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sockander the great chapter 6 . 11/3/2007
haha, fifteen locks. you're so good at making little details that just bring the character out.

morry is so adorable! he's all dopey and cute, and is all sad about his accent. gads he's so cute!

'don't take his pants away' XD love it

eks, i love this so much! must read more!
sock-a-roo chapter 5 . 11/3/2007
haha, the first paragraph does a good job of the 'confused and sick' feeling. especially the circus bed ride bed circus what?

i like the transition of memory being described, the forgetting of a few words, and the wondering of capitalization, very believable.

ha! i knew the intruder was the dog! well, it only makes sense...

haha! that's so cool how the accent is still there. the gramatic lessons while he's throwing up is hilarious XD i can see all this so clearly, you're such a good storyteller!

eks, must keep reading! very hooked now!
sockey chapter 4 . 11/3/2007
'Asleep essentially meant drugged into oblivion.' hurhurhurhur

i like the paragraph about mind altering, it really makes it seem like a real craft. i also like the sentences: 'The mage couldn’t figure out of his own personality was a result of adverse conditions, or actually his true personality. Frankly, he didn’t care.' ethan's such a character XD

haha, wiping out the memory of his family and happy childhood memories. lol, poor guy! i love how ethan is gonna make him mister peppy help-everyone, i can't wait to see how this will play out XD

'Now, all Ethan needed to do was break contact, and, now very weak with fatigue, he did so in a rather unceremonious way. He broke contact by promptly passing out and falling to the ground.' hahaha poor ethan ::huggles him while he can't hit me:

oh the intruder is interesting... ::reads intently, totally into it!:: hum interesting, he was supposed to keep him safe, huh? ::MUST KEEP READING::
sock-a-doodle chapter 3 . 11/3/2007
hay thur wifey. hubby reporting!

o midevil-ish warring countries! kewlies ::chews popcorn:: i like how he asked the falcon question and then was all like, 'get off my property you hooligan!'

i likle how the description of his staff is 'serious staff', which gives it a sort or emotion and makes it so 'ethan' XD

so this soldier is 'sinewy', huh. huhuhu. oh! and he's from the enemy side? O XD

'built like a stick figure' yay ethan XD

i liked this chapter a lot! onward!
sockface chapter 2 . 11/2/2007
husband ho! woo-hoo for chapter 2!

just to mention, 'epic' has to be my favorite word. the phrase 'epic card game' is just so colorful, i love it!

'no anger or sadness came from an abundance of alcohol in their systems, just an overwhelming desire to be loud.' XD

somehow ethan's plain, simple faces make him such a character! it's crazy how you can do that. quill is really interesting too. are you incapable of making lame characters?

gads, the animals make me laugh so much XDD and ethan's just like, 'shut-up' XD

quill is such a character! one of those 'loves to torture' characters, she reminds me of girls in highschool, but more lazy XDD her description made me laugh!

can't wait to read chapter 3!
socksocksock chapter 1 . 11/2/2007
i'm gonna read this one first! because the summery in your author thing was so awesome, and it's the first on the page. hurhurhur. when i reviews a story, i usually keep the review box handy from the start and give my first impression on things, and write whenever i want to say something to you. i find this way you get a more fufilling responce from me, and i don't forget to mention anything! yay! so here i go:

haha, i already like the ethan character! the description of the room was great, especially the details of the rug being too big for the room and wanting to open the window made the scene come a live for me.

'some are poisonous' hahahahaha XD 'hated one thing: everyone' gads this character makes me laugh. you're such a character genius, gimmie some of your awesome! D: i love the comparison between him and tress, it made me laugh and was also interesting!

hahah! that squirrel talks funny! Cx

'He often had to suppress a strong urge to tell them all to crawl under a rock and die.' - made me lol!

that was great, wifey! onward to chapter 2!
Chance chapter 41 . 10/3/2007
Hey Mad. It's I, Penguin, from deviantart. I'm your friendly stalker... no, I'm just kidding. I was reading bastions and trying to figure out why the summary said 60 chapters and I only saw 20...In my stupidity I forgot to scroll down. _; But anyway, all your characters have wonderful personalities. I always feel like my characters have to have a... I don't know... an obvious personality. I guess I'm not thinking the right way.

