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everg8er23 chapter 7 . 2/17/2007
I'm not gonna lie, half the time when I'm reading a story I have no idea what the title is. So for me the title isn't really a big deal. That could just be me though.

I really liked the way you handled the different types of titles and why the are effective/ineffective. It did make me think about how I should be considering what the titles are.

Have to admit I went to look at my fanfic account (it's been collecting dust) to read the titles I used for my unfinished stories. Most are okay but, "SG1 Drabbles"? What was I thinking?

Q. Darkfire chapter 7 . 2/14/2007
Oh my gosh, this essay is very well written. I love your use of humor, and it's not forced. Anyway, I agree with you on titles. I simply LOVE symbolic/theme titles. But I realized, it's rather hard, for me anyway, to find a symbolic title for fantasy titles. It's just that... I don't know. I just end up naming the character, or place, or the things you've mentioned above. I find making symbolic titles with realistic fiction much easier.

Anyway, great essay! I shall continue.

~Q. Darkfire
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 8 . 2/9/2007
I pretty much agree with most of this. And I'm sick and tired of flamers. They have no lives.

"I generally discourage this. Using a review as a place to make mention of your story only makes you sound desperate. That shouldn’t be the reason you review someone."

Yes, this is annoying, too. "cool sotry! could u review mine plz? its like urs. i dont no how i no that considering i never even read ur story. but it is." It's one thing to ask for a review after giving a long, helpful review of the other person's story. Blunt advertising is something entirely different.

"I’m a believer in karma, so what you do might come back to you in some way."

The wording of that was kind of odd. It made it seem like just because you believed it, it was so. If you know what I mean. No big deal, but just figured it was worth mentioning.

Anyway, pretty good essay. The next one seems rather interesting. I'm best with first person, but it couldn't hurt to learn about that, so... yeah. :)

heart shaped lies chapter 8 . 2/7/2007
Wow, I love this, it really helped! especially the parts devoted to 'Mary-Sues' and 'Reviewing'

Can't wait for more.
Kaam chapter 8 . 2/6/2007
You absolutely nailed the stuff that bothers me! :D

And I found some of the stuff helpful to myself, too; especially the chapter on titles.

This is great, I'm adding it to my alert list. :)
Pendergreen chapter 8 . 2/5/2007
Bravo I have very much enjoyed your advice.

I have always been a weak reviewer, so this chapter in particular has been very helpful. Your thoughts are very well organized and clear. I will continue to read this as you add more. Perhaps you could do a small piece on verisimilitude?
Nemonus chapter 8 . 2/5/2007
Yay! New essay!

Good job that you've tackled this subject, and good metaphor. So many FPN writers review with either flames or "OMG u roxors!", as a certain delightful person once said. That is not helpful.

Some of your advice, such as re-reading your review out-loud, are useful but possibly over-the-top. It's like you shoot for the moon (the moon in this case being, for example, people spell-checking their reviews, which I don't do ever) so that even if the reviewer does a little less than that good, they'll be fine.

(lol, I'm really tempted to write a meta-review for this, for example "I like this sentence, "Make textual references."" But I'm rather sick. *creativity goes flying out the window* You're awesome, JJ, you know that already...)

Good job.
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 7 . 1/23/2007

I pretty much agree with everything that's been said here. And "Theme Titles" are, IMO, definitely the way to go. Or name the story after an object that plays a small role in the story but is still important somehow.

Just as a side note - I think titles sound better without the word "the" at the beginning. I don't know why. It just seems to have a prettier sound that way. But that's just my opinion.


The next chapter sounds like it could be of some benefit to be. Bye!

Nemonus chapter 7 . 1/23/2007
Good job. I found little to none prose errors in here and you certainly did well in grouping titles into types and saying what you liked or disliked about them. You say what is wrong about each one you didn't like and then how it could be improved, which is very handy. You could've mentioned creativity. For example if I was given just the title and knew that I liked the genre, I'd pick "Tales From The Fireside XXII: Who Moved My S’more? " over "The Return of the Native " because it sounds more creative. That's just me though. Maybe.
myapologiesnolongerinuse chapter 7 . 1/22/2007
Wow, you made some very good points. All the subjects amused me (especially the one about mathematical equations, sorry can't help being a bit of a nerd) Sorry I can't review for each chapter (not much computer time left)

This was pretty helpful- showing me what to keep in mind while writing/plotting or what to change from what I've written so far. I've been guilty of many of the things you listed...

My most notable comments/thoughts while reading this:

1. Very interesting similie comparing new writers to baby chicks, somewhat disturbing but very true. There are a LOT of stories on here that model actual published works.

2. Nice point about villains. But sometimes stereotypical villains are interesting if the writer does a good job of adding depth to character and has good writing skills (but that part always counts for something...)

3. This one just amused me a lot. So many prophecy stories drifting around on FictionPress and only about 1 out of 100 are decent reads. (Might be exaggerating, but oh well...)

4. My absolute favorite chapter of all time. It shows me that Algebra and 7th grade Science are actually useful! (Newton's 2nd Law, I believe: Force Mass x Acceleration)

5. Loved the semi-essay. Very amusing (as was most of this)

6. You have some very helpful advice for summaries. They do give away a lot of the story; first impressions often last. However, some internet browsers don't have spellcheck and there's currently no way for the user to get it on there. (Like this stupid Internet Explorer I'm using since Mozilla FireFox isn't displaying text properly for me right now)

Netspeak annoys me to death! Almost literally (imagine a bunch of idiots in your class writing netspeak even for LA assignments and having to peer edit it, just pure death) Review reciprocation is actually quite nice unless people leave only one/two word(s). Which I may have done a few times when I lacked anything to say besides praise.

7. Nice almost-rant on titles. Except I disagree that Paolini's titles were nice/original, but I agree about his books not being awfully great.

I can't wait until you update this. My apologies for not being able to leave a helpful review.
rvtolentino chapter 7 . 1/22/2007
very good points on titles. a good title almost always have good readership.

as for character titles: Eragon, anyone?

i like the tone of this essay, JJ... it's kinda like you're making people use their brain juices for a while.

Long Island Iced Tea chapter 7 . 1/21/2007
Did I ever mention that I love all your chapter titles? You could devote a chapter to naming chapters. What's a title generator by the way? Could you suggest some good ones?

Queen of Glass IS the most popular story on FFPress isn't it? What is the Legend of Mana?

Excellent as usual - you definitely deserve some sorta award...

PS: Did I ever mention that I LOVE Veiled Intentions?
Dezi E chapter 7 . 1/21/2007
Hello. I liked the last essay and this one. But especially the last. It helped out with how to write the summaries and what not to do. I ALWAYS have trouble writing summaries because of the limited space and letters we can use.

So this helped. :)
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 6 . 1/20/2007
I see your point in this. Like always, I think this is usually done by nervous newcomers who are too worried about flames that they fail to make a good impression. I remember my first story I put on the Internet (It was on FFN) was full of author's notes and apologies for how bad I wrote and begging for people to be gentle. But no one reviewed. I had no idea WHY no one reviewed. Then I realized that the only summaries that were full of apologies were summaries of stories written by newbies who were, to put it bluntly, not good writers. A category under which I, sure enough, could be fairly placed. No wonder no one would read my stories. (In all honesty, I'm grateful for it now. Those things were awful. )

Just a random thought, but have you noticed that summaries of one-shots are better when they're short and symbolic? One-shots focus more on theme than on plot, so why shouldn't the summary?

Anyway... :)
Long Island Iced Tea chapter 6 . 1/19/2007
Lovely - as usual. Pardon the rushed review - I'm not s'posed to be on the net right now!
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