Reviews for The Crypt Under Shadow Avenue
spoonring chapter 108 . 7/15
woah what is going on with simon?
spoonring chapter 107 . 7/15
dude creepy!
spoonring chapter 101 . 7/15
the hand of glory lore is waaaaay amazing too!
how its the only thing that could kill simon because its what he died from as a human.
and the fact that eliam had the forethought to take the hand back. sheeesh!
spoonring chapter 106 . 7/15
thank goodness for judith forealz but also lol shes a lil scamp! trying to be a big shot hero on her own. totes happy she showed a vulnerable side.
also, the way morden saved rik was genius! great idea!
the gift from the jinni is waaaaay amazing. i cant wait to read what lionel does with it.
youre like the best storyteller!
spoonring chapter 105 . 7/15
holy shit ballS! he has the POWER TO MAKE ELIAM SPEAK OUT LOUD!
spoonring chapter 104 . 7/15
thank you jesus thank you god thank you holy sweet mother of god! everyones ok! *still sobbing*
spoonring chapter 103 . 7/15
waaaat? ? ?
spoonring chapter 102 . 7/15
yippeee theyre gonna try and save mama!
spoonring chapter 100 . 7/12
Nooooooooooo! I've been she could be saved.
But wow, Hespet callin out all the bullshit! Nice.
spoonring chapter 99 . 7/12
Oh Jesus! This chapter had my heart racing! The running and that body chasing them!
spoonring chapter 98 . 7/12
Holy crap! But like thank god he's not gonna possess or sacrifice Lionel.
Eliam legit freaks me out!
Everything Hespet was saying about him... Hespet is unexpectedly awesome right now.
spoonring chapter 97 . 7/12
He wants Lionel's body right? That's why he's been thinking with making things immortal... Eliams gonna switch bodies! He'd get out the demon contract, and he'd be able to talk.
spoonring chapter 95 . 7/12
Oh shoot. I don't like this at all. This is what Eliam wants, For Lionel to get separated.
spoonring chapter 94 . 7/12
Holy shit?! Hespet!
Help, I laughed to much picturing that scene in my head of Simon accidentally throwing the head and failing to catch!
spoonring chapter 93 . 7/12
Dude you are genius at describing scary shit and evoking fear. Also, your descriptions of this place and just in general are amazing! You're a great writer and storyteller!
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