I'm kind of opposite when it comes to Ethan's nature... but he's my favorite character. All of them are almost tying for favorite.. but I think Ethan wins by maybe.. a millimeter?
Alteng chapter 68 . 9/8/2007
Ah, what a twisted story this is getting to be. Kenneth sounds familiar. Is he in another story?

Ah, And Charles is definately up to his no godd self, but he needs to back off a little bit or else there will be a revolution before he knows it. Of course, all that has to come out is that he killed his father and blame4d it on the Odder.
Barraketh chapter 67 . 9/6/2007
1) I don't think the story's dragging at all. As long as the plot keeps progressing, I'll keep reading. No matter how many chapters. And probably after that, too.

and 2) I started reading Urf. Actually, I started reading Urf *because* it had a lot of chapters. If you hadn't noticed, a lot of stories get to chapter two and fizzle out. I worked at circuit city at the time, and had a lot of free time and a computer. I wanted an author who was Committed. So I read all the stories on fictionpress with more than a hundred thousand words, or something.

(note. Just because somebody is *committed*, doesn't necessarily give them *talent. There are a few hundred-thousand-word pieces of trash on here.)

Ah... Yeah. Urf. When Urf stopped I moved on to everything else until Urf continued. It didn't. Bastions was my next favorite.

And then Shell.

Concise answers, right?

I'm glad you're back! I can't wait for more chapters! Well. I can, I guess.


I'll just wait.


Alteng chapter 67 . 8/3/2007
Does that mean that I don't have to answer?

I like Maliver, and I really like Ethan messing with his head. I guess that will put the fellow on the mend indeed! It is so much fun to make two characters work together who hate each other!

As for dragging, eh, it's not too bad. There is bound to be some major ass kicking coming up. And large number of chapters, have you looked at my Purple Unicorn story . . . and I was about halfway through. I have also read a story that was 116 chapters. I enjoy your characters, what can I say.
Alteng chapter 66 . 8/3/2007
Good chapter title for this one. I have just recently finihed reading the new Harry Potter book, so I am a bit behind on the reading and the responses.

The scene built well too. Charles went from a somewhat calm, to a belligerent childlike tantrum, to raving mad. This is going to get messy.
Greenery chapter 7 . 5/25/2007
Very amusing chapter. I think you do exceptionally well in detailing the confusion of someone who has had their memory altered. It's got great believability to it.

There was on slight problem I found, though, which, really, might not be a problem at all. "Fiancée" refers to the female betrothed. "Fiancé" refers to the male. So, Quill's hunsband-to-be is her fiancé; Morry's wife-to-be is his fiancée. One of those VERY few words used in th English language that show gender. I'm not sure if anyone pays attention to it these days, but I still like to.

Anyhoo, this is totally one of my favorite stories now.
Greenery chapter 6 . 5/24/2007
Your chapters are so short! But I suppose I'm not one to talk, am I? Anyhoo, I enjoyed it. Their meeting was very amusing, and I could find nothing wrong with the chapter in general. Your dialogue is fantastic.
Greenery chapter 5 . 5/24/2007
Ah, excellent! I am looking forward to seeing what happens when the soldier meets Quill. That accent seems kinda cool, like Scottish-like maybe. Man, it's gonna be a pain for Ethan to get rid of that, haha.
Greenery chapter 4 . 5/24/2007
First line, supposed to be dusty little closet? I think you forgot that y.

The paragraph about the memories is great. "Here was his happiest memory from his childhood. Deleted." I laughed. Excellent.

I'm interested to know the relationship of the intruder to the soldier, so . . . to the next chapter I go.
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