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sockly hallows chapter 52 . 11/11/2007
"Ya’d think a head couldn’t take that much crackin’" haha i really like seamus. i like all the wolves~ poor morry D:

"I ain’t yer dog, I’m yer daddy’s.” still love seamus XD

i wonder what morry is gonna do... OH THE SUSPENCE _
the half-sock prince chapter 51 . 11/11/2007
oh i didn't know if i'd like kari, but she's awesome! she got her arm cut off and she's still all tee-hee and oh dear and awesome. and the puppies are cute, too! is this a special wolf/animal dialect? it's so cute, i can just hear it in my head X3 ::wants to cuddle them:: sasha is so lucky to have such a cool family. i can only imagien that why he hasn't committed suicide XDD unless there's no way they can, otherwise tons of wolves would, wouldn't they?
the order of the socks chapter 50 . 11/11/2007
aw poor norman! poor everyone, really. i like when you explain how the characters feel.

hahaha, toskar thinks quill is isabella. idiot. suprised he can speak good bation though, he struck me as ill-learned, but you never know.

'The general was all creepy smiles.' haha that describes him so well.

haha! what WAS quill thinking XD

oh noes! quill!

ohmigosh! ethan is saving quill?

gads i love ethan: “Because Conquerors suck, mate,”

oh. what's goin' on, what's gonna happen? whar is he taking ethan?
the goblet of sock chapter 49 . 11/10/2007
oh i wanna keep reading but i'm dead tired. i guess i gotta continue tomorrow. D: but it was interesting to get to know more about the wolves and where they live. hum~
prinsoner of sock-kaban chapter 48 . 11/10/2007
'The X mark would practically invite someone to hit him again.' one of the funniest lines ever XD

'He looked how Morry imagined he might look some day…if he lifted very heavy things his every waking hour.' heeheehee, i can tell this is gonna be a great chapter. i'm so interested to see what happens XD

'Not as long as he was awake and kicking…and punching and biting and spitting and curing and headbutting.' ~i heart morry~~

seamus is cool. and show is the king. way to respect. is taskar gonna get murdered? i hope he gets murdered. brutally.

aw, i actually really like the chapters in this kingdom. i hope morry wises up and pulls some strings to make this kingdom better. and, you know, murderize toskar XD
the chamber of sock-rets chapter 47 . 11/10/2007
distracted again w by the story's awesomeness~ you sure do love to torture your characters. sasha is cute, in a depressed beaten puppy sort of way. abused puppies are cute, too! the whole girls name conversation was funny XD

morry was the heir to the throne? O

poor sasha ::pets him:: well now isabella knows about morry. it's probably the best way she could've learned, so as to not make a big deal.

i wonder what's gonna hapen
the philosopher's sock chapter 46 . 11/10/2007
haha, i was wrong, it's good that isabella ran away XD

ohh, i'm so into this chapter i'm forgetting to talk. you'd think morry would've figured out mr. toyer was hernan earlier! i wonder what it's gonna be like now that isa knows. at least one of her bastions is still with her, and a scout, so that's good.

interesting, so they're called wolfs, huh? and silver burns them? wow, interesting... oh! and you can 'pass on the wolf disease'? insteresting inded!

isabella really is becoming sweet. it's good no one heard hernan screamign so loud. i mean. i hope XD
3-d sock chapter 45 . 11/10/2007
haha, i like the description of Äfighting like madmen', that's really how it sounds, it just feels so chaotic! Xd i hope isabella's okay just running off, she probably would've been safer staying close by. i had a bad feeling...

oh noes! quill got knocked out! nice than mrry is just murdering people like crazy, but when given the opportunity, the soldier just knocks quill out XD

o noes! another mage! bad things is happening!

oh mi gudness! a woman! who knows him! gasping noises!

o the thick plotens! can't wait to see what becomes of this!
sock the xiii chapter 44 . 11/10/2007
oh i love how the gods are real, talking and helping and such. very interesting. and ha, orrik is lacamille's odler brother XD it's like isabella and charles kinda.

oof, the party is in for hardships - i'll help you, guys! ::swings sword with reckless abandon!::

'stupid dirtybeast' sounds cute when you think it's an animal saying it really fast XD 'He didn’t need some manic-depressive animal clogging up his thoughts.' hahahaha, epic lol'ing

the animals always make me laugh! i love the dialect so much!

