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Alteng chapter 43 . 1/18/2007
Nice little chapter. It is interesting to see two characters inteeracting that don't normally do so. I just did that, too. What can I say. I don't know Stephen Kiel all that well.

It was a nice touch to put the 'tck' in there to show the weakness of Ethan's work, as all knew were there. I kind of felt sorry for Isabella there with her family problems.

Is Isabella suggesting that there is something going on between Ehtan and Quill?
ELF chapter 42 . 1/15/2007
hm...Charles again...hehe! he's so evil!

poor guard...i feel sorry for him...

shouldn't 'imbaciles' be 'imbeciles'?

so now Akeelah is a veggie...hehe! she deserved it, i think...controlling that poor odder...i was hoping you'd tell us what happened to her when she got blasted out of Norman's mind! yay!

"He sighed, trying to let out some of the pent up fury tumbling around inside of him, reopened the door and went to sit back down at his desk. It got too musty inside if the door was closed." great paragraph...i love it...sorta random, but good. it makes the story seem more...real? is that the word i'm looking for? i dunno.

so Charles has friends in the Conqueror just fits so perfectly...and of course that's where the bastions have to get past now, too!

yay! messenger birds! i love messenger birds! much better than just putting the note in the mail...hehe!

great job with Charles' character...i really hate him! he's so evil...but kinda awesome too... :)
Alteng chapter 42 . 1/15/2007
I kind of figured that Charles had the favor of the Conqueror kingdom. Of course, he is going to be really screwed if King Uldrain is Morry. Of course, if all goes as planned, Morry is going to be having some major problems with the encounter. Headaches will abound.

And I guess Norm doesn't have to be worried about being whacked out over the mage messing with his head anymore, directly and indirectly anymore.

And Charles is really a turd, isn't he! Poor Akeelah. She chose the wrong one to work for. Oh well. It does make Charles an even less likeable villain.
KaiaLeigh chapter 42 . 1/14/2007
Great chapter. Glad you are starting up the next part of the story already.
Angel chapter 35 . 1/14/2007
I absolutely love the last few lines of this chapter. They make me smile, for the Odder's sake. He's finally gotten the answers he needed, and he has Isabella's forgiveness/pardon, so now he doesn't have that drive of needing to get that trial. It changes everything for him.

The fight scene between Isabella, the Odder, and Akeelah was really well done. I liked La Camille's comments-her meanings were still too mystical for Isabella to understand, yet she helped out and offered encouragement. I liked it when Akeelah spoke through the Odder's mouth, and the fact that Isabella recognized her at once was a good thing. She may be a spoiled little tyrannical brat, but at least she knows her brother's assistant when she hears her, and instantly figures that the Odder is under Akeelah's control, most likely against his own will. Liked how she instantly felt sorry for the poor guy, and that she realized that he wasn't her father's murderer, even when Akeelah said so. The Odder, for his part...I'm glad to see him smile a genuinely happy smile when he finds someone who doesn't hate him or believe that he really did assassinate the king. If you ever edit this, you might want to go a bit more into the whole "indescribable joy" element there.
Angel chapter 34 . 1/14/2007
Ah, yes, OF COURSE it had to be Poplar Town. How fun.

"And Hernan. Hernan'll keep you safe." For some reason, I found that to be really funny. I can see Hernan giving Morry this you've-got-to-be-kidding-me look, like "Thanks Master, just dump me with the spoiled little tyrant while you go off waltzing through"

Isabella and her hair cracked me up. I can see her having a moment of silence in solemn remembrance for her hair... *snicker* Love the "hamlet tart" line. Oh, Ethan.

I'm trying to force Sam to read this...she keeps saying that she WILL, but she never gets around to it. She wants to, she just doesn't. Oh, Sammy.
Angel chapter 33 . 1/14/2007
So...I've finally gotten around to reviewing. Heh heh heh...sorry it took so long. I was just kinda sitting here, all bored and all, when I suddenly realized that I haven't reviewed since chapter thirty-two, and that you were now up to chapter forty-two, and so...

The poor Odder. At least it's easier for Isabella and her bastions-seems like they just need to poke him hard enough and he'll scamper away. He's going through quite an ordeal here. Akeelah and Charles are so sadistic...
ELF chapter 41 . 1/13/2007
Norman is great...i love him...

"Truth be told, he felt a tad heroic about the whole thing. After all, he had taken the brunt of the injuries, thereby sparing the others." hehe! i love it! he thinks he saved them, when he was really trying to kill them...:) they have to get past the Conqueror Kingdom...i wonder what that'll be like...

Yay! second story arc! it was great!:)

my favorite character, eh? hm...I like Anoosha cuz i like her speech pattern, and i think i'm kinda partial to healers...I like Hernan cuz he's so...cute and intriguing...that probably doesn't make any sense whatsoever, but oh well...And Norman is interesting and um...different. So now you know some of my favorites...:)
ELF chapter 40 . 1/13/2007
poor, poor Norman...kinda funny how people wake up all "hazy" after having their minds erased...

"Social interaction was something he didn’t recall enjoying." hehe!

great chapter! poor Norman...he's great! :):)
ELF chapter 39 . 1/12/2007
I like Ethan's note-taking...and how he names Norman...:)

"“I’ll probably pass out, to tell you the truth. Throw me on a bed and give me something to eat when I wake up.”" hehe! great quote...

i love how Ethan erases memories...

"He always had a soft spot for his creations." it...

great chapter. now Morry knows how Ethan erased his memory...interesting...
Kenric chapter 1 . 1/11/2007
I have to say, even the characters that I don't like are developed and written pretty well. Ethan was very amusing to read at the beginning of the story, with his sarcastic wit. Now he has sort of faded into the background and become someone who complains a lot. I can tell I like Norman already, it'll be interesting to see where he goes. You've gotta love to hate the Princess, she's stuck up and annoying...if she didn't have the goddess around, she'd have been done long ago! But I'm curious about how she'll deal with the news of Charles killing her father in the coming days now that she has time to think about it.

Guess that's my input for the moment. I've really been enjoying it!
Alteng chapter 41 . 1/11/2007
I've kind of told you who I like. My fav for this story is Norman, because he is the dark little fellow, who is the good guy. Ethan is pretty cool as well, but I tend to like wizards.

As for whom I dislike. As far as the good guys, I am not too fond of Anoosha. Is this bad. Not really.

You know my opinion of Urf, and who I like in that one. I don't know if I really dislike any of those characters.

And Shell, I haven't formed much of an opinion about as of yet.

I have checked out your pictures and you know it. I think I made some kind of comment to you about them. Someday I will make up a site for Bane of Rendsberg and I will post those character's pictures there. And I could ask the same question about who is your favorite character in that story.
Don chapter 2 . 1/10/2007
I like this Ethan Character a whole lot so far

keep up the good work(or I guess you have been, 42 chapters, whoa!)

Very Nice

don chapter 1 . 1/10/2007
nice opening chapter i like the phychiatrist bit the best

Very Nice

Don(i dont have an account yet but i will soon)
Person chapter 41 . 1/10/2007
I would definately have to say that Isabella is my favorite character, she's very um. . . I can't think of the proper words to describe her she's like an enigma but I like Norman to. I think that Hernan needs to be fleshed out a bit more. (I know he's a dog lol). Happy writing!
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