Reviews for Friction of Resistance
no.peace.los.angeles chapter 1 . 11/13/2006
Okay, so, I think it would be a crime for me not to put this on my favorites, so *clicky* there, on favorite stories. Anyway, clicking aside, this is gorgeous. A nice piece of stream-of-consciousness (truly a weakness of mine...I live for a good stream-of-consciousness piece). You use such fabulous words throughout this. I don't even know where to start. Every image, every word, is so carefully thought out, and even though you said you just wrote it as the thoughts slunk through your mind, this seems like a very well thought-out piece. I love the melding of the scientific with the mystical, with all your talking of polysaccharides and exurbia and crescendos and legato exhales and the friction of resistance synthesized heat. Just beautiful. There is no way I could pick out a favorite line from this, because it is all so beautiful. It is really wonderful to find this kind of work on this site. It doesn't happen often. I'm glad I read this. Keep writing! :)
aurora llyria chapter 1 . 10/26/2006
For people who don't know, I believe polysaccharides are a type of sugar...ish thing. From the lollipop, probably, in this case. It's a biomolecule of some sort. (Biomolecules being protein, sugar/carbohydrates, or fat, I think.) With nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, or some such things, and lines in between for the bonds. Bio class was too long ago, so I don't remember much more than that. Probably more than you wanted to know anyway.

And on to the rest of the writing. Well, as usual there's a lot of stuff I don't really understand, but I think it's awesome anyway. I wish my random writing led to such gorgeousness as yours apparently does. Incidentally, I think I like half poetry half prose stuff a lot. Or maybe only yours. All I know is that I find the form easier to read than poetry sometimes is, and the content's lack of coherence is more than made up for by its weird intense beauty. That sentence had some issues there with its structure, but I think you'll basically get what I mean. You've said you write in a lot of hidden wordplay, and this piece obviously has a lot of subtlety (or at least it's not immediately clear and simple - far from it), but I can see some of it. One of my favorite bits of wordplay here is the summary about the "rainstorm away from a spring," or at least it seems like wordplay to me because frogs spring, and people often think of seasons not in terms of dates but of weather, so it could be like it's almost spring but with one too many rainstorms...anyway, this is filled with phrases and words and bits of imagery and metaphor that I love. I like the part about the frog eating the cricket that jumped out of it too, that's such a funny clever little image. It should really be "Asian" instead of "asian" for the gardens, but since this is so like poetry I don't know if you meant to do that or not. A few phrases sound very you, in my opinion (if that makes sense), and while this whole thing seems very you to me because of the style, some phrases sound kind of familiar, like..."mutable convolutions" and "concealed meaningless conveyances in throwaway allusions." Maybe you did and maybe you didn't actually use those exact phrases in something else before, but wonderful as they are, they seem a little too deja vu in your writing...or deja lu. ) My little French wordplay, since you said you take French. Anyway, the rest of it sounds stunningly beautifully original, and, especially for a random recording of thoughts slunking through your mind, I think this is pretty wonderful. Nothing, you know, life/world/career/whatever-changing (oh dear, what DO I mean?), and not, from the sound of it, thought out at all, and therefore probably not destined to be continued, but it doesn't need to be. It doesn't need to be any of those, especially not continued, since it's not really a story - although if you ever do this thought-slunking thing again I, for one, would very much like to read it, but anyway, I really don't care if it's an epic story or anything like that. I'll just read this over and over again, and ponder the music of the words, and smile at dazzlingly beautiful nonsense. Which I mean in the best way - I don't mean to call it nonsense if you object - but as you yourself said it has a "lack of coherent content" I thought you probably think of it as something like nonsense. Oh yes. I also find it interesting how you write in science (especially chemistry) references. Like the title of this, for example, and Sky being a catalyst (plus lots of other lines in that piece, which I should really get around to reviewing soon, as I have read it), and...the polysaccaridesstuff. Bad ending to a sentence, I know, but I think I've done plenty of typing and I shall end this now.
Violet Marx chapter 1 . 10/25/2006
It's nice. Truly fun to read. It's kind of like something that if you saw it in a store, you’d have no second thoughts about it if it was cheap enough, but if it was too

expensive, you'd move on ahead to the next aisle to buy some candy and a get well card for your aunt. And once again, great metaphors and descriptions. But what are polysaccharides? Nothing came up in the dictionary.

In She Was Dressed In Poetry, she didn't die. It was more like she was slipping away into the darkness until she was only a memory you couldn't quite recall. And, um, how do I know what assonance is? Well, you used it once in your review of one of my poems, and so I went to my mom and asked. She pulled out her college poetry book and showed me. ;)

Also, I finally fixed my Color Outside the Inky Black Lines, so the inky is cut out because it did seem unnessacary. But now the 'black' just looks stupid by itself. I can't think of anything that would work. Can you?