Reviews for The Last Shard of Glass
Riley Pickett chapter 1 . 7/11/2008
Wow... amazing beginning! I can't wait to read more of this.
trekboy chapter 24 . 3/12/2007
Good chapter Nina keep it up I love the redneck women comment and others just like we talked about at work.

See ya

trekboy chapter 19 . 2/16/2007
Nice touch Jack and Jack party and now again with Hugh what's next?

Keep it up

trekboy chapter 16 . 1/20/2007
Great Chapter Nina Keep it up

ever faithful reader

Crystal Stevens chapter 14 . 1/12/2007
All right! Way to go, Lydia!

You had me going, Nina. I was just as naive as Lydia was. I would never have guess that Hugh was that kind of person, but you did say he made his living playing poker. What better type of person to pull the wool over your eyes. I'm waiting eagerly for the next chapter.
trekboy chapter 14 . 1/10/2007

This was great keep it up


trekboy chapter 12 . 1/5/2007

I love it keep up the good work and new twists

"I love Being Rich Too"

Crystal Stevens chapter 1 . 12/12/2006
I really think this story reads much better than "The Ring of the Queen". It travels along at a good pace, and just comes across smoother and better... at least to me, it does.

I'm being very patient but really looking forward to the rest of the story ;o).
Crystal Stevens chapter 3 . 12/4/2006
Since I grew up in North Manchester as a child, this story has touched me deeply. It is obvious that Nina knows the area, too, and much about the people and the businesses that are still there even today. There was only one time while I was growing up, that a tornado ripped through North Manchester and did more than minimal damage. There were several tornadoes on that day in northern Indiana though the whole thing was known as the Palm Sunday Tornado. This was back in the 60's.

I'm only through Chapter 3, but I can just imagine feeling similar to this poor farmer's widow trying to salvage what is left of her life and what's best for her five children. I can't wait to see where it will lead me to next.
trekboy chapter 8 . 11/16/2006
I like Nina keep it up.

trekboy chapter 7 . 11/13/2006
Love it

Keep going

PS I started the boat story

hipslikecinderella chapter 1 . 11/8/2006
Very good as far as I read. It sounded very natural so you're obviously a good writer but any writer needs to make everything as correct and logical as possible to make it more believable.

Factual Error!

Doctors would not keep a patient unconcious unless it was life threatening for them to be conscious. They would want to consult her first and probably tell her of her loss. Surgery that intensive would not take place over five days either.


There would not be two doctors waiting for her to wake up. If the devastation is bad as you described, there would not be enough staff. At most, a nearby nurse observing several patients.
trekboy chapter 5 . 11/8/2006
Cool have them go to Alaska

Very Awesome and the backlash from her last comment


trekboy chapter 4 . 11/7/2006

I love it keep it up

See ya

trekboy chapter 3 . 11/4/2006
Go Nina

I love this chapter make them rich just like fition.

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