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The Orange Cow chapter 84 . 2/19/2014
Some cool developments this chapter, I see.

It's nice that Simon's memory is capable of being restored. The victory likely would have been somewhat hollow if they had saved him, only for him to have permanently lost so much of himself.

So. Judith plans to take on Eliam. That's scary.

It's understandable for them to be taking an action against him; Judith because of the holes and Morden for the past. But can they do it? I've already outlined in a previous review why, from my limited viewpoint, it seems like they'd be facing an uphill battle. Judith's gotta have access to pretty much all that info as well. I really, really hope that she come's up with one hell of a plan beforehand.

Of course, I would imagine that Lionel would insist that they at least give Eliam the chance to explain himself. If Eliam is an enemy, though, that might just give him the opportunity to prepare or even launch a preemptive attack.

Seeking out powerful allies might be useful. They already know about a certain jinn that doesn't care for Eliam. Two of them, really. Would it be worth it, though? They seem pretty sketchy themselves. There's also that thing with Mrs. Noir. If they healed her with the Pin, she could not only be helpful in a conflict, she could also provide a very valuable source of info that could be crosschecked against any claim Eliam made.

That pendant, though. That might be an obstacle in healing her. I actually feel somewhat conflicted about that. On one hand, it sounds horrible to be taken over by something like that. On the other hand, from what we know, she entered into the deal willingly. As bad as it is, it appears, for lack of a better word, fair. Unless she truly wasn't aware of the consequences...

Of course, in fictional media where this kind of thing pops up, it seems to practically be an understood part of the whole deal that one side will try and cleverly screw the other over. Almost mandatory. In that kind of case, a bit of weaseling is understandable.

Anyway, it looks like we're getting ever closer to this fabled Ch. 86. Looking forward to what's to come!
ceyx chapter 84 . 2/18/2014
Things are getting serious! I'm excited for the next chapter. But, I kinda miss old creepy Simon
Pi chapter 84 . 2/15/2014
Ahaha they are so sinister, seriously.
"Shit's getting a bit too meta" lOOOLL I CANNOT WITH THIS GUY
and yes please. I would love that birthday party - I mean, ofc for Simon. Newly christened Princess Foofoo sourdough teriyaki sauce.
Wow this book or should I say. Online novel. Is the only one that I finished and still keep coming back for more! Usually I quit once I've finished on-going stories, completed or not! It's just that good.
SilverRed chapter 84 . 2/14/2014
You forgot the "Will Lionel ever see what his affection for Simon goes beyond friendship?"

I totally vote for a future chapter/ one-shot of Simon's birthday.
Val chapter 84 . 2/14/2014
I'll look forward for more minor slash between simon and lionel before any package of action.
C u later
oMG I LOVE YOU chapter 84 . 2/14/2014

Also, is it just me or is Simon becoming more human? :DDDD

This was a wonderful chapter, and I really do hope Simon gets a birthday party lol... I do wonder if there's more to the story about Eliam, though... however, I totally don't trust Eliam at all now... hmm... GOD, have I toLD YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS? LIKE, I LOVE THEM SOOOO MUCH. AND I LOVE THIS CHAPTER AND THIS STORY AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS STORY YOU HAVE NO IDEA

Happy Valentine's Day, and I'll see you next week!
pride the arrogant chapter 84 . 2/14/2014
Simon's birthday party is at the top of my worries, tbh.
Eliam is f*king ass! Man. I had a sneaking suspicion that he had something to do with Morden, but I never expected this!
Phoenixya chapter 84 . 2/14/2014
I eagerly a await Fridays, not only because it's the last day before the weekend, but because I know you'll be updating this story. So thank you for your regular update schedule.
Christina chapter 84 . 2/14/2014
Loooooooove this whole story! I have been reading from the start and it is the only story on fiction press that I look forward to every week. Keep up the great writing :) can't wait til next week.
The Orange Cow chapter 83 . 2/12/2014
Haha, the harem ending comment was more me trying to be silly than anything else.

So much info this chapter! Loving it!

