Reviews for Best Served Cold
awaiting.rain chapter 31 . 4/29/2007
i hope you get chapter 32 out quick!
PV chapter 31 . 4/21/2007
Great story I enjoyed what you wrote so far. I have only two minor comments. Callie's charecter is like an exploding volcano I would never call it cold. The note is in chapter 20 you made callie wiegh 138 pounds that's almost a size eight.
KinkyWolfishOne chapter 31 . 4/18/2007
go callie! i love it! she should come and meet me family; mabye she can yell some sence into them. lol.
Kaede Kitsurani chapter 31 . 4/17/2007
Oh...Thanksgiving drama. xD

Anyway, cool chapter. I can't wait for Callie's and Michael's conversation. )
lejahkeyy chapter 31 . 4/17/2007
Wow, I started jumping up and down when I realized my screenname was used. Also, can we say Mr. MIke Faiola is a hottie hott hott with that hair and those scintillating eyes!
nadljfaithglingh chapter 31 . 4/17/2007
junk. that's one crazy family. but who doesn't have a crazy family, if they have one? exactly. normality is so overrated.

i just want to say that i enjoy how you're including her family life in the story. i like it when the story's not just about the couple in question but also about their/the main character's life, too. at the very least it gives it more scope if not more depth. good show :D

that being said...i miss michael! waiting for him to come back into our little lives outside of the televised/word-of-mouth world. but yes, please continue doing what you're doing! can't wait to read more!
slee5133 chapter 31 . 4/16/2007
damn! i thought someone would give her shit for not telling them they were dating michael! *pout* i still love it! i feel so sorry for her, i'd probably have gone psycho at the family much earlier than her. lol but thats just me. update soon!
Chelsea chapter 31 . 4/16/2007
I love this story its well written and i always look to see when its updated. Cant wait for the next chapter!
x Tequila Moonlight x chapter 31 . 4/16/2007
i really like the people you picked for the characters, they fit the bill perfectly! im so glad callie stood up to her family, great job! can't wait for more!
TRICKxORxTREAT chapter 1 . 4/16/2007
oh my god this story is long but the first chapter was so great and if i don't read it it'll kill me. so i'll read it. yay!
into the black chapter 30 . 4/15/2007
OMG! Cliffhanger! What was this so called surprise waiting for Callie at home? Well update soon please, this is such a funny story. I love Callie's inner ice queen.
la elfa chapter 30 . 4/12/2007
hey man, this chapter was real good! way to go authoress! but what's daddy's surprice? want to know! keep it up
lejahkeyy chapter 30 . 4/10/2007
WOW. I've been reading this story recently, and I can say that I absolutley love it. Do you have any pictures or any individual that you think resembles the characters in this story? Keep up the greatness!
Kohlomere chapter 30 . 4/10/2007
Woah! I can't believe that Michael. Now what is it that Daddy dearest has to surprise us with? Good job, E.
Fallen-Rose-Petals-16 chapter 30 . 4/8/2007
This definitely has got to be my favorite chapter. Callie's dry humor is just hilarious and I really liked the little part of the interview because now you really know how Michael feels about her. So anway, this was an uber good chapter and you are an uber good writer! Happy Easter!
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