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woeful sock of sadness chapter 68 . 11/14/2007
kenneth is a cool character i don't want him to be bad! more norman backstory! mal likes dresses!

NO MORE CHAPTERS! ::explodes, but it wasn't kenneth's fault 3::
100 sock chapter 67 . 11/14/2007
new character! whe! it's been a while! :O i love the diversity of the dialects in thera. so awesome. now to answe rthe questions...

1. no, i don't think it's dragging, i can't wait to see how it ends!

2. i liked your characters so much that i needed to see the stories they were in XD
sock au lait chapter 66 . 11/14/2007
oh wow, didn't think charles could get creepier, but there ya go. the details of the room destruction were amusing XD charles is lucky he gets such strieks of inspiration, or he might be in trouble. i already think he is ::confident pose:: huhuhu~~
full metal sock chapter 65 . 11/13/2007
oh what a good arc, i never imagined isa (fierce puppy princess XD ) would 'take over' the entire enemy country and then go against charles. WOW. i mean, charles is one scary-arsed guy, but isa's done so much, and grown up so much! oh, i love the characters so much. favorite characters, then...

7. quill. someone had to be last. sorry, quill. her character's grown, and i like her a lot more now, but she's still a girl character, and i hardly ever like girl the girl characters (blame final fantasy's lame arsed girl characters through the years!)

6. anoosha. wow, she really jumped down. i don't like her any less, it's just all the other characters grew so much, and she was just sort of in the background. i still think she's a really cool and interesting character, but the others are outshining her now

5. hernan. i really loved hernan in this chapter, but he didn't shine so much. the other wolves were kinda cooler than him, but he wasn't really in the position to shine in this arc, being pierced with a silver arrow for an hour or so _ but i always like the wolf characters, and it was awesome to get to know what hernan was

4. ethan. he was low key in this arc too, but what he did was awesome. he's gorwn so much, and i've loved this character since the first chapter. ethan's such a dear, i love his sarcastic responses, and we really got to see some emotion from him this chapter.

3. norman. with norman's past, i really get to appriciate his new self. he's adorable, sweet, and considerate, with an adorable accent, and awesomely eccentric in every way. he just gets better and better, and i can't help but want him to do something crazy and awesome. i especially loved the chapter with him and isa.

2. isabella. her character improvement is by far the most impressive, and the one which i hanging on every detial of. it helps a lot that she formed a freaking revolution and took over a kingdom, taking penny as hostage with so few casualties. she's just so boss right now, and growing by every chapter. i respect her, and find myself rooting for her! XD

1. morry, of course! so one can beat morry's awesome sause, just DEAL WITH IT. learning about aldrick, and his family, and seeing his reactions to the situation he was thrown in, and the intense fight, and the troubles with his father's death, it was all too awesome. morry remains at the very top of the pyramid of awesome-ness, right ahead of bread. (unliek the food pyramid, on the pyramid of awesome, bread is on top, which is where the best things are. ::wise nod:: )

can't wait to read more, but i don't want it to end!
twin sized sock chapter 64 . 11/13/2007
aw, i love this chapter, it's just so perfect. you're so good at storytelling, you've wound it down from completely epic to a conversation between people who can't move and i'm still hanging on every word. the comversation was so interesting, and i love the characters so much~ i wonder what happens now~
king-sized sock chapter 63 . 11/13/2007
wow... the king is dead, and the wolves took over. wow. and ass-drik was killed by sasha. supposedly in a very gruesome way XDD very befitting. wow. what happens now? WHAT AHAPPEN NOW? ::must keep reading, stfu::
classic sock chapter 62 . 11/13/2007
oh i like this chappy a lot. norman is so helpful, and i knew quill liek ethan, but this is a cute chapter. i like how they don't hold hands because his got smashed. you seem to really like prisons XD but it makes sense, in midevil times they were always sending everyone to prison. crazy people. but hey, ethan, you had four days of torture, compare that to norman's 11 years of confinement. yeah. and he's taking you on his back to safety. respect. ::wise nod::
mini sock chapter 61 . 11/13/2007
oh mah goodness, this is so intense, you wound it down perfectly. the fighting and the realization of pain. and oh, the father-son goodbye, but he can't say i lvoe you because he's forgotten everything! OH THE ANGST! but it's so awesome. this rocks so hard. man. ::needs a break to calm down::
KING LEOSOCKUS chapter 60 . 11/13/2007
OMFG! NOES! TEH KING! BUT HE WAS COOL! ::brings out sword:: YOU HEAD IS MINE, ASS-KAR! ::EPIC FIGHT:: TONIGHT YOU DINE IN HEL! I WILL FIGHT IN THE SHADE! THIS IS BASTION! ::stabby!:: i was so into the fight! when morry was impaled i said 'O!' but then i had to be quite cause everyone else is sleeping.


head shoulder knees and socks chapter 59 . 11/13/2007
oh man, how awesome! that was so epic! i'm so inspired to do fanart! i love bastions! i love the world, the characters, and everything, it's so awesome XD the whole scene with sasha and toskar is so awesome. i can just see toskar throwing things around in rage and poor little sasha thinking it's all over, and now he wants to murder morry! his old friend! WHERE IS ETHAN? ;-; i'm so into this story it's crazy, you're such a storyteller, wifey! i can only imagine your other stories are this cool, too!
the silver sockwatch chapter 58 . 11/13/2007
OH MAH GUDNUSS! THIS IS SO AWESOME! ::squeeing:: SO INTENSE! SO NEAT! REVOLT! WO! ::can't stop, again, must keep reading!::
d. gray-sock chapter 57 . 11/13/2007

::can't bother to comment, must read on!::
socks of the corn chapter 56 . 11/13/2007
oh wow! i love the king now, he rocks so much! take that, wolter! ahahahaha, loser! penny, you should've followed him! gr! ohmigosh, what is that evil scary man gonna do? and the queen needs to be less morbid, wanting to kill her son's friends! pho!
sock can see you chapter 55 . 11/13/2007
o, interesting chapter! the story is progressing! i wonder what they'll do... if they'll let them go. probably not, military poweres are never that easy, everything has to be complicated, and besides, they think they have the princess, so they'll want to use that, maybe. can't wait to see what happens!
boxers or socks chapter 54 . 11/13/2007
o interesting chapter! kari seems so nice, and understanding~ she'd be a great friend. i'd liek to get to know the puppies better, too. sasha is lucky to have her as a wife! i wonder if la camille is talking to ehr too...? but no, she believes int he wolf god, right? it's probably mother's intuition, right? XD
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