Reviews for Mother's Ruin When A Man Meets A Spirit
xo Secrets chapter 1 . 10/4/2006
I Love It. Absolutely Love It. The Vocabulary, Metaphors, Imagery... Everything! Everything Seems So Perfect In This Piece. Did I Mention I Love It? It Flows Beautifully, And I Can Very Almost Hear This Being Performed.

"Single words torn apart like waves, crashing on the shores/Of our fragile hearts and minds as we do the dance of lovers/Finding our way through this torrential downpour of hearts/And scribbled notes, just trying to move...on..."

That Stanza Completely Captured My Heart. It's Wonderful And Conveys A Level Of Honesty Imprisoned Within All This Figurative Language. _ Please, Keep On Writing!

Lots Of Love And Best Wishes ~ x-sevenstoreytheory