Reviews for A Light in the Dark
kalanaka18 chapter 4 . 2/19/2007
Apparently you are your own worst critic. I happen to like what you have so far. I really like the plot you have going. I just wish there was more of it to read. Every time I try to write something I lose momentum. Keep up the good work.
tornangelwings chapter 4 . 2/19/2007
why dont you like this chapter, i think...i mean some things could be better but all in all i love it. i love vampires, especially the movie queen of the damned and all. well ya you should continue. and i dont want a cookie, i dont like cookis *turns and walks away*
bellabewitched chapter 4 . 2/18/2007
this is a good story!

I really like the plot so far!
kalanaka18 chapter 1 . 2/18/2007
I read all three chapters at one time, and now I can't wait to see what comes next. Love it!
The Ferrett chapter 3 . 2/18/2007


darlingnicotine chapter 2 . 2/13/2007
OMG- good story! When are you gonna update? I love it so far!
merrymowmow chapter 2 . 12/9/2006
I was wondering when you're going to update.
witchwriter chapter 2 . 10/28/2006
Thank you for clearing up how her name was pronounced. A very good chapter, nicely done. As you can see I'm not a one for words,not right now anyway. It comes and goes. Evil!
x-kit-x chapter 2 . 10/26/2006
Yay! Another great chapter. I'm really liking this story and I hope that you continue to update :)
The Ferrett chapter 2 . 10/25/2006
BOUNCE! this is good. god i seem to have hit a romance patch - what is happening to me! AH . Will keep reading and ranting. Rant back if you feel like it. Just don't have some sort of hero thing happen its good as is
the devil herself chapter 1 . 10/24/2006
oh this one is good. keep it up

The devil herself
witchwriter chapter 1 . 10/24/2006
Very dark and funny, I like it. Write more! (And for once no grammer errors, congrats! here's a cookie!)
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