being over!

I'm interested in what the Noirs do(did) for a living. This chapter indicated that it may be focused on keeping the family safe, but is it different that it was before Morden? And what exactly are they bringing back home? I'm sure there will be plenty of answers soon.

Morden and Simon seem to be doing pretty good, but will that last? Some of the things Morden said makes me wonder about that...
Victoria Pantomime chapter 76 . 12/27/2013
*flails* asfghyujyvbnmjkuy6t5rfdhth MOAR!

SilverRed chapter 76 . 12/27/2013

... Is all I have to say on the matter. You should update soon... Please? I have cookies for you if you do ...
aphawesome chapter 76 . 12/26/2013
why...why would you do thIS TO ME?



In other matters: oh my god, this was such a good chapter (and the last one was too)! You seriously have a way of capturing my attention like no other-I love your writing style and your characters and your dialogue and ughhhh I just love your writing, okay?

Good job on this chapter!
The Green Eye chapter 76 . 12/26/2013
Oh no! Poor Simon! And Morden! :(
dontletgo chapter 75 . 12/26/2013
Oh I understand, down here in Pickering we had a blackout for a few days, and when I was working today at the pharmacy, the power went out again. It's been really crazy in Canada, thank god for fireplaces! Love your story and hope the power doesn't go out again! For me, you and everyone!
SilverRed chapter 75 . 12/25/2013
I should be in bed. I so should be in bed. But I. can't. stop. waiting. to read. This. STORY!

I really like how you did the memory sequences - It wasn't over complicated; it was abrupt but then again, Lionel isn't really in a position to choose the memory he sees - he's an observer, like us.

I better cut this review off before it gets weird - I'm both more likely to review around midnight, and said reviews are usually very very strange. Anyway, g'night and Merry Christmas! (which might be a fun little oneshot; the Shadow Avenue Crew for Christmas eve and Christmas Day) :D
suctioncup chapter 75 . 12/25/2013
I love your story, it's my top favorite on this site! Just like the rest of the 74 chapters, 75 was well written. Simon is my favorite character and I hope he pulls through. Keep up the good work!
NYXXIA chapter 74 . 12/23/2013
Guest chapter 74 . 12/22/2013
Picas Lei-Fur chapter 74 . 12/21/2013
Thank you so much for updating! Looking forward to the next chapter :)
Frol chapter 74 . 12/20/2013
Oh my goodness I'm so excited that this is finally happening! Kudos to you for maintaining such a strict schedule, especially during the holidays. THANK-YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AHHHHH,
The Orange Cow chapter 74 . 12/20/2013
So, I had the misfortune to be eating while I read about Simon eating. Yay.

For a while now I've held on to a bit of suspicion about Judith's true motives, but these last few chapters really seem to be hammering home that she's being legit about her intentions. That was a pretty nice talk she gave Lionel, stern yet supportive. Her point about Lionel being the linchpin of the group, and the possible consequences of his removal, were interesting. Especially because I get the impression that they won't be out of the woods quite yet in regards to future conflicts. Of course, if he did get offed, I think I'd be more worried about the one responsible than the general populace. I doubt the offender would be breathing for very long.

So, dream world! First stop is a trip down memory lane, huh? That scene with the late night snack was chilling. It could have been worse, though; I was half expecting it to be a person. The ending note about the tone of the next several chapters was quite ominous(although the three in a week thing more than makes up for it!). Seems like more bad memories await...

We had an Ugly Sweat competition at out squadron's annual holiday party, and I get the feeling that if I had the one Rik was wearing, first place would have been in the bag! He can keep the skinny jeans, though.
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