Reviews for Black, White and Everything in Between
the coffee fiend chapter 1 . 10/29/2006
On the contrary, I would say that if the Ku Klux Klan ceased to exist (not of their own decision) America would be no longer free.

The problem with a "free" society (at least, freedom of speech) is exactly that: freedom of speech! Everyone can say what they want when they want. This sometimes involves saying not so nice things about other races.

Not that I think that this justifies racism, but the problem is not what groups are allowed to exist, like you say, it's a societal problem. Attitudes need to be changed, and that is a slow and gradual process.

Anywhoo: I liked your style of writing. I read so many dry essays for my friends at University (personal opinion and narrative is a no-no!) that I always enjoy reading opinion essays, and I found this one was engaging and interesting.

the coffee fiend
Formerly chapter 1 . 10/29/2006
The essay doesn't work like this. You can't hit a single note of sarcasm and keep it up for several paragraphs like that. You have to at least vary it up a little, or intersperse it with something positive. When I say positive, I mean you have to say "this" instead of "not this."

"Contrary to what we believe"

I don't understand. This is the second essay in two days I've seen like this. Who ever says racism is gone? Hell, even white supremacists don't say that (they just say everyone else is being racist against white people).

And America doesn't claim to be a land for immigrants.

And no, immigrants don't get "oppressed," particularly not these days. Discriminated against, maybe, because that's how people work. Oppressed? What, by the government? No more than most people.