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SmileyfaceGurl chapter 88 . 3/14
Oh Eliam, I'm still loving you. I love the villains. They get to do and say whatever they want.
mittelan chapter 88 . 3/14
like woah this is the most non obvious character betrayal type thing i've read
i never saw it coming
Victoria Pantomime chapter 88 . 3/14
Eliam, you cunning bastard.

God, I love this story. I've read through it three times while waiting for you to upload ch. 88. Type faster, woman! XD
WHAT AN A-HOLE chapter 88 . 3/14

in other news, this was a great chapter! eheh the little moments of rik/morden made my heart swell omgg i have such love for all of these characters this is such a good story omg ily
Guest chapter 87 . 3/14
Great chapter! I don't want this story to end. EVEEERRR
The Orange Cow chapter 87 . 3/10
Well, that certainly could of gone worse!

It's nice that not too much damage was done to the books. Oh yeah, and the people too. It's also nice that Morden had a better plan than the whole, "I know you're in there!" thing. For a moment, I though that was going to be the case.

Lets hope he was careful, of course. I'm sure he's in better control of his powers these days, but we don't want another Mrs. Noir happening. Speaking of Morden's mind control, something just occurred to me. Trishna said the pin was so valuable because it had the ability to affect minds. But, isn't that something that any vampire could do on an instinctual level? I suppose the pin probably works to a much greater degree, but she really made it sound as if mind manipulation was something unique. She even made a point that it was beyond the power of a djinn, which are implied to be considerably more powerful and versatile than a vampire.

So. Tonight's the night. At long last, after much eager anticipation, Dark Souls II is being released! It's time to sink into the comforting embrace of a long series of 'YOU DIED' screens...
SilverRed chapter 87 . 3/8
Person 1:*charges with a silver sword* "Greetings, how are you?"
Person 2:*throws fireball* "Hello, I'm fine thanks,"

... very little about this story is normal - another reason why it is all kinds of awesome! ... Also, I really need to get started on that 'Fixed!Simon's first birthday with Lionel' fanart ...
phantom130 5 chapter 1 . 3/8
This is really good. I must say I'm hooked. It's the same kind of story that I've been wanting to do for a long time, but never had the inspiration so I'm pretty jealous. XD
I find it funny that the vampire-ish would seems to understand parenting better than the main character's own mama. XD
Reeciez chapter 87 . 3/7
I don't think Eliam is gonna be cool with that. I hope he's gotten over his grudge holding days... yea I don't think so. Maybe he has all his knowledge up in the good ol' noggin. All of those journals could be just an old habit he never grew out of but he may not NEED them. I think he still won't want anyone to have them. This situation makes TMI look like two pages out of a three million page book. I just hope he won't do anything too drastic just because he thinks they deserve it like he did to the Noirs.
Oh Rik, don't get yourself hurt looking for revenge. In this type of life there is no justice! Only "you do me wrong I pay you back" also know as eye for an eye. But if we're all poking eachother in the eye we're all gonna be blind. I really wanna see Eliam get his ass handed to him by Rik though, it'd be funny.
Picas Lei-Fur chapter 86 . 3/6
Thank you for updating! Looking forward to more :)
Picas Lei-Fur chapter 82 . 3/6
That...really surprised me...I really wasn't expecting that.
NYXXIA chapter 86 . 3/5
NYXXIA chapter 82 . 3/5
Omfgggggg. I would've never guessed! o: But srsly, Lionel needs to get laid. And quick
pride the arrogant chapter 86 . 3/2
OH MY GOD. That was an insane plot twist right there. God, what the actual f*ck, Eliam?!
The Orange Cow chapter 86 . 3/1
See, that's why you should go digital, Eliam. Keep up with the times, man!

Some interesting revelations! Woot!

This is some pretty damning evidence against Eliam. His actions against the Noir family could arguable be justified by them stealing from him, and the holes could have been caused by something else. Maybe. There isn't much that would excuse this, though.

This chapter shows Eliam to be a lot more dangerous that I previously thought. It was already clear that he had some sketchy morals, but damn! Human experimentation on that kind of scale! Of course, this is only what they found with some light reading. What might a more thorough search turn up? It was already known that he's powerful and intelligent, but to add this level of sociopathic behavior to the mix makes a frightening end result. His potential as a serious enemy is drastically increased, and the likelihood of any kind of peaceful discourse is in turn reduced. I get the feeling that any interactions between him and the gang from this point on will be hostile.

By the way, I'm not necessarily saying that experiments on supernatural entities is always less wicked than those on humans(although I admit to empathizing with humans more, generally speaking), but for someone to turn on there own shows a deeper level of corruption, in my opinion. As bad as a murderer killing random people is, for them to kill their families and loved ones is commonly viewed as a more despicable act. The same principle may apply here.

There's also what he was trying to achieve. Was he just going along with his original goal of obtaining as much knowledge as possible, or is there some kind of central objective that all of this works towards? And what does he want with the pin? Maybe he primarily wanted Trishna out of the way and the pin was an excuse? The possibilities...

Anywho, how will they handle this? They were previously dealing with an opponent that may have been able to be reasoned with, but that's looking more remote by the second. More than ever, it seems like calling in backup may actually be the safest choice. I doubt Judith is going to bring in the other hunters, though. Lets hope this ambush plan works out!

Speaking of handling things, will they be able to handle Rik? It looks like he's on the verge of wolfing out in a very bad kind of way. In addition to Lionel, Morden, and Judith's safety, I'm also worried about the books they brought out. There's probably a wealth of info still there, and they've already been shown to be somewhat delicate. Can they survive the bull in a china shop treatment?

And Rik. He sure didn't like being kept out of that room. Warning, speculation and musings incoming. For the purpose of this, I consider humanhood and personhood as distinct states.

Throughout the story, Rik has appeared the most human of the supernatural figures(pretty redundant statement). All of the others give the impression of having a very different kind of personal identity. Again, I don't mean they aren't people, just that they aren't human. Even Morden, who was raised in a relatively human environment(kind-of-sort-of-ish) seems to identify as a vampire, not as a human who has fangs and drinks blood. Rik still identifies as a human, albeit a human with a certain condition. That a supernatural repelling barrier would affect him must be disconcerting. I wonder if his personal identity as a human will last indefinitely? The idea of losing a piece of yourself is terrifying and sad. Here's hoping things turn out for the best!
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