EEKS O NOES! so there are more servanty-doggie-like-people like hernan? I HOPE HERNAN AND ISA ARE OKAY!
lucky sock chapter 43 . 11/10/2007
hahaha, i wonder what pissed quill off XDD

aw poor normy, don't yell at him ::pets him::

aw he's so sweet XDD i love the way he speaks! adorable and loving, norman is already getting awesomer and awesomer~

haha, cute, they're scouting terrain for fun. isabella's not so bad, quill needs to calm down XD

aw, this is kinda cute. isabella is being rather nice, and norman is being pretty adorable.

hee hee, i like norman and isa both a lot more after this chapter. it was nice~
sock of apathy 10 chapter 42 . 11/10/2007
ah~~ so happy to be able to keep reading again~ ::look of bliss::

oh, i hadn't expected the backlash to akeelah would be that severe! interesting!

'Charles, however, refused to be defeated by a mere door.' - hahahaha i love that quote XD

'He couldn’t help but lament the fact that he’d need a new door.' -hahaha, charles' chapter are always interesting to read!

feel sorry for her now that they want to 'take care of her' since she's troublesome to care for. that's a real blow to charles' plans, wonder what he's gonna do...

interesting character, the kind that loves to have others in debt. i can't wait to meet this king. interesting contract... o~~ charles is such a character XD
a sock a day chapter 41 . 11/5/2007
fwe! 2nd arc is over! WHAT'S NEXT, HUH? norman is cool. but FAVORITE? gads, i don't know... they're all so freakin' cool. i'll try to work out the order of who i like bacwards, with the one which i just don't feel too connected with (though, honestly, i LERV THEM ALL, srsly)

7. quill (dunno, i really never like girl characters, and she hasn't done much of anything to earn any of my respect besides being inventive and an interesting character)

6. isabella (i think she's getting cooler and cooler, but looking at a list of all the characters, she's just not AS cool as the rest yet)

5. hernan (i heart hernan and his awesome-ness, but he's sort of faded into the background lately and hasn't done much besides be dog-like, but i still heart him like woah)

4. ethan (i heart him so big, and heart him more and more as the story goes on, but he's just not as cool as the other three yet. he doesn't have the motivation that makes a character really interesting. without dreams and aspirations, the character sort of just seems bored, but it makes sense in the context)

3. norman (i loved every description of him you wrote, he was such an interesting, deep character, and might have been my number 1 if his memory didn't get erased. still interesting, but i'm sad that raging motivation vanished. i can only wonder if it will somehow come back. he's such an intense, interesting character, but i'm interested to see how much of that stays with him)

2. anoosha (haha, she's just so awesome. she talks awesome, she acts awesome, and is just awesome. i feel like she's my friend, she's such a character!)

1. morry (how could i not love morry? he's adorable, cute, and secretly and bloodthirtsy traitor, and when i say secretly, i mean he doesn't know it either XD he has an interesting past, and interesting place in the story, and is just genuinely interesting. you're lucky, it's pretty rare that the main character is also my favorite character.)

hope that was helpful! can't wait to start the 3rd arc
sock- now in green and red chapter 40 . 11/5/2007
haha, i loved this chapter. i loved how it was like morry's recovery and i'm already like normy. and anoosha is still awesome. can't wait to learn more about normy!
es ist wirklich sock chapter 39 . 11/5/2007
i liked this chapter, it's too bad the angst went away along with the motivation to completely murderize charles, but it makes sense, and is pretty much the only way norman could eventually talk and act normally. still liking ethan, too. yay him! yay everyone! i like everyone C: i'm sure i'll like norman too, can't wait to see what he's like! ::eager like pie::
sock sockington of sockville chapter 38 . 11/5/2007
hmm, so anoosha's really against it, huh? and doubting la camille's presence with isa? hum! i like how isa's changed, though. really taking command and queen-ish. neato. even quill is getting less lazy, and ethan is getting mildly more socialable. sque.

and the seekrit almost got out. omgz, but hey, can't wait to see what happens when it does X3 and what personality and history they give the odder. it's norman, right? i'm sorta cheating by seeing your galelry first XDD we'll see! that's what i've been thinking since his introduction, but i could be wrong!
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