It seems as if Judith is playing a rather dangerous game. Don't get me wrong, it's great that she's decided to dedicate her efforts to seeing Lionel and Co. safe. By not sending back a real report to the other hunters, however, it seems as if she's making a huge betrayal to her cause. I'm not talking about telling on Morden, Simon and Rik. If the situation is as bad as she's described, a lot of people could potentially be in a lot of danger. From her deductions, it's likely someone is intentionally making the holes(I wonder who that could be...), and this is serious enough that the hunter association would deem it necessary to send a large number of their forces to keep the peace. If the shit ever does hit the fan and a strong enough 'safety net' isn't present, how bad would the fallout be? Judith has to be aware of this.

Also, speaking of awareness, I've got to wonder how long she's known about this situation. If the whole city has been affected, wouldn't she have noticed something for a while now? Didn't she mention that she makes regular reports to hunter headquarters after being de-feathered? Why wouldn't the status of the area already have been passed on? Other hunters have been to the been to the city as well; didn't they detect anything?

Of course, if she did alert the hunters, even without mentioning the gang, I doubt it would end well for at least some of them. You mentioned in a reply that there was a reason that Shadow Ave. hadn't been discovered yet. Would that still stand if a large number of skilled individuals were intently scouring the entire area? If it didn't, they would undoubtedly come across the Noir house while investigating the hotspot. I guess Judith could warn them of the coming storm and they could move or something, but that sounds shaky. Morden and Simon might be able to go into hiding(it's not like that isn't what they've been doing for most of their lives), but would Mrs. Noir be able to handle it in the state she's in? And what about all the bad mojo locked up in the crypt? All that, of course, is assuming they would be willing to leave in the first place.

As far as who's been making all the holes, Eliam seems to be the immediate and most obvious suspect. One piece of evidence for his innocence, assuming that word can really be applied to him, is that he was willing to help Judith. If he really is behind this(whatever 'this' is), why would he help someone who has a good chance at realizing what is going on and calling down the watch? And if Eliam isn't responsible, who is?

In other news, Terraria has been devouring my life. :'(
pop-thatbubble chapter 83 . 2/9/2014
The previous chapter made me so happy as I thought the SLASH would be Morden and Lionel! I REALLY LOVE IT IF SIMON AND LIONEL TGT. Or will it become a foursome LOLOLOLOL can't wait to see what Judith's teaching skills! And learn more abt Momma and Eliam's motives!
LoGi chapter 83 . 2/9/2014
Finally catched up :)
And we had to wait for the for more than 80 chapters! That is something... I expected them, basically because Simon had done the 'what is your ideal boyfriend' test, and because he confessed to Lionel, but I was always like 'what if I was wrong and the pairings I was waiting for are never going to happen?' So now I'm, like, REALLY happyXD
I like Judith, thoug at the beginning I was like 'I waited for a formale character all this time and SHE's the one that come?', but now I really like her.
Hope to see more Rik/Morden interactions, and also to hear from 'the guys' at school, I love themXD
LoGi chapter 37 . 2/8/2014
Ok, so, I usually prefer to review as the chapters are published, but I still have a lot to catch up (I mean, 83 chapters!), so I might as well review now.
A couple of days ago my sister approached me and said 'I TOTALLY fell in love with this story. You MUST read it.' And since she never tells me what she's reading, I thought it was worth a shot.
I fell in love with it too. The first thing I appreciated is that it actually HAD A PLOT. Lately, I found too many stories with 'they fell in love/lust at first sight and got together ten lines later', and then there are 67 chapters speaking about their sex life. I mean, meh.
Also, your way to describe the soprannatural is pretty amazing.
The characters are variegated and not just the usual clich├Ęs; each has a depth and a nice caracterizarion. And the non humans aren't limited to vampires and were-wolves.
I could go on, but I won't annoy you any longerXD
Just know that YOUR STORY IS AMAZING, and I probably will never be able to thank you enough for posting it.
(And yeah, it sounds exagerated, but I don't think it is)
Thank you, and see you later
Pi chapter 83 . 2/8/2014
Awwwwww Judith has so much awesome in this chapter! Too much for me! Judith, you have gained like 1000000 respect points! I can't wait for Lionel to learn super awesome superpowers (ok maybe I'm stretching it haha) because Simon is on the bench now and can't protect him for awhile.
Pi chapter 82 . 2/8/2014
Wow... I didn't - what - ok -
DIDN'T expect that!

It's time to cue the "awwwwwwws" 3 3 Plot and sexiness, couldn't have asked for more lol.
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