Reviews for Leaving
Wunderbar chapter 3 . 12/29/2011
Okay, so I sincerely doubt that you'll see this since it's been more than four years since you last updated this, but I just felt like telling you (sorry for suddenly dumping a stranger's life story on you). I'm currently in my Grade 12 year and I'm totally into creative writing and poetry. I keep a diary too, actually, except it's more for doodling and catharsis than prose.

I stumbled onto your profile after some fictionpress stalking and well, I'm very happy to have found it. Sifting through this diary of yours, I'm left sort of wistful. I had a 'Trevor' too and experienced the whole 'Trevor II' cycle (except mine was more of a one-sided affair, really).

'A Preview to Graduation' really got me scared for the end. I still think the days are slow, and the weeks are dragging on way too long (don't know about lovely though) but I realize that there'll come a time I'll be bawling my eyes out, trying to stop the days from flitting by so quickly.

'To my Friends' was a nice send-off message. I definitely wish the best for my friends, even if I've only really gotten to know a lot of them this year. 'When I Grow Up' has got to be my favourite, not only because of the rhythm and the repetition but also because it has this wistful quality. Don't know about the hottie man in the sports car, but I definitely wouldn't say no to the Norse prince!

'Tomorrow' is the most song-like of all of your poems. You definitely had a chorus going on there. I sort of don't want to delve too deep into it because I sort of don't want to think about my own tomorrow.

'It's Okay' seemed to focus more on romance. While you could definitely interpret some of the lines to pertain to friendship, I still felt that this was more about a romantic relationship, something that I, as the typical socially awkward teenager, have yet to experience.

I'll be honest. Some of the rhymes are a bit cheesy and awkward (It's life that burns,/And heals and churns) and some feel out of place (And maybe if I try,/Try very, very hard,/I'll will myself to believe/That life is just a lark). But hey, that's high school, right? For the most part though, I was feeling you. I was feeling your rhythm, I was feeling your thoughts, fears, perturbations, vulnerability... your poems almost feel like songs. And I think they capture the weird experience-of attachment and detachment-that is senior year. You're rad.

Thank you for finally voicing out some of my own thoughts and giving me a different perspective. Letting people sift through one of your diaries is not an easy thing, and I appreciate you for letting us sneak a peek through your mind.

I realize that four years is a long time and that four years is a lot of growing up to do. I hope you've had an awesome time so far and that you've kept writing. Based on your work here, I can honestly say that you have potential.

Much luck on your future endeavours!

-Freaky internet weirdo