Reviews for The Crypt Under Shadow Avenue
spoonring chapter 81 . 7/10
holy crap mamas necklace! thats gonna be a really BIG bad to take down for them i bet.
spoonring chapter 80 . 7/10
im gonna cry! that was lovely!
spoonring chapter 79 . 7/10
seriously jaw-dropping awesome!
spoonring chapter 78 . 7/10
its so great getting to know about simon! its so fascinating!
spoonring chapter 77 . 7/10
holy crap simon! and eliam. what an evil bastard.
spoonring chapter 76 . 7/10
wow. the memories. simons past.
spoonring chapter 74 . 7/10
*whispers* this is so crazy awesome! *sorta scared* hes in a friggin demons mind!
spoonring chapter 71 . 7/9
omgomgomgomgomgomgomgogmogmogm this is the most amazing thing ive read in a long time !
spoonring chapter 69 . 7/9
holy cow this is awesome!
have you read any kim harrison?
spoonring chapter 68 . 7/9
holy crap that makes so much sense! about the gun being a jinni.
spoonring chapter 65 . 7/9
oh crap! hopen like lionel that there doesnt have to be a fight, but also like judith i know thats unrealistic.
spoonring chapter 63 . 7/9
well im amped to see another female character! shes cool man.
spoonring chapter 60 . 7/9
how do did you come up with this story! its beyond amazing and it should be published and you should be a gazillionaire and in the process of selling book rights to a film production company! SERIOUSLY! (im also so HAPPY i decided to read this fic) (also, im a bit bummed ive been missing out on it for so long)
spoonring chapter 57 . 7/9
woah. really great lore youve got going on! really original and awesome!
spoonring chapter 56 . 7/9
excellent chapter! i love every single character!
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